TJX / TJMaxx Credit Card Login, Bill Payment and How to Apply

TJ Maxx is a popular USA-based department store chain that offers clothing for its customers, including the best range of clothes for men, women, and kids. The store offers you a credit card issued by Synchrony Bank with many benefits. To know more about the benefits you must use your TJMaxx Credit Card login. It is the best way to log in to your credit card account for Tj Maxx Credit Card Payment.

Tjmaxx Credit Card allows you to shop and get amazing discounts and offers at some TJ Maxx stores. The card offers you the best payment options and helps you save some money. You can buy the clothes at the best prices using Tjx Rewards Card. When you earn up to 1,000 points, then you will get a reward certificate of $10. There are more reward points to earn when your are shopping memorable.

tjx credit card

There are so many other benefits of using a Tj Maxx Credit Card. This credit card offers you the ability to choose, pay quickly, and depend upon this card to save you money and avoid any trouble.

What is Tj Maxx Credit Card Login?

You will need official login details if you want to access the Tj Maxx Credit Card account. You will get these details after successfully applying and registering to the credit card website at Tjx.Syf.Com.

With Tjx Credit Card Login details, it is possible to access your account from any preferred place. The process is straightforward. You must open the website, enter your username, and then your password. After you visit the home page, you will find options to explore. You can select any option according to your choice.

How to Register an Account for TJX Credit Card?

You can create your new Tj Maxx Credit Card account online within a few minutes. Please have your account number ready and follow the process,

  • Open the registration website of Tjx Credit Card at

tjmaxx credit card account registration

  • Here, please enter the required Account Number.
  • Then provide your current Zip Code.
  • After that, click on “Continue”.
  • Wait till you get the next instructions in your email.
  • Confirm the TJMaxx online registration in your email.

What are The Requirements for Tj Maxx Credit Card Login?

  • Your registration must be complete.
  • You will require a good internet connection.
  • Any device like a computer or tablet, or mobile to connect.
  • Need the latest web browser to support the website.
  • Authentic Tjx Rewards Credit Card Login username and login password.

How Access Tj Maxx Credit Card Login at Tjx.Syf.Com

If your registration is complete and you have your Tj Maxx Login account, then you can start the login process using the below steps,

  • First, open the Tj Maxx Credit Card Login website at the link.

tj maxx credit card login

  • Now you must log in using your UserID.
  • Then please type your password.
  • Now click on Secure Login.
  • The system will verify your account and give you access.

How to Reset Tj Maxx Credit Card Login Password?

If you cannot find out your password for account login, please follow these quick steps to reset it,

  • Open the Tj Maxx Credit Card Login password reset page at

taj maxx credit card forgot password

  • Now click the “Password” option from the “I forgot…” title on the login page.

reset tjx credit card login password

  • On the next page, please provide your ID and Zip Code.
  • Move forward by clicking the Continue button.

How to Activate your Tjx Credit Card

Before using your Tj Maxx Credit Card, you must activate it. The activation will be a short process that will be over within a few minutes.

activate tjx credit card

  • Now fill in the blanks with the necessary details.
  • Add your Card Number.
  • Then add the 3 digits of your Security Code.
  • Now add your 4-last digits of SSN.
  • Then click “Activate My Card“.

How to Make Tj Maxx Credit Card Payment Online

To make payment of your Tjx Credit Card bill, you must access the online Tjx.Syf.Com portal.

  • Click here to open the login portal at http://Tjx.Syf.Com.
  • Access the payment option on the portal.
  • Now make your Tjx Credit Card Payment.

Make Tjx Credit Card Payment via Mail

Paying your bill for a Tjx Credit Card can be relatively more effortless with the Mail method. You must know the payment address correctly. Then you have to send your check or money order to it.

The address of the credit card is as below,

TJX-Rewards Payments
P.O.Box-530948 / P.O.Box-530949
Atlanta, GA-30353 / 0949

What are the types of Tjmaxx Credit Cards?

There are two types of cards that TJ Maxx and Synchrony Bank provide.

TJX Rewards Credit Card

With this card, the user can shop only at t. J. Maxx and its associated shops in the USA and Puerto Rico region. Some brands accept this card via their websites

TJX Rewards Platinum MasterCard

This is the card the whole article revolves around. Many destinations accept this MasterCard. So, you can shop, book movies, book a dinner, and get reward points upon using this card.

What are Tjmaxx Rewards Card and their benefits?

TJMaxx offers two types of cards that we have seen. One is a Rewards CreditCard, and the other is Rewards Platinum MasterCard.

These rewards credit cards are helpful at the stores of TJX and other affiliate stores. The Mastercard is not limited to any particular location.


  • 5% Cash Back on every single dollar spent on items.
  • Your number of rewards is not limited.
  • There is a 10% off when you make a first-time purchase.
  • You will get a $10 rewards certificate which you can redeem for 1,000 points.
  • No annual fee is attached to this card.
  • You can shop at Marshal, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, and Sierra Trading post stores.

Contact Details of Tjmaxx Credit Card Login

Use the following details to resolve any dispute or credit card-related doubts,

  • The official website for Credit Card: Tjx.Syf.Com
  • Customer Service Number: 800-952-6133
  • TJX MasterCard Customer Service: 877-890-3150

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best method for TjMaxx Credit Card Payment?

The best method of payment would be one of your choices. You can choose the online method if you are comfortable making payments online quickly. But if you are comfortable with the Mail method, please choose that method.

I cannot open the Tjx Credit Card Login site.

Often the Tjx.Syf.Com website is reported by users as not working. This problem goes away for some time, but some users find this portal not working for them. If that is the case with you, you must ensure that you are not located outside the country or in some other location than the USA. If you live in other locations, then some website functions may not work. Also, turn your VPN off if you’re using one. Try to update your browser because the website will function faster on the latest version of the browser.

Is the Tjx Credit Card a good option for buying clothes?

If you shop from TJ Maxx and all its associates’ stores, then the Tjx Credit Card will be an excellent option. This card works on the affiliate stores and official TJ MAXX stores only. You cannot use this card for shopping for clothes from different other locations.

What are the best benefits of taking the Tj Maxx Credit Card?

There isn’t any annual fee once you have taken a Tj Maxx Credit Card. It may be the best benefit that you are looking for.


If you are interested in taking the TjMaxx Credit Card, you must reread this article to know if this is the perfect card. This card will benefit you if you shop from any TJ Maxx or its allied stores. If you like the quality of the stores of T.J.Maxx, then you can continue shopping at the stores using this card.

If the Tjx.Syf.Com website does not work, then you can troubleshoot this little technical problem by calling the customer support team. They will guide you, help you tackle the error, and help you efficiently access your credit card account.

If you do not know some points or did not find the information you were looking for, please reach me now using the below comment box. I will include the missing details for you.

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