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TextFree is a free texting application. Textfree web login allows its users to send messages and even make a call to other who uses TextFree App. It does not require any phone plan data or minutes. 

It was formally known as pinger textfree. Transcribing voicemail messages into text is more convenient than listening to them. You can even attach their voicemail with their email.

If you use TextFree, the person needs to create a TextFree account, and that will be possible if you download the TextFree application on the smartphone or just by visiting the website and creating the account there. With the username and password you create, you can log in to textfree.

About TextFree Login

With the help of TextFree, the user can use a legitimate US phone number to communicate with others for free. You can even send the SMS text online with the larger keyboard with textfree web. Features such as voicemail, calling, group messaging, stickers, MMS, and many more are available with the mobile application.


To access pinger web login, users can use the official URLs here. Communication with non-pinger users is also possible. The free calls and texts services are offered for free and are currently available in more than 35 countries.

How Does TextFree Web Login Work?

Macs, iOS, Androids, and PCs can all be used to send and receive free text and photo messages using the text-free web. You can start logging into your textfreeweb account. To use the TextFree account, you must remember these things:

  • Voice calls are not supported at all.
  • Pinger contacts from the different devices will not be synced with the web.
  •  If you select the option of ‘keep me logged in,’ then your account will be there for seven days, which means you will not have to enter the password again during that period)

TextFree Web Login Requirements

  • If you are doing textfree web login, you need a web address.
  • A valid phone number, email address, username, and password are required for the user to access the text-free web portal. 
  • Internet browser
  • Tablet, PC, Smartphone, or Laptop that has reliable internet access.         

How to Access TextFree Web Login Account?

If you want to do textfree login, you need to go to their official site, textfree.us, log in. It will help you by giving you access to the textfree web Portal:

  • First of all you need to choose your web browser and open the new tab.

click on login in textfree by pinger website

textfree login

  • Once the user reaches the official page of textfree messaging, then they can enter their username and password for logging in to the device.
  • Click on the login button after entering the details to access the account.

How to Reset TextFree Web Login Password?

If anyone wants to recover their text free website pinger account, you need to provide the email address related to the account. If a person does not remember the Email address you use while textfree login online, then do not worry; you can enter the phone number or username to sign up.

forgot text free login password

After that, the person needs to tap on the “Trouble Logging in” button, and on the next screen, you will be given a hint about the email and what it starts with on your account file.

reset textfree web login password

If the email there is right, then you can tap on Send, and they will send you the link to the email address on the file, and then you can create the new password of your pinger textfree web account. Using text free will allow you to log in once you have done that easily.  

How to Recover the TextFree Account without Email?

Users cannot access textfree messages when they cannot access their email accounts. But the person can recover from this situation by providing the customer support team with their correct username and email address. From there, they can verify the information and recover their text-free login online account.


You can find the text-free online login details below, and from there, you can get your problem solved. The person can take help from textfree login and select how you can contact them without any second thought.

How will You Open the TextFree App?

There are several different ways to pinger login or TextFree Application. The first way is to download it from the App store and Google Play Store; the application is available on both platforms for free.

download on apple storeandroid app on google play

Another way to pinger the online login app is by choosing the phone number. The person can search for the available numbers via area code on the pinger text-free web.

Final Words for TextFree Web Login

That’s all there is to know about TextFree Login or Pinger Login. Hope you have understood everything about it and are not facing any related issues.


Can a person receive calls on the TextFree Application?

The user can receive the calls on the TextFree application. You will receive the incoming call free of cost and can easily earn minutes if you want to make the outbound call.

How to turn on the notification for TextFree Apps?

If you want to turn o the application notification on Android, you can directly go to the phone setting menu and scroll down. There will be an option of “Enable Notification”. When you choose that option, you will start getting the notification from the application even when it is not open.

Will TextFree show the username of the person?

No, Text Free will not show the username of the person, and it will be visible to the account holder only within the settings. The name will not be visible to the recipients. The username of the person will be based on the email alias address, and if the alias is taken already, there will be a series of numbers that will make it unique.

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