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WebReg UCSD is an online web based application developed for the students of California San Diego. By using this application they can register for their classes.

The WebReg access is restricted only to the students who have currently enrolled and those who have used the particular windows for enrollment.

The portal WebReg UCSD is useful to add the courses to the planner option. The students can also register for their classes, drop out of the classes, check their schedules, find textbooks and books to read, buy and rent and finally set the appointment time for the course they have registered.

How to Login to Official WebReg UCSD Portal

Please follow the below simple steps to access the official WebReg UCSD portal,

click on tritonlink tools in webreg ucsd portal

  • Now click the option – “TRITONLINK TOOLS”

select mytriton link option

  • Now the Sign On page like below will open on your screen.

enter required details to login into webreg ucsd portal

  • On the above Single Sign-On page, you must enter your TritonLink User Name (UserID / PID)
  • After that please type your Password (PAC).
  • Now you have to click the “Sign On” button to login successfully.
  • After accessing the Dashboard, please click the menu “Classes & Enrollment” 
  • From the available drop-down menu, please click the option – “WebReg”
  • Now you must click on “Go” after selecting your session.

Note: All the students can plan their schedule, enroll in their classes, drop out of their classes according to each term’s date. The students will get the term messages depending upon tehri dates on their page.

How to Enroll for Classes on WebReg UCSD

Please access the My Schedule option to enroll for classes. You can also take help from the List or use UCSD Calendar views available on the WebReg UCSD portal.

At the time available for your appointment, you can easily enroll for the classes by using the search option. You can check if the seats for the course are available.

Please enroll for a classes on the WebReg UCSD portal using the below steps,

click on academics menu in webreg usd portal

  • Now please go to the Academics menu.

click on enrolling in classes in academics menu

select webreg option

  • Find the “WebReg” option in the Enroll in Classes.

enroll for classes at webreg ucsd portal

  • Now after adding the above Student SSO login credentials, click the Login button.

Note: You will have to confirm your correct class, then choose the grading option (Pass/Fail). After that confirm the selection. Students are free to select a unit option for their classes. As soon as your Request is Successful, you can then click on the option “Close” or can select “Send Me Email Confirmation”. Then you will return to My Schedule.

If you want to directly enroll then you must type Enroll in the search window and follow with instructions.

In your List or your Calendar, you will see the class will be in a different color.

How to Drop A Class in WebReg UCSD?

If you want to drop out of a class from the open registration dates, please use the steps below,

  • On the official website, please open the “Schedule of Classes” option.
  • Please choose the class which you to drop. Then drop that class.
  • Here you must confirm the class information, look at the warning and then drop your class.
  • After your Request is successful and a message appears on your screen, you need to click “Close” option or you can click on “Send Me Email Confirmation” and return to the Schedule of Classes (My Schedule)
  • At last, you must confirm that all the items are removed from the your Schedule (“My Schedule”)

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So that’s all related to WebReg UCSD. I am glad I could help you. For additional information,  then please go to my FAQs section. You can also comment for any assistance, I will be happy if I could help!


How can I register on UCSD for classes?

You will be assigned for your enrollment day. So on that day, you have to enroll in your classes after you have received your appointment. To finish off your registration, you should visit the WebReg UCSD portal. Now at last you must select your terms for registration. After that select your student level. Finally, please enroll in your classes.

Am I eligible to take classes at UCSD WebReg?

  • Open the UCSD and access the “Schedule of Classes” menu.
  • On this page you must choose your terms when you are planning to attend your classes that you wish to attend. 
  • Next, you must find the courses by selecting the filters like By Subject. Here you need to select more than one subject and then click the search option. 
  • Choose the course for sturdy.
  • If on the home campus, there is Fall Semester option, then on the UCSD, you will have to attend the Fall Quarter. Same goes with the Spring Semester. If it is the option, then you will need to attend the Winter/Spring Quarter at the UCSD,

What is UCSD?

The word UCSD stands for University of California  San Diego.

Why does the class have the RCLAS building name?

RCLAS has one meaning that is “Remote Class” If on your class building, there is a name RCLAS, then it may be a complete Remote Class or a Hybrid Class. In order to avoid the duplicate booking entry, the RCLAS system requirement has a room number.

During Fall 2021, the courses that are approved by the Academy Senate will be considered as “R-Courses” for remote study. These courses will be scheduled as remote courses only. So, you will find the RCLAS building name shown in your schedule.

Is the Schedule of Classes for Winter2022 and Spring2022 same as the Schedule of Classes for Fall2021?

Certainly it will be the same Winter and Spring Schedule of Classes as Fall. The courses will be delivered by 3 ways,

  • In-Person
  • Remotely
  • Or by Hybrid method

What is the meaning of In-person classes?

The in-personal classes are delivered within the boundaries of the UCSD (US San Diego) Campus. For this kind of class, both the instructors and students need to be present in the classroom physically. So you have to be present to attend your class in person. 

If you are unable to attend your class in person due to illness or other reasons, then you can work this out with your instructor and establish different ways to acces the study class material.

What is the meaning of Hybrid classes?

The Hybrid classes are the mixture of both the in-person classes and remote classes. The students can attend some meetings in-person. Others will attend some meetings remotely. Some components will be delivered within the campus of UC San Diego but others you can get remotely.

What are hybrid classes like? Do they really help?

There will be a component of any lecture that must be taught within the campus in person. But the discussion and further meeting on the component will be explained remotely, then you do not need to attend the classes in person for those discussions. For this you need to discuss with your instructor and find an alternative way to access your study material.

How can a hybrid class be taught? Should I register for them?

The room classes and remote classes have their boundaries that are required on campus. If you are not sure about the hybrid classes, you can contact the department that is providing these courses to find more details.

What is the meaning of remote classes?

Remote classes as the name suggests are remote and conducted at UCSD Online. Students are not required to come physically to access the material., All the material will be given to those students remotely . The format they will get their material will be synchronous or it will be asynchronous. These remote classes will require you to use an online software such as UCSD Zoom or Canvas for delivering content. The students can access the online lectures with their UCSD Zoom login. There is another great way to access the lectures online via using UCSD Podcast.

What are synchronous and asynchronous courses?

Synchronous method will require the instructor to use the UCSD Schedule of Classes in which the time and meeting days will be mentioned. During those times, you will be required to be present and work together with your classmates. So, that is the meaning of synchronous.

Asynchronous method means the instructors do not need to meet during specific days and time to get started to learn about the material as per the UCSD Schedule of Classes. You will find all the help from the instructor including the time-frame that will help you to learn about and help you complete your assignment in time.

Steps for registering with the classes having time conflicts?

The UCSD recommends that you must not register for the time conflicting classes because of many reasons. Due to conflicting classes, you can not attend the class meetings and also the important synchronous sessions that need your attention. With these conflicting classes, you could face conflict during your final exams. No faculty will make the accommodations for you during your final exams.

How to access tools on Web Reg UCSD?

Please use this link in order to access the tools –

How to access the Webscheduler UCSD?

You can access the webscheduler UCSD by clicking this link

Is the WebReg UCSD secure to access for students?

Every student can access the website without having a problem. It is very safe and secure.

How to check the Classroom Availability UCSD?

Please click this link and find the classroom details by clicking this link – Click Here. If you want to know request about the Classroom Space Request Form, then click this link – Click Here

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