Revvi Credit Card Login ❤️ How to Apply, Access, Manage Bill Payment

If you want to manage your Revvi Credit Card Login online, check the transactions, keep track of activities, check your statements, and find the details about credit card bill payments, please read the article.

I will explain how you can log in to your Myccpay.Com Revvi Credit Card account online, create your new account, set a new password if you forgot the old one, and use different methods of Revvi Payment of your bills.

I will also explain how to Activate Revvi Card and provide you with all the updated contact details. So in case of urgent help, you can reach out to their support team.

What is Revvi Credit Card Login?

When you use your Revvi Credit Card regularly, you will need an online account to manage all your transactions carefully. Online account insurance that you to use your Revvi Card within the limit and get all the best usage benefits.

With the help of Revvi Credit Card Login, you can check out all the latest updates on your account. You can see if you are eligible for new offers or other credit cards. With login credentials, accessing your account becomes very easy as it will only take seconds to connect to your account and find the details you need.

Revvi.Com Login is a secure way to check your profile and find out if the card has helped you to increase your credit score.

What is Revvi Credit Card and Their Features?

If you are not sure about taking the Revvi Card, then it is an unsecured card for which you don’t have to pay any security deposit. The car allows your transactions to be reported to all three credit bureaus monthly.

what is revvi credit card

You can create rewards by using this credit card. You may easily qualify for this card with bad credit.

If your priority is building credit and getting exciting rewards, this card would be a good option.

Pros of This Credit Card,

  • You get a $300 limit to spend 
  • You don’t have to pay any deposit 
  • Pay a one-time fee for this card 
  • You can take it if you have bad credit 
  • For every payment, there are different kinds of rewards 
  • Your monthly reports get reflected in all the three credit bureaus 
  • Card accepted all across the United States and online 
  • Get 1% cashback on all the purchases 
  • Monthly payments are easy to manage 
  • Zero fraud liability

All of the above are very attractive Revvi Card benefits. But you have to look at your other side as well. If you don’t know about the cons, let me explain them to you.

Cons of This Credit Card,

  • The one-time fee of $89 
  • APR on Revvi Card is higher up to 34.99% 
  • Expensive Annual fees are costly. For the first year, you may pay $75; the following year, you’ll have to pay $123. This is too high compared to the cheaper options available.
  • You would better go off with a secure card with $0 annual fees
  • You must have a checking account to get Revvi Credit Card
  • The approval process takes long

So, after comparing the pros and cons of this credit card, you must know whether this card is for you. If you want to take this card, please follow the steps below to create revvi credit card account.

How to Register for Revvi Credit Card Account?

If you do not have your Revvi Card account, you must make sure that you follow The below steps. The below steps will allow you to participate.

click on register in myccpay website

  • Now, click on Register option.
  • On, registration page you need add your personal details

register revvi credit card account

  • Provide your account number
  • Add your social security number
  • Provide your postal code
  • Then enter your email address.
  • Set a security question and answer

How to Access Revvi Credit Card Login Account Online

If you have applied and created your Revvi Credit Card Account using this link. You must have your login credentials. You have to first log in to your account to get all the benefits of this credit card. The login process will take a relatively short time. To ensure you login successfully, please follow The below steps,

  • Open the Revvi Credit Card Login page by clicking Here.

revvi credit card account login

  • On the Myccpay.Com Revvi Login page, you’ll have to enter the requested details.
  • Please enter your User ID first. 
  • After that, you must enter your password.
  • And, Finally click on Log In button.

Wait till your account opens on your screen. Once it opens, you can explore different functions available on it.

Benefits of Revvi Credit Card Sign In with Mobile App

If you are a Revvi Cardholder, you can manage your credit card account more conveniently with the Revvi App if the app allows you to log in to your account just like an online portal. And you can check all the transactions, Revvi Rewards, and perform all the other activities on this app.

You do not have to create new Revvi Card Login details to use the mobile app. You can use your existing credentials to accept this application.

  • The mobile application allows the below features or benefits, 
  • Make instant payments 
  • Check all your transactions and confirm them 
  • View statements and download them and save them to your device. 
  • Quickly reading your payment incentive. 
  • You’ll get a free credit monitoring service from TransUnion. You can use it to check your credit score regularly.

To download the Revvi Credit Card application for your mobile, first, you need to sign in to your official Revvi Credit Card portal account.

How to Access Revvi Credit Card Account using Mobile App

If you want to operate your Revvi Card account using a mobile application, please use the following steps. You can do almost all the functions using this application, such as Revvi Card Balance, transaction check many functions.

Revvi Credit Card Mobile App download

android app on google play

download on apple store

Access Revvi Mobile App

After successfully downloading the mobile application, you need to log in to your account. You need to use the same login credentials as your website account. Please find the option “Login” on your application. After logging into your account, you can explore all the application functions.

Revvi Credit Card Mobile Application is Not Working

There may be many possible reasons for not being able to log in to your account using an online application. Before reaching out to any judgment, please ensure you’ve entered all the correct details.

  • Because of adding incorrect details, you may not open the credit card account and often, repeatedly adding wrong information may lead to your account block.
  • Poor Internet is also another reason for you not being able to log in to your account. With poor internet speed, you cannot access your account.
  • Using VPN services may also confuse the app from your added location to your current location. So avoid using it.
  • If the app is not working, you can move ahead with the Revvi Credit Card website option. It is going to help you access your account.
  • If the issue continues and you cannot resolve it, it will be better to contact the customer support team.

Revvi Credit Card UserID and Password Recovery Process

In case you cannot log in to your account due to using your password or your user I.D., then you must follow the guidelines below to recover your credentials.

How to Reset Revvi Credit Card Login Password

forgot revvi credit card login password

  • Now, click on “Forgot your password” option.
  • Now, you need to confirm your identity and verify yourself in this step.

reset revvi credit card login password

  • First, provide your 16-digit account number
  • Then add your four last digits SSN
  • Lastly, provide your postal code.
  • Finally, click on the Submit button.

How to Recover Revvi Credit Card Username

  • Open website.

forgot revvi credit card username

  • Now, click on Forgot your user name option

reset revvi credit card username

  • In forgot user name page, enter your 16-digit account number
  • Add the last four numbers of SSN
  • Move ahead with providing the postal code.
  • Click on Submit button.

Apply for Revvi Credit Card

To apply for a Credit Card, you must follow all the steps so that you can easily.

how to apply for revvi credit card

  • Enter required details
  • Add your name
  • And, then enter your email address
  • Now, enter your address
  • Then, add your contact number
  • Finally, you can click on the “Apply Now” button.

How to Activate Your Revvi Credit Card

Once you have applied for your credit card and successfully got approved, you must go through the activation steps. The activation steps will ensure that.

click on activate your card option in website

  • Now, click on “Activate Your Card” option from top menu of website.
  • Now, you must enter the necessary details in the blanks.

how to activate revvi credit card

  • Add your date of birth
  • Then your email or application I.D.
  • Finally, click on “Submit” button.

How to Make Revvi Credit Card Payment

As you use your credit card, you will incur a payment. You can easily make bill payments using different methods online. These methods could be online, mobile application, or phone.

  • Access your account using an online website or application.
  • Please access the payment tab.
  • Choose your credit card or debit card option.
  • Pay your instalment and take your money out.

For making payments via phone, call on 1-800-755-9203.

How Can I earn Revvi Rewards?

You can earn rewards by making purchases. When you make a purchase, you will earn rewards. Your rewards are your points which you collect over time. For every dollar you spend, some rewards are associated with your account. Twenty points, when translated, it becomes Revvi Rewards. When you pay a fee or receive any amount for merchant credit, get a refund to your account, and you will get no rewards.

What is the process of redeeming Revvi Rewards?

You must have opened your account at least for 6 months. During this period, you may get good reward points. These accumulated rewards are usable on different online websites. You can access the MyCCPAY online website or choose the official Revvi Mobile App.

You will get all the customer support from the Revvi team related to reading or using the reward points.

Once you redeem 500 points or above that, they will get credited to your official card account. There are different amounts for different cards. Here, for 500 points, you will get $5. Using your Revvi account, you can easily find all the credit balances due on your account. You can easily continue making regular payments with the reward that you have got.

Revvi Customer Service

Many users face issues related to credit card login for payment. This issue is sometimes not easily fixed. The customer support team has to take care of different aspects of the technical problems that the customers face.

You cannot fix these issues yourself because they may be external. Therefore, please make sure that you contact the customer support team using the following details.

  • Revvi Phone Number: 1-800-755-9203
  • Contact Support for Application / Fees Questions: 1-800-845-4804

Using the above numbers, you can contact the customer support team and discuss the issues that you are having.

  • Email Support: [email protected]
  • Mail Support:
    • REVVI, P.O. Box – 85800, Sioux Falls SD 75118 5800
  • Social Media Support 
    • Facebook:
    • YouTube: 
    • Twitter: 
    • Instagram: 
    • LinkedIn:


After getting all the details about Revvi’s credit card, you would know more about the overall process of login, registration, card activation, your bills using the mobile app and online website, the pros and cons of the card, etc.

You also know by now about your credit limit using this card. So if the card is appropriate to your needs, you can surely get it.

Please let me know if you need me to provide any further sites to Revvi Credit Card Login. To let me know about your doubts or suggestions, please make sure to comment.


Does my credit increase after using the Revvi Credit Card?

It will take a minimum of 12 months for the credit to increase. The limit will increase, but also you have to pay 20% fees for that.

Is Revvi’s card good for credit compared to other cards?

Compared to other cards, this card comes across as expensive and has a huge APR. 

How long does it take for me to get my Revvi CreditCard?

When you apply for your credit card, and once it gets approved, you will get it within 14 business days. It will reach your provided address details.

Can I book a hotel with Revvi-Card?

Revvi Visa cards will get accepted across all the U.S. states. You can also use it in hotels and spend according to your credit limit.

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