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Raiderlink is the platform that provides online campus connection. With Raiderlink TTU (Texas Tech University), you can do many important things such as Class Registration, Access to Campus Calendar, Search Engines, Financial Services, and access to local weather forecasts. Besides these functions, the platform works best for accessing all the university services and resources. But you need to access the Raiderlink TTU Edu with your official login credentials.

TTU Raiderlink portal gives the users access to all the resources of Registrar like TechMail, important announcement, grading, Class Registration, Transportation and Parking services, and you can also check your leave status. This is the one single portal that allows the users to access all the on-campus and off-campus needs.

What is Texas Tech University?

Texas Tech University is famous for providing higher education to all the students who want to build their career and grow. It is an open university and a public university that is quite affordable and offers students opportunities to take part in internship programs and programs for networking.

what is texas tech university

The TTU was founded in 1923 and it has been successfully providing its services and education as a research university since that time. Often this university is considered among one of the universities for partying.

How to Login into Raiderlink TTU at

Please carefully follow the below steps in order to access the Texas Tech Raiderlink portal,

login to ttu raiderlink portal

  • Now on the TTU Raiderlink Login page please enter your TTU eReader username.
  • Then type your password
  • Now locate the Sign In and click it.
  • Make sure you enter the correct TTU/eRaider username or your email. Or please enter TTUHSC/username.

How to Create Your eRaider Account?

To create your new eRaider account is your official electronic identification of Texas Tech University. The login will have username & password only. It will help you access all the important resources at Texas Tech University (TTU) and you can electronically sign in safely.

All the TTU Students already have their eRaider accounts. Once they enroll they get their accounts created and associated with the university. For this you will be given a set up code that will help you create your account.

If you haven’t received your set up code, then open your email account at Texas Tech. Check inbox, you will have received an email from [email protected] email address. This email will be sent to you via a Texas Tech Staff member who may have validated and authorized your account. Contact IT Help Central if you still have not received code. The department will send you code again. Don’t forget to look for the set up code in your Spam folder or Junk Folder.

If you still cannot find the setup code, please check your account as it may be set up already.

Here is how you can setup your eRaider Account,

click on set-up account in eraider portal

  • Now please click Set-Up account option (see image above)

enter required details to set up eraider account

  • Confirm the requested information and read the instructions carefully.
  • Click “Agree” to all the “Terms of Use”.
  • If the staff member had authorized your account manually and if it was not authorized by Banner/Reader steps, then you will have to provide and validate your biographical details.  When asked, please be careful and specific to provide these details.
  • You will need to provide your contact details on the eRaider Setup screen that is going to help you to do password reset for future access. You will also get all the alerts for all the activities you do with your account. Now please provide your phone number and also provide your alternate email ID. After that please click the Continue button.
  • You will receive verification codes from the system to your provided email / phone number. Open the inbox of your email and find the verification codes or check your mobile phone if you received them.
  • Now you must type the available verification codes with you in the required fields for setting up the eRaider account.
  • Click the option Continue after executing all the steps.
  • Provide a password which makes you feel secure. Then please press the Continue button. Type password which is the most accurate one that you can remember.
  • Now Click on the Complete Account Setup option after carefully reviewing the details that you entered.
  • Now you have successfully set-up your account. Now you will have to give it a time of 30 minutes till the account finalization process is finished and then again sign into the authorized services of eRaider.

How to Reset Raiderlink Login Password

Don’t remember your Raiderlink password? Please follow the suggested steps,

click on forgot password in eraider web sign in page

  • Now locate the Forgot Password button.

reset eraider login password

  • In the blanks, please type your e-Raider password.
  • Then please click the birth date in the given format.
  • Now you can locate Continue and click it.
  • On your phone number that you entered in the eRaider system will get a text message. This SMS will have a verification code. You can also get this code via automated Voice Call and then please continue.
  • The Text Message will be sent to you in this format – Your eRaider temporary access Code is – 0000 which you need to verify.
  • If you receive Voice Call then you will receive a voice call on your device saying – Use this code to change your Password – 0000 (you will receive a different code)
  • Okay, now you must insert the code in the “enter code” blank to begin resetting your password.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully reset your eRaider Password. Now you can easily access all the eRaider services. If you did not receive your password, it will expire. Then you have to wait for sometime, usually two hours, to use the services of TTU Raiderlink and the services of Blackboard TTU.

 How to Change Your eRaider Username

Kindly follow the below steps to get your Texas Tech Portal username:

click on forgot username in eraider web sign in page

  • You will be asked some questions such as – your first name, your last name and birth date, add those details and tap on continue.

enter details to get eraider username

  • Now, either select the message or call option to send a verification message on your registered number.
  • If you have selected a message option, you will get a text message on your mobile phone  and if you have selected the call option, you will receive an automated call to verify your number.
  • Tap on the continue, and now be ready as you get the code.
  • Check the text message if you opted for message option, or receive the next call, if you have selected the call option.
  • Now enter the code which you receive either o text or call in the field that says “enter code”
  • You will be shown your eRaider username on the screen.

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I hope there was no problem accessing the portal after reading this TTU Raiderlink portal. Want to ask about Texas Tech Raiderlink, send your comments.


What is Raider Link?

Raiderlink is the platform that provides online campus connection. With Raiderlink TTU (Texas Tech University), you can do many important things such as Class Registration, Access to Campus Calendar, Search Engines, Financial Services, and access to local weather forecasts. Besides these functions, the platform works best for accessing all the university services and resources. But you need to access the Raiderlink TTU Edu with your official login credentials.

What is eRaider?

In simple words it is your Texas Tech University’s Electronic Identification. You can access many benefits such as Tech Email, enrolling in short courses off computer, access to the account of Raiderlink, and much more.

Mytech TTU is the portal of which University?

It is a Texas Tech University Portal.

How to acquire the Texas Tech email?

The Techmail you get to use is powered by It is the official TTU.EDu email for the faculty TTUS and the faculty of TTU. The other staff members and students can also access.

How should I register for Raiderlink classes?

Open the link of the RaiderLink site, then click TTU-MYTech and then Manage My Enrollment. After that click on Registration.

How to access the transcripts?

Login to your Raiderlink account. Click – “MyTech” Now please click Enrollment and then click Transcript. After that click Unofficial Transcript then finally View Online.

How can I  access Mail TTU Edu?

You can access Techmail on any device having an internet connection, by visiting and selecting the “Outlook option”.

What is TTU Schedule Builder?

TTU Schedule Builder is a self service – online tool that can help you in planning your academic schedule. You can choose your course, make a timetable based on your course that is best for you.

What percent of the total students get financial aid on Raiderlink TTU Login?

With the help of federal grants and other financial aid under public programs, nearly 83.8 %  students got the financial aid from the University.

Raiderlink TTU Email is not working?

If you have updated your password, and any one of your devices is not updated with the new password, you may face an issue. Secondly, if you have tried to access your account with the wrong password many times, you might be blocked for 15 minutes.

What is the official link of TTU Portal Raiderlink?

Please find the link here.

I am facing an issue while TTU Email Sign In. What should I do?

You can contact the help desk for any kind of support needed.

Kindly provide TTU Raider Link – help and support.

Please find the link herewith –

How to check the admission status on TTU Edu Raiderlink?

You need to send an email to [email protected] with along with your application number to check the status of your admission.

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