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regisconnect login

Regisconnect Login

Are you trying to access the official portal using your Regisconnect login? Kindly pay attention to this article and you will the exact method to login to the portal.

Keep scrolling to find more details on Regisconnect Login. You will find other interesting points in the article as well.

What is Regis?

Regis is a hair salon corporation from America. It is a global company that runs the chain of 10,000 hair salons. Regis owns the stores and also gives franchise.

Paul Kunin along with Florence Kunin founded Regis in 1922. The original headquarters is situated at Minnesota’s Saint Louis Park.

what is regis

Regis owns many amazing brands such as Supercuts, MasterCuts, SmartStyle, CostCutters and the famous First Choice HairCutters. It also owns a few small brands and “Concepts” of regional brands. It has two very famous stores in England; Regis, Putney Exchange, London and Regis Salons, Sassoon Salons, England.

Now that you know about Regis Corporation, let us talk about the steps to login to the official Regisconnect portal at link.

Before understanding the Regisconnect com login process, allow me to explain to you about the requirements.

Requirements of RegisConnect Login

  • You need the official RegisConnect Login website URL.
  • Please have an authentic RegisConnect Login username and password.
  • Use the updated latest browser.
  • P.C., Mobile Phone, Laptop or Tablet or any such gadget or device.
  • Superb Internet connection and speed

Regisconnect Login at – Step by Step Guide

Please follow the steps carefully if you are a New Regisconnect user,

login to regisconnect account

  • Please insert your Regis user ID and password in the blanks.
  • Check the box of Policy Agreement.
  • Now, please click on the LOGIN button.

How to Reset Regisconnect Login Password

Please follow the below steps to reset your Regis connect home login  password in case you do not remember it.

click on forgot password in regisconnect website

  • As per the above image, please click on “Forgot Password?” link.

reset regisconnect login password

  • Now, please insert your RegisID in the blank box.
  • In case you forgot your RegisID, then ask your fellow associate to help you find it from the RegisConnect Employee Directory. He can find it.
  • The Regis Connect Employee Directory is available from the Employee Information menu.
  • After these steps, please click on the Get Questions option.
  • Now, follow the exact guidelines on your screen.

Regisconnect – Contact Details

If you have followed RegisConnect steps and are still struggling to resolve your difficulties, then use the below contact details. Let me take you through the contact details now,

Official Regis com login link –

Corporate Address

Regis Corporation
3701-Wayzata Boulevard
Suite-500, Minneapolis, MN-55416

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So, that is it for the Regisconnect Login at If this article really helped you, please type positive comments. But if you still are not able to resolve your issues with Regisconnect Login, please let us know via comment as well. We will try to fix your problems, we love helping.


Why am I not able to use my Regisconnect Login?

The reason you cannot use your Regisconnect Login is because you may be having issues with your internet or the server may not be responsive. Try fixing it but if it does not work, please inform Regis about it.

I cannot access my Regis Insite Email on the New Regisconnect link.

Regis Insite email is a facility from Insite Regis Edu student portal. This university portal is not the same as the Regis Connect portal for Salon. The Insite Regis Edu is for Regis University

What are the benefits of accessing login?

With login, you can access your corporate directory, and can access basic employee information. Can check information related to paycheck using Regis com login. login portal ultimately works to help the employees manage their work better.

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