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If you are a Baltimore County Public School (BCPS) student and do not know much about Schoology BCPS Login, then you will find all the relevant details in this article. After logging into Schoology BCPS Student Portal, you can access all the study material, check the status of your grade, find more details about courses and complete your assignment efficiently.

If you want to know more about the BCPS Schoology Login and its features to complete your education, please read this article, as I have covered every single detail that you should know.

In case you face any technical glitches or errors while accessing the portal or its functions, I have also added the troubleshooting tips.

So keep reading to learn precisely how to use the Schoology BCPS portal.

About BCPS (Baltimore County Public School)

BCPS is a school district in the United States of America. The head office is based in Baltimore county of Maryland. Therefore it is known as “Baltimore County Public Schools.”

about baltimore county public schools

Of the largest school systems in America, BCPS stood in 25th place. Baltimore County Public School provides an excellent study environment and a great learning environment that allows students to participate, co-operate, manage, and control their education-related activities. It offers many resources that help students become more immersed in their studies and make a bright career in their desired field.

The students and their parents are all happy with the school and its support for the students.

If you are considering enrolling in the school, you will enjoy studying at one of the country’s prestigious public schools.

What is Schoology BCPS Login?

When students enroll in BCPS, they get special access details that help them connect to the student portal. The details include login credentials such as a Username or Student ID and a secure login Password.

Schoology BCPS Login makes studying relatively easier as the students can access multiple resources on a single platform.

The best thing about getting BCPS Schoology Login is you can access any resources 24/7. You can check the status, update personal information, and find news and announcements from the teachers and school.

What is Schoology BCPS and Its Benefits?

Schoology BCPS is an LMS or learning management system that helps students perform various tasks related to their studies. There is absolutely nothing the student cannot access related to the studies on this portal.

There are several ways to increase student’s engagement in their studies. Every college or school tries to provide the best resources to the students possible. Unlike previous days when limited functions were available online, today, technology has allowed many interactive learning tools for students.

If you want to clear your schooling successfully, then you have the Schoology BCPS Login portal, which is the best for managing your studies and completing your assignment on time. It is a collaborative platform where you can engage with the teacher and other students to provide your input.

Students, teachers, parents, and administrators; all praise the BCPS student portal because of its usefulness and ease of access.

The Schoology portal provides the best learning environment that ultimately improves your grades. Students can depend on the study materials and accept them online. They can build stronger relationships among other students using the BCPS’s learning management system.

Let me take you through the benefits offered by Schoology BCPS Student Portal,

Benefits of Schoology BCPS Portal

  • Submit your assignment
  • Securely message your teacher and clear your doubts
  • Access all the course study material on the portal
  • Receive important announcements and notices
  • Participate in a quiz and improve your learning
  • Take practice tests to improve your understanding
  • Access your homework assignment
  • Check your grades
  • Join groups online and participate in discussions
  • Join Extracurricular activities
  • Check the school calendars
  • Create a parent account for grade checking and monitoring the performance of the child
  • Check your attendance
  • Find more details about grading periods
  • Share concerns and get answers
  • Safely coordinate students and teachers, and other staff members of BCPS
  • Participate in a wide range of programs and events for the betterment of the community
  • Check the catalogs online
  • Find eBooks for study
  • Find informative articles to read
  • Access the database and find relevant information to research
  • Take advantage of the Virtual Reference Desk
  • Join learning games

The portal is full of features that will take you so much time to explore and use each feature. The portal benefits different kinds of users and provides them with the best possible features.

If you enroll as a Baltimore County Public School student, you will get plenty of options to explore and brighten your study and career.

Now let me take you to the requirements for Schoology login BCPS.

Requirements for Schoology BCPS Login

  • You must have completed the registration to Baltimore County Public School
  • You need valid Login credentials such as student ID and password to access the portal.
  • Please open the correct URL for the student portal at
  • This portal is accessible via any mobile or computer device. You can access it on tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc.
  • You can use any standard browser but update it to the latest version.

How to Access Schoology BCPS Login Account at

If you have your login credentials and fulfill all the requirements mentioned above, you can log into the portal effortlessly. The process of login is relatively straightforward, but to avoid any mistakes, please use the following steps,

schoology bcps login account

  • The link will open the BCPS Student and Staff login page.
  • Here to access your MyBCPS account, you must provide the necessary information.
  • First, provide your BCPS Sign In name.
  • After that, provide your Password.
  • Please verify if you added the complete and correct credentials.
  • Now you can move to click on Sign In.

How to Reset Schoology BCPS Password

Often BCPS Students may lose their password and cannot log in to their account. Due to not having credentials, they cannot access all the resources on the portal. They can meet their studies and miss out on essential chapters. The password reset process is relatively easy. Just follow the below steps,

  • To reset Schoology BCPS password, please visit website.

click on forgot password in bcps schoology portal

  • Once the login page opens, please choose the “Forgot Your Passwords?” option highlighted in the image.
  • Now you must go through a compulsory verification process.

create parent account on schoology bcps portal

  • To verify your student identity, you must first consider entering your email address.
  • After adding that, kindly press the “SEND VERIFICATION CODE” button.
  • Then click on Continue.


How to Create a Parent Account on Schoology BCPS Portal?

Creating a parent account will help the parents understand their child’s progress. Schoology BCPS Parent Account is beneficial for checking the homework assignments, finding the timing and schedule, checking the grade, participating in discussions, checking the upcoming events and competitions, etc.

Parents may work and perform all the other duties at home. So, having a parent account makes checking the progress and monitoring the performance relatively more straightforward.

Please follow the step to create myBCPS Parent Account,

  • Open the “Creating a Parent Account for Focus/Schoology” page – Click Here.
  • You must go below and find the “Sign up now” link.
  • On the following page, please add the required details.
  • First, insert your email address, and confirm it by clicking “SEND VERIFICATION CODE.”
  • After that, please open your email and find the email from “myBCPS B2C“.
  • Copy the verification code available in your email.
  • Please see that code on the account creation page.
  • Please create your new password and then confirm it.
  • Add your first and last name details.
  • Finally, click on the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button below
  • Wait till the Schoology BCPS system creates secure credentials.
  • Once the portal creates your current account, you can access it in the next 24 hours to 48 hours.

Tip: For the best experience, use the chrome browser’s updated version.

How to Login to the Schoology BCPS SSO Portal?

To sign into the Schoology learning SSO portal, follow all the guidelines below.

  • Access website.
  • Then on the “Sign in to Schoology” page, you’ll have to enter the requested details.
  • First, enter your email or assigned username.
  • Then proceed to enter the password.
  • After that, complete the process by clicking on “Log In

Tip: If you forgot your password – Click here to reset it.

Schoology BCPS Help & Support

The students of BCPS often encounter technical issues when they try to access the portal. Sometimes, due to technical reasons, students cannot complete their studies to get in touch with teachers and staff members.

So, students need to reach out to the technical assistance team for a solution to the problem.

The following details connect you to the official help team of the Baltimore County Public School.

  • BCPS Helpdesk Number: 1-443-809-4672
  • Login:
  • Address for correspondence

Baltimore County Public Schools

6901, Charles St.,
Towson, MD 21204,

Kindly use the following information as per your requirement. The calling hours are valid from Monday to Friday. The timing of the call will be 7:00 a.m. and 4:15 p.m.


After going through each step of the entire article, I am sure you have found the necessary information you wanted. Schoology BCPS is a very informative and organized student portal that helps students in their studies.

After login into the portal, you can explore many functions and find so much detail about the public school and your course. It is an excellent portal for staff members, teachers, and parents. They find this portal very useful when they need certain information about courses, curriculum, schedules, grades, accessing student databases, and managing their respective tasks.

Using the Baltimore Public School portal, the students have a great learning environment where they can study, discuss, collaborate, and unite with other students. There is always a communication gap between students and teachers. Schoology BCPS portal reduces this gap and ensures that students and teachers can engage in meaningful conversation.

For your doubts or suggestions about this article, reach me via comments. You can also start a conversation below so I can join and clear your doubts.

FAQs – SChoology BCPS Login

What is the purpose of the Schoology BCPS parent account?

Parents have responsibilities at home. They cannot find time to get in touch with their child constantly. If they want to know about the performance and grades of a child, then they can do that without any hesitation. It will take just a click, and they can access all the details about their child and overall performance with their parent account.

I cannot access the Schoology BCPS Login website.

If you are unsure about the issue related to, you must start with the standard process to identify the issue.

  • Check if you are reading the authentic password.
  • Before you log into the portal, check if the internet speed is good.
  • If the browser you are using is old, update it and try to re-access the URL.

There could be more reasons for you not being able to access  Bcps.Schoology website. If you are unsure that you can solve the technical errors, you must contact the technical support team or contact your system or network administrator. You will get help related to the issue.

How to use the materials from BCPS.Org?

First, you must know which material you are looking for. After reviewing all the available material on the portal, losing track of what you are searching for could lead you to get lost in finding suitable material in the libraries.

What do I get in BCPS Library Login?

Using BCPS Library Login, you get to access material to read. Suppose you are researching a topic of a project. In that case, you may need to refer to some materials to find the introduction and definitions and carefully shape your project and its purpose. Library login gets you all kinds of material that you need, along with the resources. You will find so much meaningful content while searching through the library.

Is there any easy way to log in to BCPS Schoology on my iPhone?

You can use your smartphone to download the Schoology application and log in to it. Download app on your Apple iPhone using this link – Click Here.

You can create your assignments, submit them, join discussions, and do all the other activities using the mobile application.

Are there any informative video tutorials on Schoology BCPS?

Yes, all the students can access the informative video and tutorials to learn more about their subject. The videos are interactive and explained with visual and audio means so that students can learn and understand the topic more.

Schoology BCPS Login

Hello friends,

In today’s article, we will show you the official Schoology bcps Login details, and accurate login procedure.

Kindly stay to read the full article, it will really help you in knowing bcps Schoology login procedure.

Shall we start!?

About BCPS ( BaltimoreCounty Public Schools)

Baltimore county public schools Schoology Country Public School known as the abbreviated name of BCPS is the district in-charge schools of all the public schools in Baltimore county, of United states in Maryland State.

about bcps

BCPS, till the year 2013, was the 25th largest school system in the USA and was controlled by and still controlled by the Board of Education, in Towson.

Now, as you have some knowledge about bcps Schoology, let us go through in login procedure and check how to login into the Schoology BCPS.  

In the coming paragraphs, we will see, the complete login procedure of https bcps Schoology com home, but before we move forward, you will need some credentials, let us see what are they?

Schoology BCPS Login Requirements

  • Baltimore county public schools Schoology Official website for login
  • Activated Login Id
  • Password
  • A device such as a laptop, computer, mobile, or tablet.
  • A good internet connection. 

How to Login to Schoology BCPS Student Portal

You are required to follow the below-mentioned simple steps in order to successfully login into Baltimore county public schools Schoology. 

schoology bcps login

  • Enter sign-in details, that is your username and password.
  • Hit the Sign in button in blue color at the bottom.

How to Reset Schoology BCPS Login Password?

Password is a very crucial requirement for login into BCPS Portal, so in case you have forgotten your password, do not worry, as we will guide you in bcpss password reset procedure.

click on forgot password in schoology bcps login page

  • Click – Forgot Password

reset schoology bcps login password

  • Add your registered Email Id.
  • Hit the Continue button, and do as suggested in the following steps.

By following the above steps of bcpss password reset, you can easily reset the password of your Baltimore County Public School Portal.

Schoology BCPS Help

If you face any issue while login into Schoology, just contact the below-provided number without any hesitation, they will be the best suitable person to help you out with any query you might have.

Official Website:

Phone: (443) 809–4554

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So, this was all about the Schoology BCPS Login, at https bcps Schoology com home, hope this article helped you in understanding the login procedure, and if you face any issue, contact them on the number provided in contact details.


Can the parents of the student login into the BCPS Account?

Yes, the parents have their account access details with which they can access the BCPS  Portal.

Can I access the Schoology from my Mobile Device?

You may access the Schoology by downloading the app from the play store.

My bcps org login not working.

Kindly contact the number provided, they will guide you through any technical issue in the app.

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