What is APAP Login? How to Register at Apap365.org

The students can find interesting details online with APAP or the Association of Performing Arts Professionals. APAP login allows the students to join as a member and get all the details about the latest education and work in the world of arts. I will guide you through the APAP registration and step-by-step login process in this article.

APAP is available for two kinds of users – one is the regular members, and another is for users who require extra support. The registration process is completely available online, and APAP provides different resources that are useful for professional development, including several online courses and webinars that help the existing members to stay updated about the trends and news of the industry.

What is APAP?

APAP, or Association of Performing Arts Professionals, is a worldwide renowned organization that works to advance the field of performing arts. It is a New York-based association that functions as a national service. The work of the association is related to “live performing arts”.

what is apap

APAP aims to create an industry that focuses on performing arts and tries to include professionals who contribute to the goal. The association also hosts the APAP NYC Conferences yearly and provides knowledge and networking to the community.

So APAP is the best option for those who want to build their career in arts and move ahead for further development, advocacy, sharing resources and into civic engagement. The Association of Performing Arts Professionals organizes events that promote performances and workshops on different subjects such as technology, fundraising, marketing, career development, diversity and many other topics.

What are the benefits of joining the APAP portal?

After reading the description of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals portal, if you are positive about the portal, then you must read more about the benefits of membership.

  • APAP members can attend all the events and workshops so that the association organizes and learns about different topics such as legal, finance and marketing, among many others.
  • Once you join the association, you can get amazing discounts and offers from many organizations in the performing arts industry.
  • APAP gives the members all the right professional development resources, including online learning courses and many webinars. All of these help the students to update with the industry and trends.
  • All the APAP members can get their monthly newsletters to learn about current events, the latest updates, job postings, funding-related information, and much more.

So, all the above are the benefits of joining the Association of Performing Arts Professionals. The association offers a great opportunity for anyone interested in performing arts to advance their career and achieve greater heights.

APAP Registration Step-By-Step Guide

After reading the above benefits, if you are clear that you want to join the association, you must read the following steps for registration.

click on join in apap official website

  • Now, on Join page click on Register from Top menu of Website.

click on register in apap join page

  • You must enter basic details in the blanks to join as a new member.

apap registration steps

  • Now enter your First Name.
  • Then, move ahead to provide your Middle Name.
  • Now, enter your Last Name.
  • After that, please provide your Email and re-enter to confirm it.
  • Create your unique password and confirm by re-entering it.
  • Once you are done with that, enter your phone number.
  • Choose a Country, Parent Company, and Job Title.
  • Make sure you have entered all the details as correct.
  • Now resolve the captcha and complete creating an account.

APAP Login Step-By-Step Guide

If you have successfully created your account on the APAP portal online, you must also learn how you can log in to your account. Many users have created their accounts. The login process to the Association Of Performing Arts Professionals is simple; follow the below steps.

  • Open the official APAP Login by clicking here.

apap login

  • Now you must provide your username or your Email.
  • Then, enter your password in the following blank.
  • Finally, click on the “Sign In” button.

How to Reset APAP Login Password?

You may lose your password or forget it while accessing your account. It would be best if you did not worry. Instead, you must follow the steps below to recover it easily.

choose I forgot my password in apap login page

  • Choose “I forgot my password” option on your screen.

apap password reset steps

  • Please provide your email address in the first blank.
  • Then, provide your username.
  • You must click the “Find My User Account” option on your screen.
  • Then, follow the next instructions.

Customer Support Service

While accessing the portal online, if you have faced issues like an inability to access your account or information, you can use the above password reset steps and reset your account details. But if you are facing issues you cannot solve yourself, you will require it.

APAP Login Page: https://my.apap365.org/Membership/Join

Address for correspondence

919 18 ST NW #650
Washington DC, 20006

Email Support: [email protected]

Social Media Support 


After reading the above article, you must be clear on the “What is APAP?”. The Association Of Performing Arts Professionals is a great way for students to grow their careers and learn more about performing art. This article has helped you understand APAP Login and registration steps.

If you have any questions or suggestions about my article, please get in touch with me via comments. I will reply to as many of you as I can.


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