UTK Canvas Login – Complete Guide to Access UTK Canvas Portal

utk canvas login

UTK Canvas Login

UTK Canvas login – UTK Canvas is the LMS portal developed by the University of Tennessee Knoxville. In this article, we will study UTK zoom, myUTK, and UTK canvas.

First, we shall see the procedure of logging into the UTK Canvas portal.

How to Login into UTK Canvas Portal?

The login procedure is very simple and easy to understand, kindly follow the steps written below to log into the UTK Canvas portal.

click on canvas logo in utk canvas portal

  • Now, Click on the logo of Canvas.

login to utk canvas portal

  • Type in your Net Id.
  • Now, carefully type in your password.
  • When you open your Canvas portal, you will see some color coded cards, To-Do list and latest feedback about your course, they are all customizable.
  • If you are not able to find your course, then tap on the Courses Icon, you will find the link of all courses.
  • Once selected the course, you can find the course content, the live lectures written and video form, you can also download them in the pdf file format.

As we have seen the login procedure, we shall now see how to use the UTK Zoom meeting on your Canvas course.

How Can I Join UTK Zoom Meeting Via Canvas Course ?

As a student you can join the lectures taken by the instructor on the zoom platform via UTK canvas directly.

Step 1: Authenticating the UTK Zoom Account

join utk zoom meeting via canvas course

  • Now, tap on the create or edit account button.
  • You might be asked to sign in with SSO, tap that, further you may select “keep me signed in box”
  • On the next page, enter Tennessee in the domain name.
  • Enter the UT NetID along with its password on the screen that opens.
  • Now authenticate it with the help of Duo – 2FA.
  • You may take a tour of Zoom and may check the video tutorials.

Step 2: Accessing the session of zoom via UTK Canvas

  • Visit your course page on Canvas.
  • Tap on Zoom button in the course
  • You can see all the zoom meeting schedules for you on the dashboard in the UTK Canvas course menu.
  • It is recommended to check the time zone of your zoom meeting, use your local time. You can change the zone by choosing the pencil icon.
  • Once you are prepared with all the necessary things, you may tap on the join button to participate in the live lectures.

Step 3: Installing the Zoom App:

On Smartphone:

If you do not have access to the laptop, or are on the way, and want to attend the lectures, you may make use of your mobile device. When you download and install the zoom app on your device, it will automatically let you in the lectures by tapping the join button after selecting your lectures.

On Computer:

If you are using a PC or a laptop, you will be asked either to join the meeting directly from the web or by downloading the app for joining the meeting. It depends on your choice.

If you are asked to only “download” option, then you must select the location for its files.

You also have an option to download and run zoom, by selecting this, it will start to download again.

You can see the download progress, and installation completion message. Once the files are saved successfully and installation is done, you can start to participate in the meeting.

Once you have downloaded the application, you do not have to worry about the next meeting, because the next time, you will only require the password to join any meeting.

You may also check the open zoom meeting, here you can check any running meeting scheduled for you.

MyUTK Portal

My UTK is the portal to facilitate the students studying at Tennessee Knoxville. With the help of this portal students can check their academic records, reports, register for the classes, can check and maintain their schedules, can manage the payment of tuition fees, and can access the UTK Canvas.

To login into and access MyUTK use the link at https://my.utk.edu/, you have to type in your netID and password to access MyUTK

UTK NetId Details

Everyone at the university of Tennessee Knoxville, requires login credentials, to access the UTK Canvas portal, either they are faculty member, any staff member or students, all need this NetID. This id allows all of them to access the portal securely. There are various applications that require the NetID compulsorily, and some may not require, this varies from one campus to another. So, to check on which application you will need to present your NetId, you must contact the your campus helpdesk.

How to Find Your Net Id

If you are not sure about where you can get your Net Id, you can check by yourself on the UT directory available online. You can find your Net Id on the top right page of the directory also you will see your registered email address.

Lets say, you got admission and are not able to locate the UT directory online, don’t feel shy in approaching the help-desk of your campus. They shall guide you for any assistance needed. The portal has an option to keep the NetId hidden due to security purpose, so if you can’t find anything, it may be either hidden or unlisted.

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So, this was all about UTK Canvas and its login procedure, how to access the zoom on UTK Canvas portal, via mobile, on laptop, and we also saw what is your NetId, how you can get Net ID. If you need any further help related to this portal, you can write to us, we shall surely help you.


What is the official website of Canvas UTK?

Please find the official website of https://online.utk.edu/.

What task can I perform with MyUTK Login?

You can perform many tasks with the help of My UTK Login such as; Check the timetable, View the deadlines of assignments, make use of Zoom, study online on zoom sessions, fees payment, Checking your schedule, and finally checking your academic growth.

Am I supposed to pay for using MyUTK Canvas?

No, Canvas UTK is completely free for the students studying there.

How to do Canvas UTK Login?

Kindly check the first section of this article, there you will find the complete stepwise instructions of Canvas UTK Login.

Can I use Zoom UTK on my Apple iPhone?

Yes, you can use the Zoom UTK on Apple devices too, either on the web or by installing the app.

What is UTK Canvas Help contact detail?

You may dial 865.974.9900 for any kind of help needed at the University of Tennessee Canvas help.

What’s the official UTK Zoom Login official web url?

https://tennessee.zoom.us/ please find the web url of UTK Zoom meeting.

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