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Time4Learning Login

Time4Learning Login is a platform for helping out parents trying to find online homeschooling. In any state of the US, the parents are able to help their children make step by step progress in their grades. The platform helps in the activities such as monitoring and managing courses that the students want to pursue from anywhere across the nation. The platform is the best for homeschooling learning management systems for parents.

On this platform there is a small fee that you have to pay and parents can select many subscription plans for their children for a particular time. But you should not worry about the fees as the fees that this platform charges is less compared than the competitions.

This portal services considering the needs of the parents and their children. The students who enroll on this platform can check their course guides, find the relevant study materials and also get their personal information access whenever they want. The best thing about this portal is that it helps in preparing for the final exams and offers different study related functions that the students can easily access and use for their benefits. You will get all the details through this article.

How to Sign Up an Account on Time4Learning Login Portal

In this section of the article, you will learn about how you can register your account on Time4Learning Login, with the complete set of instructions listed below:

sign up account on time4learning login portal

  • Now, on this sign up page, select the grade your child is studying in.
  • Type in all the details asked about the parents, their name, surname, email id and contact details, and choose password.
  • Kindly confirm the email you typed as it is vital for the coming steps.
  • Tap on continue option and pay the subscription fees, you may choose any payment method you like form credit/debit cards or directly from the bank.
  • Follow the instructions on your screen for completing the registration process.
  • You will soon get an email notification that your registration is completed on the parent platform.

Time4Learning Student Login Portal Requirements

It is must to know what are the requirements for login into the portal, so as not to get into any trouble. We shall see here what we require to smoothly login into Time4Learning Student Login portal and use its functions.

  • All the parents must remember the email address they provided while creating an account and also the password of their linked account.
  • Students should have their complete name and their password.
  • Note: the password for student login will be same as of the parent login
  • URL of the official website
  • An updated web browser (Chrome, or internet explorer) to gain the accessibility of all the features on this portal.
  • A device having internet compatibility like Smartphone, Laptop or PC
  • And lastly a good internet connection, of course.

Time4learning Login – Step By Step Guide

As you already have a good idea about the registration process and the basic requirements, now you must know about the login procedure to access your account. Please follow the below steps for learning login platform in the given steps,

For Parents

  • Open the official Time4Learning Student portal on your browser- Click Here

login as parent in timeforlearning portal

  • Please choose the “Parent Tab” now.
  • Please then type your email and password details in the login page sections.
  • Click The button – Log In as Parent

For Student

time4learning student login

  • Now please type your first name in the blank and then type your last name.
  • Then please type your password.
  • Please click the button – Log In as Student.

If there is any trouble with the steps, please re-do them.

Parent: How to Reset Time4Learning Student Login Password?

When you lose your official account password of your time4learning parent account, then you must not worry and begin the password recovery process of your current account by resetting your password. If you do not how, then please refer to this below guide,

click on forgot password in parent tab in timeforlearning portal

  • Please choose the “Parents’ tab from the login page on your device’s screen. (Parents can access their account and can update their password)
  • Now click the button – “Forgot Password?” button

enter email id to reset time4learning portal password

  • Please insert your official email address.
  • Then click Reset Password.
  • Your account will be verified and then you password-reset email.
  • After opening that email, you can click the link in it.
  • It will open a new page. Now create a completely new password.
  • Then to confirm that password, you must enter the password again.
  • Complete the process by hitting Submit.

Note: By using this method, you can easily reset your login password. It will help you recover your account with easy steps. With the aforementioned process, you can easily change your account’s password.

What are the exciting features of Time4Learning Login portal

The Time4Learning Login platform provides many features to the parents and also children who are enrolled in homeschooling. Students and parents both can access this portal in a very nice way, and because of its uniqueness it is one of the most popular LMS (Learning management systems) in the whole nation. Please check the features of this portal listed below

For Parents

  • Parents can make multiple accounts for each child, and manage them all online.
  • They can take advantage of the lesson planner option to plan what lesson their child should learn first and can use that lesson’s worksheets for the teaching purpose.
  • Can evaluate the progress of their child in all the subjects .
  • The worksheets available on this platform can be downloaded and printed whenever required form the respective subject tabs.
  • Alongside of the worksheets, you can also find printable maps to teach them subjects like geography and economics.
  • The portal or platform’s special features is having various types of interpersonal learners, it will help all those students having some or the other disabilities, and the study material is designed in a way that syncs with the regular students.
  • If you as a parent are also new to the concept of homeschooling, you may use the homeschooling guide available on the portal itself. You’ll learn and grow your homeschooling experience.
  • It has such nice details that if any parents are looking to transfer their child from regular school to home school, they can read the transition guide and can follow the process easily without disturbing the studies of their child.
  • Parents can view progress charts of each child(if they have two or above) subject-wise and can also see marks obtained by them in all the subjects, and many more.

For Children (Students on the portal)

  • All the students can get access to  their course details, materials related to that chapter, subject guides anywhere, just make sure you have a good internet connection and a proper device to work on.
  • On this platform you will find various tasks, Quizzes and videos to guide on that subject and increase your performance potential.
  • Using this portal, they can attend examinations, complete assignments, and take tests. This will help them increase their current knowledge by learning the lesson on the subject. So overall they can complete their assignments and test without problem.
  • Besides these simple benefits, the online portal helps to improve the children’s grammar and vocabulary. This will ultimately help in improving reading, writing skills of the student.
  • Students can watch videos of the topic for every subject for better understanding and clarity of the topic.
  • Just like parents, students too can check their performance and can make their own goals of how much they want to achieve in the next test/exam.

Problems and challenges on Time For Learning Login Portal

All those who are using this portal, including the parents and students, have came across many problems while accessing this portal. The issues are like, website is down, screen freezes, Login error, not accessible and many others. But do you know all this can be resolved by simply following the below steps, there are few tips and tricks by which you can resolve this type of issue.

  • Kindly use the web browser that is secure, opening in the Opera browser might challenge you. So use Chrome or Internet explorer.
  • Verify that the device you are using for the login purpose is in match with the requirements of the portal.
  • Use a good speed Wi-fi connection for avoiding internet eruptions.
  • You should accept the request related to Captcha and Cookies popping on the screen, as this might stop your portal from opening
  • Inculcate the habit of deleting the cache files and search history at regular intervals.
  • Do not use the feature of autofill anywhere.
  • If you are seeing the black or screen freezing, then either reload the tab or restart your PC.
  • Check the website url before pressing the enter button, as some fraudulent data hackers may hack your data by imitating such a high traffic website.
  • Double check the credentials you entered before hitting the login button.
  • It is advisable to store the login credentials in a secure folder on any of your devices, so when you need them you can access and cross verify its correctness.

About Time4Learning Organization

`about time4learning organization

In 2004, the organization Time4Learning first came into existence. The intention of this company was to engage the students more towards building a new homeschooling experience. All the students studying across the US Country are capable of using this platform for their studies. The company was the idea of Joel Edelon. The first office of this company was his living room and then it slowly became known to all as a great company. Before the services were only for the K-3 students only and there was no one else but as the days passed, the services were upgraded to many other students. Over the period, the Learning Management System was updated and many times the system got new advanced technological tools.

The students get many benefits form these features,


With the help of these amazing features, the students can learn about the foreign languages and get affordable plans. So ultimately every student from K12 can easily use the portal by accessing this language feature.

Game Room and Educational Background

This is yet another amazon feature that offers the students games, academic activities, and various quizzes. This tool helps create the studies more interesting and fun.

Custom Student’s Reports

When the parents access this portal then they want direct access to the Student Report. Therefore they need a detailed guide that helps them understand how their kid is performing in the study. This helps the parents learn about the pros and cons of a particular student or their kid. With the help of this information on the platform, the parents can better learn to improve the skills and understanding of the kid and all lacking features.

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So in this article about Time4Learning Login, I believe that you have gathered enough information about the meaning, features, functions, and all the benefits that comes with the selection of the perfect subscription plan. You can refer to this article the next time you want to login to the portal. I have guided you perfectly with the step by step registration, login process, changing or resetting your password, and every single step of the account recovery.

All the solutions you will find written in my article related to the Time4Learning Login. I have also tried including everything are precautionary like requirements for fixing the login issues. I have also informed you about the company and its great history and what it provides, and all about this Learning Management System. You will also get many other interesting thing from this article while reading.


What is the meaning of Time4Learning login portal?

The portal Time for Learning is an online LMS (Learning Management System) useful for helping students who want to study and complete their education. This portal is useful for the homeschooling students only as they can learn and be progressive on their grade.

Why I cannot access the courses of High School with my Time 4 Learning Student Login?

Sometimes it may happen that you may not be able to access the Time4Learning Login Student portal because there is some maintenance going on on the website. Sometimes you will see the message that “due to scheduled maintenance…courses may experience a limited access on a particular day” Sometimes on the Time4Learning.Com Login portal, you may also see the date and time.

How to find a quiz using Time4Learning Student Login?

You have to first access the Time4Learning.Com portal using your Time 4 Learning Login. Once you access the dashboard, then you will have the option to open the Course Map. Now your course map will be on your screen. Then you have to go to the bottom of this course map and you will find the quiz listed below. Click on it. In case you need help please ask your instructor.

Can parents and students both log in at Time4Learning Com simultaneously?

No. The official Www Time4Learning Com Login portal is for the students and parents both. Parents can use their Time4Learning Parent Login and the students can use Time4Learning Student Login. They need to access the portal at different times.

Does the Www Time4Learning Com Login portal offer K-12 curriculum?

No, the Timeforlearning Login portal does not provide the curriculum for the K12 schools.

Can Time4Learning Sign In portal help me by planning my homeschool year?

Yes, the Time4Learning/Login portal will help you easily plan your entire schedule for the homeschool year. Time4Learning Log In portal helps the parents to prepare a structured list for their children and what they can do for the year. On the Www Time4Learning Com Login Page, there is an option – Activity Planner which helps you plan a flexible and simple schedule for the year. The Curriculum Calculator helps the parents as well. There are more easy tools that help you easily access best methods and approaches with your Time4Learninglogin

Can Login Time4Learning portal help my special kid?

Such a Time4Learning portal understands the needs of your special kid. By accessing the official Https Www Time4Learning Com website the students can easily learn the skills like the rest of the students. They can learn to read and write, develop math skills and increase their grades using Www Time4Learning Com.

My child is facing an issue with Time4Learning.Com Student Login.

You must check if the Timeforlearning Student Login you are entering includes the correct username and password or not. If you are entering the correct Time For Learning Login Student credentials and still facing issues then check if the internet connection is creating problems accessing the Www.Time4Learning.Com Login Page. If everything is good and you cannot access the portal then you must contact the Timeforlearning.Com Login portal help

Does the Time4Learning Login App exist?

Yes, you will find the same app on the iPad. You have to install the Puffin Academy App which will give you access on Times 4 Learning Membership.

Time4Learning Login App works on Chromebook, Mac OS, and also on Android tablets along with iPad.

What is Time 4 Learning Phone Number for support?

You can dial 888.771.0914 Time 4 Learning Phone Number for getting support.

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