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Do you have your Shop Your Way Mastercard? If you want to know about how to make payment using your Shop Your Way Credit Card Login account, then you have come to the right place.

Not only explain the correct method of ShopYourWay Credit Card Login but also describe you different payment methods and contact information in case of any trouble.

What is Shop Your Way MasterCard and Its Features?

what is shop your way mastercard

Citibank offers many great services and ShopYourWay Mastercard is one of them. This card offers the cardholders a chance to get rewards when they shop at Sears stores and Kmart stores. The rewards that the cardholders receive are great. You even get the best rewards for gasoline.

Shop Your Way Credit Card Features

If you already have your Shop Your Way Credit Card and do not know about the additional benefits, then please read here.

  • You can get great rewards at Sears Stores and Kmart Stores using this card.
  • 2% in points on eligible purchase at above stores.
  • You can earn a $75 credit statement when you spend up to $500.
  • The Regular cards APR is 27.49%
  • There is zero dollar annual fee attached with this card.
  • Each Transfer will be about $10 or 5%.
  • On eligible purchases, you will get 1% in points.
  • 5% in points when you purchase at gas stations that are eligible.
  • 3% in points on the applicable restaurants and grocery stores.
  • The foreign transaction fee would be around 3%.

Shop Your Way Credit Card Login Requirements

  • Internet connection and a device to connect.
  • Shop Your Way Credit Card Login username and password
  • Valid Shop Your Way Card Login website i.e. Syw.Accountonline.Com
  • New browser

Now lets learn how you can login to Shop Your Way Credit Card Account. If you have not registered yet, here are the steps for registration.

How to Register an Account at Citibank’s Shop Your Way Credit Card Website

If you do not have your ShopYourWay Credit Card Login yet, then you must create your new account. You must register your card first.

click on register your account

  • Please go below and locate the “Register Your Card” option.

register shop your way credit card login account

  • Click that option to open the above “Lets Get Started” window.
  • Here you must provide a Card Number.
  • Go below and click the “Continue” button.
  • Follow the steps and wait till your card is registered.

How to Access Shop Your Way Credit Card Login Account

You can login on the Shop Your Way website using any device that has an updated browser. Use the following steps for,

  • Open the website for login at Syw.Accountonline.Com

shopyourway credit card login

  • Once the above page opens on your screen, please provide the details.
  • Enter your User ID first and then Password.
  • Now go to the “Sign On” button and click on it.
  • Wait till your account opens on your screen.

How to Reset Shopyourway Credit Card Login Password?

If you cannot login because you lost your password, it is okay. Please follow the below steps,

  • Open the Shopyourway Credit Card Login website at Syw.Accountonline.Com

click on reset password in login page

  • Now locate the “Reset Password” button.

reset shop your way credit card login password

  • Please provide the details that you are asked.
  • Now follow the procedure for password reset.

Tip: Change your login password 60 days-90 days regularly to protect your account.

How to Make Shop Your Way Credit Card Payment Online?

For Credit Card Payment, you must first ensure that your card is registered. If it is registered, you can start to make payment online by going to the payment option.

Please keep your Bank Routing Number or your Checking Account details with you. It will help you complete the transaction.

Other Methods of Shop Your Way Credit Card Payment

There are a couple other methods that you can use to make payment of your Shopyourway Mastercard.

By Phone: You can contact this phone number 1.800.917.7700 of Citibank and then start making payment via phone. There will be a company service agent who will guide you through the entire process.

For additional help, please use the following information,

  • Shop Your Way Master-Card help: 877-816-9063
  • Sears Master-Card help: 800-669-8488

By Mail: If you want to make payment via mail, then it is quite easier for your Sears Credit Card or Shop your Way Credit Card. Please send your payment coupon along with the money order on the following address, it will help you clear your payment easily.

I have listed both the addresses below,

Shop Your Way Master-Card:

P. O. Box-78024, Phoenix, AZ 85062-8024

  • Expedited Payment Address

Overnight Payment

Attn: Consumer Payment Department

6716 Grade Lane Building 9,

STE 910 Louisville, KY 40213

Shop Your Way Mastercard Contact Details

You must know whom to call in case you are having trouble accessing your credit card account and check account balance or make payment. If you know about these details, then you can contact the authority and make payment.

Use the following numbers for technical as well as non-technical assistance,

  • Technical Support: 1-877-254-8073
  • Outside the US? Call on this number: 1-877-816-8691
  • TTY Number for people with impaired hearing: 1-877-816-8691


Which details must I keep while Shopyourway Card Login payment?

You must have your Bank Routing Number or Checking account details when you make Shop Your Way Citi payment.

Can I Pay Shop Your Way Card using my phone?

Yes, please have your banking details and card details ready before calling for Shop Your Way Bill Pay. Please dial this Shop Your Way Credit Card Phone Number 1.800.917.7700.

What must I do to recover the Sears Shop Your Way Login username?

You must open the Retrieve User ID page by clicking this link. Now on this link, please provide your Card Number and the Name printed on your card. Then add your security code (available on the backside of the card) and finally SSN last 4 digits. Click “Verify and wait for the instructions.

What time does it take for Shop Your Way Payment via mail?

It would take standard time for the mail to reach. Therefore, make payment a week ago to avoid any late submissions.


Here, I have explained all about Shop Your Way Credit Card Login and Payment methods. I have also included basic details about the Shop Your Way MasterCard and its features. You can bookmark or save this article, If you face any issue when trying to login or make payment online for Shopyourway credit card.

In case you want to reach me for any extra information, I have included the comment option. You can comment about the issue or topic and I will respond soon.

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