Sally’s Credit Card Login – Make Sally Beauty Credit Card Bill Payment Online [2022]

sallys credit card login

Sally’s Credit Card Login

Hello friends, Are you looking for Sally’s Credit card login? Then, I think  you are in the right place, as I have covered all the important details required for Sally Beauty credit card login. You will find all the details such as what is Sally credit card login, what advantages you can get with the Sallys Credit Card, what are the requirements for Sally’s Credit card login and also the stepwise procedure for Sally’s Credit Card Payments.

So, after reading this article, you will have all your questions solved for once, you will get the updated details on what type discount you can get and upto how much percentage discount you can get by Sally’s Credit card login.

Before we move towards, Sally Beauty Credit Card login procedure, we shall see in brief what Sally’s actually is, what business they are involved in and a short history journey.

About Sally’s

about sallys

Sally’s Stores or Sally Beauty Holdings is a Public company from America. It is an international company that provides beauty products through its retail stores. There are so many distributors that help spread the products of this company to the customers. There are above 4,000 stores of this company that are spread across the United States. Currently, the company has above 200 franchised units as well. Further there are more stores in Ireland, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Chile, Canada, Peru, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

First the store started in 1964 in New Orleans. It started as a “Sally Beauty Holdings” and the founder of this store was C.Ray Farber. The company has gone through so many decades and survived. People really like this store for their basic beauty care needs. Some customers have been going to this store for decades and still they like the products.

Sally’s Credit Card Login Requirements

You will need the following in order to login into Sally’s Credit Card account. Make sure you have all of them to access the account successfully and get the advantages.

  • Official URL of Sally’s Credit Card Login:
  • Active user Id and password for Sally Beauty Credit Card Login
  • Any device from a smartphone, laptop, or tablet/ PC
  • An updated web browser
  • And an active internet connection

Sally’s Credit Card Login – Step by Step Guide

Open the browser in any of the devices listed above, we suggest you to use Google’s chrome or Safari browser for better experience.

click on sign in sallys credit card website

  • This type of interface will open, upon clicking on the above link.

sallys beauty credit card login

  • Now, kindly type in your email id and password in the asked fields and tap on the login button below that.
  • That’s it, you are successfully logged into your Sallys Credit Card.

Download Sallys Mobile App for Sally’s Credit Card Login?

By using the official Sally Beauty App, you can find more about the latest products and innovations in the beauty industries. You can learn more about nail, hair and other specific sections.

Before downloading the app, you must be aware about the features offered by Sally Beauty App.

This ColorView feature is the most popular among all the customers. This app allows you to find out if the hair and makeup that you are going to buy will suit you or not. With the help of this feature the customers can check and even take their selfie before committing. By using this selfie, the customer can share and show it off to the closest friends and family if they are planning to go on a special occasion.

Just like you could have your own glam squad, you can learn more about the recent trends, inspirations, get to know how-to and other details. This feature enables you to shop with all details on your palm.

  • Shopping, Earning and Cash Out:

You can use this application for shopping and while shopping you can easily track the points that you earn. You can easily manage your Sally Beauty TM Awards using the official company app. There are other things that you can know about and manage like FREE gifts, checking points, new trends, looks and other details. Just like a pro user, you can track, save, earn and use your points of rewards easily.

The most basic and very useful feature offered by the app is “Store Locator”. Using this function, the users can easily track any nearby Sally Beauty store and plan to visit them. If you have gone to other states and need to buy some beauty products, this feature may be very useful.

How to do Sally’s Credit Card Login with Mobile App?

Signing into Sallys Credit Card can be very easy. If you do not know how to sign in to the app using the mobile app, then please use the steps below,

  • First, you must find the valid link to install the Sally Mobile app on your Android Device or your Apple device. Please use the links below.
  • Once you have installed the application on your relevant device, you will get the logging display pop up on your device.
  • Now you must enter the valid login details such as your username and your password in the asked fields. After that click on the “Sign In” option for accessing your online account of Sally Credit Card.

Unable to Login into Sallys Credit Card Account from Mobile

The reason you are not not able to access your app account could be one or many. You could be facing issues due to poor internet connection or no internet signal. The other obvious reason could be that you entered the wrong login details and that could result in failure to access your account. Therefore you must always verify the information while adding. You must not add the details in a rush because that could surely result in failure to access your account.

The other reasons for you not being able to login like you must be using an older software and you have not updated the software.

The other reason could be your older version of the browser. The browser may show you errors while logging in because it may not support the latest website versions. It is okay if you are using a browser of at least 5 years old because that would also support some features but some older browsers may struggle to load the new content.

Now last but not least, if you are using a VPN to access your account then you should turn it off immediately. Your location is another factor that would play a major role in accessing your account. If you are currently in another country or banned location, then you may not be able to access the website.

You will get proper notification on your screen about the error like your location or wrong password.

How to Reset Sallys Credit Card Login Password

To reset your credit card login password,  you must follow the below steps in the right sequence.

click on forgot username or password in sallys credit card login page

  • On this website, in the Log In section, you will have to find the “Forgot Username/Password!” button.

reset sallys credit card login password

  • Now please provide all the details like Account Number or Username.
  • Then add your Zip Code or Postal Code
  • After that please enter SSN – only last 4 digits.
  • Now click the “Find My Account”.
  • Follow the next instructions.

Note: If you still cannot reset it, please contact the technical support team to help you out.

How to Register for Sally Beauty Credit Card Account

To register yourself on Sally’s credit card and enjoy the benefits of Sally beauty, kindly follow the steps below:

click on register now in sallys credit card website

  • Now, tap on – “Register Now” button from the home page

register for sally beauty credit card account

  • A new page will open now asking you some information such as
    • Credit card A/c Number
    • Postal Code
    • Id Type
    • Last digits of SSN, etc
  • Once you fill out all the information properly, tap on find my account button.
  • Then you will see some other prompts, d as they direct until you see a message registration complete.

How to Apply for Sally’s Beauty Credit Card

We have seen above how to create an account on Sally, now we shall see how to apply for a credit card online.

apply for sallys beauty credit card

  • You will see a button called “Apply now” button, tap on that.
  • Once you open that page keep following the instructions you see.

How to Pay Sally Credit Card Bill Payment

Paying your Sally Credit Card Bill Online can be easier than you think. You can use your mobile phone or email to apply for it. Read the below steps which will help you understand the steps easily.

  • First you must login to your account online.
  • Now please select the option “Payments” for paying your Sally.Credit Card Bill.
  • Now choose how much you want to pay and when you are going to pay it.
  • Also think about where the money would come from.
  • There is also a great option for Credit Card recurring payments that helps you make easy payments. Check that out as well.

How to Make Sally’s Credit Card Payment Online

Making Sally Credit Card payment online is easy. First you must login to your account and then select the “payment” section. If you want to set up your automatic payments, then you can have a minimum level of balance due. If you have any outstanding debt, please pay it or pay the difference sum. You can use the automatic payment option for paying the Sally’s Card bill using your Sally Beauty Credit Card Account. You would not have to check your account and it will be done on the next Payment Due Date.

Make Sally Beauty Credit Card Payment via Mail

If you want to pay your Sallys Card Payment via mail, follow the method listed here:

  • Make a check/ money order for the amount of the bill.
  • Remove the payment coupon from your bill
  • Send it to the below address:

Comenity Capital Bank, PO Box 659820, San Antonio, Texas 78265

Sally’s Beauty Credit Card Bill Payment via Phone

It is a very easy and convenient method to make the payment. Dial 1.888.566.4353 you will also have this number on the backside of your debit or credit card for making payments. Once you dial the number, you will be asked certain questions, please answer them keeping in mind the guidelines for the same. Remember one thing, there will be a fee for processing the payment via phone, if you want to avoid paying that fee, you may choose any other method of payment.

Advantages of Sally Credit Card

Find here the list of advantages you get by using Sally’s credit card:

  • 20% discount on the purchase via sally credit card.
  • Get a $10 reward in the month of your birthday.
  • Get 2.5 points for every dollar spent
  • No annual renewal charges
  • Free shipping on any purchase made by Sally Beauty reward card.
  • On your account opening anniversary, get a surprise gift.

Sally’s Credit Card Login Help & Contact Details

In case you have any query regarding Sallys Card, or need to contact Sally’s customer support, you may use any of the below methods to reach them.

  • Sally Beauty Credit Card Customer Service: 1.844.271.2795
  • Timing: Monday to Saturday: Morning 8:00 am to evening 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Holidays on : New year, Memorial day, Christmas, Independence day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving day.
  • TDD/TTY: 1.888.819.1918

Reach Sally Credit Card Customer Service by Mail:

Customer Care Address:

Comenity Capital Bank, P.O. Box 183003 Columbus, OH 43218-3003

Payment Address:

Comenity Capital Bank, P.O. Box 659820, San Antnio, TX 78265.

Social Media Pages:

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After reading this article you must have a clear idea about Sally’s credit card login and how to access the official Credit Card account. I have explained all the details about how to access the Sally credit card online and how you can make payments using your account. Also explained about the payment and how to do automatic recurring payment using the option. And, all the details about the credit card itself. In case you you looking for some more details about Sally’s credit card login, then please ask me using the comment box below.


I cannot locate the Comenity Sally Beauty website. Please help me.

For Comenity Sally’s Beauty Rewards page, please click this link – This is the official Sally Comenity website that you can access.

How to use Sally Beauty Payment to pay Bill automatically?

If you are looking for Sally Beauty Pay My Bill method automatically, then you can use the recurring payment option that will allow you to easily access the website.

I cannot access the Sally’s Beauty Credit Card Login site using the official link.

Try to access the main Sally Beauty Credit Card Log In website, you must ensure that your mobile is actively connected with the internet. It may happen that due to some other reasons you could be facing an issue and therefore you must identify the other reasons.

Other reasons could be related to the website of the company, VPN use or location difference, using wrong username and password and other similar reasons.

How to access the Account Center for Sally’s Beauty Payment?

To access the Sally Beauty Account Center Reward Credit Card, you must click this link:

Now use your Sally Beauty Log In and access the dashboard. Now find the payment option to pay your bill and proceed ahead with the details related to your account.

Please make sure that you enter the correct Sallys Card Login details on the page otherwise you would have to login and start the process all over again.

What are the attractive benefits of Sally Beauty Rewards Credit Card Login?

All the users get basic benefits such as checking account information, updating all the details in the account, paying your bill online, checking your online balance and others. But besides these simple benefits, there are other benefits that are also very attractive,

  • Welcome Gift 20% off
  • Birthday Gift – $10
  • Rewards for earning $5 and extra 2.5 points for every dollar spent using credit card/
  • Benefit of free standard shipping
  • Anniversary Gift
  • No annual Fee of the card

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