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Tricare Patient Portal helps patients to get complete access to medical information online within a few moments. They can also make online appointments with doctors, check for any medical renewals, check the test results and diagnostics, pay their medical bills, and do much more with the help of their Tricare Patient Portal Login details.

The patient portal by Tricare saves patients’ time, money, and energy and offers them all the details 24/7 whenever they want. The portal helps the patients manage their online medical profile effectively and also allows the doctor to check the previous medical history or information about any past conditions.

tricare patient portal

Today, I will explain the step-by-step instructions on Tricare Patient Portal Login at The website is easily accessible with the help of any mobile device or computer. If you are a Tricare Healthcare patient, then you will be able to find all the resources online with your login details.

In this article, you will learn the benefits of using the Tricare Login Portal and how to examine your medical records quickly, make online appointments, communicate with your respective doctor for consultation and pay your invoice amount online conveniently.

Here, you will find all the necessary points about the Tricare Online Patient Portal that will help you access your online account without any trouble.

What is Tricare Patient Portal?

Patients need to manage their health-related information so that they can easily find it when the need arises. Tricare Patient Portal is a secure online platform that is accessible using its official login link.

what is tricare patient portal

After successfully accessing TricareOnline Portal, patients can find many ways to manage their patient accounts online. The portal gives access to EHR (electronic health records), making online appointments with doctors, checking medical history, locating doctors, requests for refilling medications, and communicating with the doctor for any healthcare-related problem or suggestion.

All the options are conveniently located on your account dashboard, so you can easily find them. To learn more about Tricare Patient Portal login, you can visit the official link. Here, you’ll find complete details about the secure patient portal by Tricare.

Benefits of Tricare Patient Portal

Tricare Patient Portal helps the patient efficiently manage their health profile and family health profile. Tricare secure portal only requires an internet connection to access your information. Below are some of the additional benefits that it provides.

  • Schedule an online appointment with a doctor
  • Check out the results of the day online
  • Get EHR (electronic health records)
  • Get the data about refills of prescriptions
  • Stay connected with the healthcare professionals
  • Update your existing profile and each piece of information
  • Manage all the data at one location
  • Renew your prescription online

Tricare provides a secure patient portal that minimizes the stress of the patients managing that healthcare profile.

Tricare Patient Portal Login Requirements

Before login into Tricare’s patient portal, you need to know some basics, as suggested below,

  • Tricare Login page address – Click Here
  • Login credentials of Tricare Patient Portal
  • Good internet/WiFi connection

Tricare Patient Portal Login – Step by Step Guide

You must have valid login credentials before accessing your Tricare patient account on the portal. To help you with the process, I have listed all the essential steps below that will guide you.

Step 1: Open the Tricare Login Portal

read attention message in tricate portal login page

  • First, you must read this page’s “Attention!” message.
  • After that, please scroll down.

Step 2: Provide your Tricareonline Patient Portal Login credentials

tricare patient portal login page

  • Add your username as well as your official password in the blanks.
  • Now click the “Login” button to follow the next steps.

Tip: If you have not created your account, please click this link “Register your account.”

tricare patient portal account registration

How to Reset Tricare Patient Portal Login Password?

If you face any trouble accessing your account with existing login credentials, you must follow the steps below to reset your Tricare patient password for the portal.

Step 1: Open the Tricare Online Patient Portal

  • Open the official login page on your screen to reset your password.

Step 2: Find the password reset button on the page

forgot tricare portal password

  • Click on the “Forgot password?
  • It will open a new page on your screen.

Step 3: Enter the details to reset the password

reset tricare patient portal login password

  • Please type your first name and then your last name.
  • Enter your official birth date information
  • Choose the personal identifier information from SSN or FIN (Foreign Identification Number).
  • Provide your ID numbers.

Tip: If you have your password but forgot your username, click the link “Forgot username?

Contact Details

Some of you may have technical trouble accessing the Tricareonline Patient Portal. So in such a case, you must carefully resolve this issue by contacting the company’s customer support team. The team will guide you with all the proper steps and procedures.

  • MyTricare Secure Login Page: Click here
  • Tricare’s Official Website:
  • Defense Health Agency Contact number


  • DMDC (Defense Manpower Data Center) DEER Office number

+1-800-363-2883 / +1-800-368-3665

+1-800-TRICARE / +1-800-874-2273


Tricare Patient Portal is easy to operate and safe to access for many patients. The portal is a faster way to connect healthcare-related information using the internet. It makes accessing medical records and scheduling an appointment with the doctor easier.

To request any further details on the subject, please comment down below.


Do the Tricare officials call to ask for registered account details?

If you have received such emails or calls on your mobile device about providing your secure login details for Tricare Patient Portal, please do not pay attention to those. The organization may never contact you and ask you about the login details.

I got an error while accessing the Tricare Patient Portal

Due to entering the wrong PIN multiple times, the system will not allow you to access your account and will lock you out. You will get locked out for 30 days. So, if you have repeatedly entered the wrong details, please get in touch with the company representatives to help you out.

How to be safe while accessing the patient portal of Tricare?

First, you have to open your browser. If it does not have any tabs open, you can start logging into the website. But if it has your previous tabs opened, please close and relaunch them. Once all the tabs get clear, you can easily access your account safely. But do not attempt to log in to the portal with any third-party device.

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