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Tesco eLearning Portal – Tesco Skill Cast – Hello friends!! The Tesco Learning Portal is an online platform that gives you the best Tesco eLearning program and best Click And Learn program. This portal helps in easy enrollment in the training and management. With this platform learning digital skills, line management training, apprenticeship and many others.

If you are interested in this training and development on Tesco Portal, then you should learn all about the Tesco eLearning login and the eLearning registration steps. You should also learn about the requirements for Tesco E Learning Login.

To know information about some aspects or topics, you can use the Tesco E Learning Answers that will give you relevant details on the subject. Before enrolling in training, you must have an idea about the total Tesco Training Cost, Tesco Training duration or how to learn more about the Tesco E learning course.

I added the Tesco Training and Development program or Tesco E Learning related details to this article. You will find the details of Tesco eLearning Login, Tresco training registrations, password reset procedure for Tesco E-Learning, username recovery steps, etc. I will also inform you about the information about Tesco Training Cost, Tesco Training Manual, Case Studies and answers, etc.

Prospects of Tesco E Learning

tesco elearning

Recently, E-Learning has become one of the most easy online education services. Considering this, Tesco UK provides Tesco Colleague Training. The Tesco Employees prefer the Tesco Skills & training program to keep themselves updated and grow to meet the customers’ needs and demands.

This Tesco program is an opportunity for the Tesco Colleagues to learn and develop new skills and take advantage. The Tesco Training and Development program provides assistance in digital skills, apprenticeship and Line Manager Training to develop the manager’s capabilities.

Therefore, Tesco Colleagues are excited to join this program for improving the skills to make them best. If you wish to learn more about the details of Tesco Click And Learn Login program, then you would find the below information useful.

Registering to Tesco eLearning Portal for Tesco My Account

Registering to the Tesco Online Training and development program, is mandatory for all the Tesco colleagues. So, first, you must be clear about the E-Learning registration.

  • Open the official Tesco eLearning Portal link at Click here

click on create account in tesco elearning portal

  • Now you have a home-page on your screen where you must find and click the “I am a Tesco Employee” option. You can also find and click the “I am an Agency College…” option. Kindly select your category based on the options of Our Tesco Colleagues.
  • Now, you Tesco colleagues must click the option – “I have a Tesco employee number.”
  • Agency colleagues are requested to provide NI Number with other information .
  • Now on the login-page, tap on the option – Create Account option. Please click that option.

click on activate my new account in tesco elearning portal

  • You are now on the Tesco My Account Portal.
  • Here you must click the “Activate My New Account” option.

enter activation code and click on next to register an account on tesco elearning portal

  • Please now type your Employee Number on the registration page. Or you can also enter your Activation Code. Now please go to Next option..
  • Then, you have to follow instructions on the next page for activating or creating your Tesco E-Learning Account.

Tesco Click And Learn Login on the Tesco eLearning Portal

After your successful registration, you can now go to the next stage which is Tesco E-Learning Login. Please remember to login to the authentic e-learning login portal. So, before login, you need to know about the login credentials.

So, here are the login credentials that you need. Don’t worry, they are easy to remember! First you need your username and valid password. You may have created your username and your password during the registration steps. Use those credentials here.

Now, see the e-learning login instructions provided by the Tesco Training & Development program authority.

click on login in tesco elearning portal

  • Now please click I am a Tesco Colleague

login to tesco elearning portal

  • On the login page, please type your Username and then hit Continue.
  • On the very next page, you must enter your valid password. This would help you to login to the Tesco eLearning portal.
  • Click the button on the page – “Login.

Tesco Login Steps – Tesco Agency Colleague Doing Work For Tesco

tesco agency colleague doing work for tesco login

  • Then the Agency Colleague must click – “I’m Agency Colleague doing work for Tesco UK” option.
  • Now, only if you are an Agency Colleague, please provide National Insurance Number, your D.O.B., then finally select your Agency.
  • Enter the requested details in the blanks and then click the option – “Login”.

How to Reset Tesco eLearning Portal Login Password

It is very important you first learn the password resetting process in case you do not remember your password. Similarly when you follow step by step instructions during login, you must learn to reset your E-Learning password step by step using instructions. The instructions you need are listed below,

How to Recover Tesco Login Click And Learn Username

If you know your password but not your E-Learning username, then also you cannot login to the portal. Therefore, you must recover it using the below steps,

  • Open the Tesco E Learning Portal Login at https://tesco.e-learningportal.com/index.cfm?storelogin1
  • Select from the options Tesco Colleague or choose Agency Colleague.
  • Now hit the option Create Account.
  • Please choose the My Account portal by clicking the Forgot My Username option.
  • Then provide your mobile number.
  • After that hit the Next button.
  • Check your phone, you will receive the username on it.


Thank you for closely paying attention to the Tesco E Learning Portal article. I hope you have not faced much problem with login, registration and password or username reset steps. Inform me if you have issues using comments.


What is the cost of Tesco eLearning?

The Tesco training cost is around £3m for the program. The main motive of this training is the development of future leaders.

What is the overall time for the Tesco Training and Development Program?

You can take this training for 12 – 18 months. Tesco E-Learning training includes focus areas like Leadership, Duty Management, etc.

In which format can I download the Tesco E-Learning case-study answers?

For downloading the Tesco training-development case study answers, you can download in P.D.F. format.

How to download the official Tesco Training Manual?

If you are trying to download the Tesco Training Manual to learn about the Tesco Training Needs or you want to know about the Tesco Training & Development. Tesco Training Manual will help you learn about the Tesco Training & Development strategies and also Tesco Training methods.

Tesco E-Learning Help & Support

Please use the below contact details in order to resolve the questions or troubles related to the Tesco Training & Development. You can also ask about the E-Learning and other contact details.

For Customers Service, please dial this number – 0 800 505 555

Official Website Link: https://tesco.e-learningportal.com/

For Technical help, please dial this number – 0 800 323 4060

Click And Learn Login link: https://tesco.e-learningportal.com/index.cfm?storelogin1

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What is the official Tesco E Portal registration website?

The Click To Learn Tesco website link is https://tesco.e-learningportal.com/index.cfm?storelogin1.

What is the Tesco E Learning Login for?

If you are an experienced team member at Tesco and want to join the Tesco Skill cast eLearning, then you are able to take the Click And Learn Tesco E Learning. You can build your skills and develop yourself.

I cannot find the official portal for Tesco E Learning Portal Login.

Please click the link – https://tesco.e-learningportal.com/index.cfm?storelogin1 and follow the steps.

Are Tesco E Learning Answers interview answers?

No. they are answers for the Tesco Online Training.

Is Tesco Training Portal effective to learn new skills?

The Tesco Elearning Portal is perfect for learning new-skills in order to develop yourself. You can effectively learn and grow with Tesco Online Learning.

What is Tesco Skills Cast?

Skillcast helped the company Tesco when it required about 45,000 temporary staff. The Skillcast Training Tesco information is available on this LINK.

Is Tesco Training for customers?

There is a Tesco Employee Training using eLearning Tesco. So, the Tesco E Learning Portal does not provide training to customers.

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