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sears credit card login

Sears Credit Card Login

Carefully read this article to get the complete details about Sears Credit Card Login. I will explain to you details of Sears Credit Card Login and its usage.  

I will also explain complete features and benefits of Sears Credit Card Login and how to troubleshoot the errors on

sears credit card page


Complete reading this article to find all the details about login portal.

What are the benefits of using Sears Credit Card Login Account?

  • You get advance notice about Sales Events by Sears
  • With this account, you get a temporary pass for shopping 
  • If you are eligible, then you will get special financing 
  • Everyone using this card gets Extended Warranty.

Now, we believe you know about the benefits of Sears Credit Card Login, now let’s talk about how to login to Sears Credit Card website at We will not explain the Sears Credit Card Login procedure to you. But before that, let’s understand the login requirements.

Sears Credit Card Login Requirements

  • Official Searscard Login website address –
  • Authentic Sears Credit Card Login UserID and valid password.
  • Stable and faster internet connection.
  • Latest web browser
  • PC, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet

Sears Credit Card Login at – Step by Step Guide

Please pay attention to the steps we listed below to access the Sears Credit Card website and your account.

  • First, go to the Sears Credit Card Login website at

login to sears credit card account

  • Now please type your user ID in the field.
  • Then type your Sears Card Login password.

How to Reset Sears Credit Card Login Password?

If you cannot remember your Sears Login password, please follow the below steps to reset it.

click on reset password in sears credit card login page

  • Please click on the Reset Password option (see the above image).

reset sears credit card login password

  • Please type your Searscard Com Login User ID in the blank. 
  • If you hold a virtual card, then please find this ID in your account statement.
  • Now, you need to type Social Security Number 
  • Then you need to type only 4 Last digits of the Social Security Number of.
  • Now click on Verify.

How to Retrieve Sears Credit Card Login User ID?

If you are confused how to recover your Sears Card Login user ID, please follow the steps.

  • Open the official login website of Sears Credit Card at

click on retrive user id in sears card portal

  • Now please click on “Retrieve User ID” option.

change sears credit card user id

  • Please insert your Card Number in the blank.
  • Then insert the name printed on your Card.
  • Add the Social-Security Number’s Last four digits. 
  • After that follow the instructions to retrieve your User ID.

Types of Sears Credit Card Account Access?

Online Account Access:

With this option, you get many tools online to manage Sears Credit Card. Online Access to your Sears Card Account is free however, you have to register to the website before you can use it. Follow these registration steps,

  • Register your Credit Card by typing the accurate URL in your browser
  • First Click on Sign On, then find the Register button and click it. 
  • Now, you will need to type your Bank Account Number, Credit/Debit Card Number, or if applicable, Paycheck Protection Program Loan Account Number. 
  • Click on the Continue to Setup option available to move forward.
  • Please type in the necessary details and fill in the blanks like Email address, account information.
  • Then you need to create your unique UserID and secure login Password.
  • Finally, provide the answers to the security questions you are asked to provide additional security to your account. 
  • Follow the instructions and your account registration process will be over. 

Now you have your account ready and verified. You can use your genuine username & password. 

  • When you login, first check your balance
  • Then find other details such as your statements, latest transactions and total amount with dates.
  • If you are struggling to find your old statements of your account, you can request PDF files from the internet and they will be sent to your Account’s online messaging folder.
  • You can also do Sears Bill Pay online easily, check the Sears Credit Card Payment history and find relevant information about the finance and rate of interest.

Telephone Access:

If you want to use the Telephone Access service for your Sears Card, you can contact the customer support agent. For this, you must try to reach the Customer Service Center for queries and let them know your account type. For different account you own, there are different numbers as below,

  • For Sears Credit Card: 800 917 7700
  • For Technical Assistance: 800 815 7701
  • For Sears Mastercard: 800 669 8488
  • For Sears Indoor Gold MasterCard: 800 823 7879
  • For Sears Home-Improvement Account: 800 366 3817
  • For Sears Charge Plus SMCard: 800 917 7700
  • For Sears CommercialOne: 800 599 9712

For Convenience, you can visit this link to find all the numbers you seek – Sears Website

In-Person Access:

In-Person Access is possible for you by simply visiting the Sears Store. At that time, you can make Sears Card Payment or Credit Card payment at the place. You can also check your current balance information by visiting in-person. If you are already inside the shop and cannot access the internet on phone or PC, this method works well.

You can directly go to the cash register or service counter and ask for the help and let them know which detail you want to know. For this, you must have your valid ID and account number to verify your account and inform you.

How to Make Sears Mastercard Payment Online?

You can make online payment using the portal but first you need to have your Sears Credit Card details with you. To get the details, follow the steps,

  • Open the official page for Sears Credit Card or you can open Shop Your Way Credit Card.
  • Click on “Register Your Card” option below the “Sign On” button.
  • Insert your Card Number and select the Continue button. It will setup your User ID and Password.

Let the process be complete, then you can use the Sign-in page for making online transactions. You need to keep your Account Number and Routing Number with you to proceed for making payment.

Sears Credit Card Payment using Phone

It is easy to make payment using Sears Credit Card anytime and anywhere. The Sears Card holders contact the official Sears Credit Card Services by using toll free number 1-800-917-7700. You can request a service agent to help you with Sears Credit Card.

If you have card related problem, you can get assistance as below,

  • For Shop Your Way Master-Card: 877-816-9063
  • For Sears Master-Card: 800-669-8488

How to Make Sears Credit Card Payment via Mail

It is easy to pay any credit card bill using mail easily with Sears. There are regular mail and expedited payment addresses available to you. For this, you need to send your payment coupon first and your money order to check if the addresses are appropriate:

For Sears Card or Sears MasterCard

    • Regular Payment Address 

PO-Box, 9001055, Louisville, KY-402901055.

    • Expedited Payment Address

Overnight Sears Payment Center 
6716 Grade Lane Building-9, STE-910 Louisville, KY-40213

Shop Your Way Master-Card 

PO Box-78024, Phoenix, AZ85062 – 8024

    • Expedited Payment Address

Overnight Payment Attn: Consumer Payment Department 
6716 Grade Lane Building 9, STE 910 Louisville, KY 40213

Sears Credit Card Contact Details

Use the following details for contacting any problem of Sears Credit Card. The below details will help you to resolve all the problems or issues you are facing. Please use the below details,

Official Sears Card Website Link:

Address for Sears Credit Card Payment

Sears Consumer Payment, 
PO Box 9001055,
Louisville, KY 40290 1055

Contact Numbers for Login.

  • Call for General Sears Card Activity: 1-800-917-7700
  • Call to Activate Card: 1-800-589-7327
  • For Resolving Issues, Contact: 1-800-733-1116
  • Call to Report Stolen Card or Missing Card: 1-800-819-9000

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After reading this article, carefully, you must know how to Pay Sears Credit Card. Now besides, Sears Card Payment, you must also have a good idea Sears Credit Card Login and the website If you still are facing issues of Sears Credit Card Login, leave us your comments.


What kind of personal information must I provide to Activate Sears Card?

You will be asked below information on during the card activation on,

  • Credit Card Number
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Security Code
  • Last 4 digits of SSN
  • Date of Birth.

How to check my card balance?

  • First sign into your Sears Account by Sears Sign In details n
  • You can easily use any mobile app to sign in to check Sears Credit Card balance..
  • Contact Sears Customer Service for Credit Card: 800-917-7700

How to easily do Sears Bill Pay?

Login to your account with Sears Credit Card Login. Then make payment online. But you can also use toll free number 800-917-7700 for Sears Credit Card Payment via phone.

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