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WalmartMoneyCard Login

The Walmart MoneyCard or Walmart MasterCard is provided to you by Green Dot Bank. It is cheap and offers amazing cashback. The reward you get is limited to certain purchases only. This card is a prepaid and open-loop debit card that is reloadable easily. If you are a regular Walmart shopper, this is a great opportunity for you. You can manage your money online through Walmartmoneycard Login portal easily. You can check details like checking the balance of your Walmart Money Card Account and also can do activation of your card.

walmart money card login

In this article, you will get all the information about management of your online Walmartmoneycard account. Further I have listed down the step by step procedure of setting up your online account if you are using it for the first time. I will also elaborate each step and methods on how you can load your Walmart Money Card easily. I have tried to include each and every step that you should know about Walmart Money Card and how it works for you.

What is a Walmart MoneyCard?

Walmart MoneyCard is a debit card that is prepaid and reloaded. You can use this card for electronic payment everywhere when you purchase anything. No matter where you go, you will have to transact with either Visa Debit card or MasterCard. Both of them are accepted worldwide.

what is walmartmoneycard

Your Walmart Money Card will include the benefits similar to the checking account. You can use your card to directly deposit an amount or receive payment 2 days earlier. Other functions include depositing through mobile to cash checks, then loading them easily to your account. Another benefit includes writing checks against your account balance. By doing this you can easily pay your bills and various other expenses easily. By opening the official portal, you can also pay your bills with the available option. You can use your Apple device and Android device to download Walmart MoneyCard application on it. You can login in the app and find out every single detail about the activity of your prepaid Walmart Money Card.

Walmart Money Card Benefits

Walmart’s MoneyCard has many benefits that are similar to the Visa card and MasterCard’s benefits. The most important thing about Walmart Money Card is that it provides fraud protection and online bill payment. Besides these basic facilities, you get the option to set your recurring payment for months of many bills and insurance. It also becomes possible for you to send your family and friends funds in the United States.

Every time you shop at, you can earn amazing cash back rewards on. If you use other platforms like Walmart app, you would get 3% cashback. At Walmart Fuel Station 2%. At Walmart Retail store, with this Walmart Money Card you could get somewhere around 1% cashback. But there are limitations for cashback up to $75 every year.

What are the Fees involved for Walmart MoneyCard?

The Walmart Moneycard will cost you around $1 for buying. Additionally, you get around $5.94 worth of services free. It will be waived if you had $1,000 or more than that in your card in the last month. Using an ATM or TellerCash for withdrawal would cost you around $2.50. But if you are willing to withdraw at Walmart then it will all be free.

The cash reload will cost you around $3 at all the Walmart Stores and at reload locations $5.95. You will also have to pay the same charge of $5.95 for a 12 pack of checks. And if you want to, these were some of the fees involved. The other fees include a 3% fee on foreign transactions you do and it will cost you around $0.50 if you wish to do a balance inquiry at an ATM. For expedited delivery, there will be $15 extra.

WalmartMoneyCard Login – Create User Account

If you do not have your Walmart Money Card account, you need to register online for doing many online transactions. For creating your new account, like your username and your password. Both of the login credentials will be used to login to your account. The steps to create your new account on the official WalmartMoneyCard Login portal are very simple. You can access the portal for registration and login 24/7 at any time. You will get many account management tools online like,

  • Making Walmart Money Card payment online
  • Can choose the option of paperless billing
  • You can manage your payment easily
  • You can get access to your personal information.
  • Checking your current balance
  • Checking current and previous transactions
  • You can check historical transactions
  • View payment made currently or in the past

Please Remember These Points 

  • If you are a valid Walmart Money Card holder then only you can register yourself
  • Registration process will take about 5 minutes
  • To login as fast as possible, you will need to enable cookies in your current browser.
  • Few minutes after you will be registered. Now you can access your Walmart Money Card account and check all the details about transactions. Additionally, you can view all the statements, do bill payment and manage all the details of your account easily.

How to Register for Walmart Money Card Account?

In order to register your Walmartmoneycard, you will need to follow the below steps,

register walmartmoneycard acount

  • Now click on the Create Online Account option.
  • Now start adding WalmartMoneyCard Login details like,
    • Your Name,
    • Your Address,
    • Birth Date,
    • 16 Digit Card Number,
    • the expiration of card,
    • Security code of 3 Digits.
    • Mobile number details, etc.
  • Now please click on Next and move ahead.
  • Complete your registration by following the instructions.

WalmartMoneyCard Login – Step by Step Guide

Kindly follow the below steps to open and access your Walmart Money Card account. It is important for you to access, you can start managing your WalmartMoneyCard Login account more accurately and efficiently. It is also possible for you to review your account and its statements, pay bills, and update the account information. You can sign in easily with these steps.

login to walmartmoneycard account

  • Now please type your User ID in the box.
  • Next please provide your password.
  • After that click on Login.
  • After that you will be taken to the dashboard of your WalmartMoneyCard Login account.
  • In case you have no memory of your username or your password, please forget the forgot options. Click on Forgot Username and Forgot Password.

How to Load the Walmart Money Card?

You can add money to Walmart MoneyCard by various methods. You can use the direct deposit method, online transfer, load with tax returns, etc.

Using Direct Deposit:

You can load your money card directly through payroll checks or your government benefits. With this free service, you can deposit all checks or parts of your checks. Before your official payday, the bank will deposit.

Using Walmart Reload Method:

You can use this option to add money and you can add your money to your card at different Walmart locations. The cost of this is up to $5.95. You can do cash deposits for free by using the official Walmartmoneycard Com App at the Walmart locations. You will need to touch on the Deposit tab on the Walmartmoneycard Com App. There you will need to select – “Deposit Cash using Walmart MoneyCard App” option

Via Online Transfer:

Within 1-3 days, you can easily do online transfer without paying any reloading fees. For electronic transfer, you need to ask the bank about the charges because your bank may charge it from you.

Tax Refunds

If you want to directly deposit your refund to the Walmartmoneycard, then you need to electronically file your taxes and the good thing is there are no reloading fees involved here. You will need to send your Walmart Money Card number and your mobile phone number to Walmart. After doing that you will receive information about direct deposit which you would enter into your tax forms. The standard processing time for IRS will apply here. Tax filing through mail will take time for sure but with e-filing, you can get a faster response.

How to Activate Walmart Money Card using Walmartmoneycard.Com Activate?

Please follow the steps Walmartmoneycard.Com Activate in order to activate your card.

  • Open the official Walmart Money Card activation website at
  • Type all the below necessary information on the website,
    • Your Name
    • Your Address
    • Birth Date
    • 16-Digit number of Card
    • The Expiration Date & Year
    • 3 Digits of security code available at the back of your card
    • Your mobile number
  • Once you enter all the details, follow the steps for successful activation.

Activate Walmart Money Card using Phone Number

You can activate your Walmart Money Card using this number – 866 946 2510

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I appreciate you sparing your time for reading my WalmartMoneyCard Login article. In case you had any trouble using WalmartMoneyCard portal, please let me know.

If you have specific questions or suggestions on WalmartMoneyCard Login, please let me know.


How to acquire a Walmart MoneyCard?

Please type your personal information on the portal and start filling the online form.

Is Walmart Moneycard App available on Android?

Yes, the app is available online. You can download it from here – PlayStore Download Link 

I cannot access the Www.Walmartmoneycard/Activate website.

Try accessing the website after some time. Check if you are getting speed from your internet or contact your manager. 

How long does the Walmartmoneycard.Com Register take?

In a very short time or minutes, you will get yourself registered.

What is the age to open the Walmartmoneycard Com Login account?

Your age for this Walmart card must be above 18 years. 

Which bank allows the Walmartmoneycard.Com Login?

Green Dot Bank is the official authority which issues the Walmart Money Card.

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