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Oursainsburys – Mysainsburys

Oursainsburys Login – Oursainsburys is the portal where you can know everything about the payslips, your Sainsburys work schedules, benefits and details about Habitat and Argos.

The official Oursainsburys website is the employee access website. Now you can access the official Oursainsburys Login page which you were able to access previously using MySainsburys.co.uk link. But you can perform the same action like managing your payslips and managing your work hours and other details.

Oursainsburys provides the employees all the updates about job or work, news about the company and all the other benefits.

This site works as an international tool for the Sainsburys employees, employees or the Argos and Habitat. This is the best help guide that helps all the employees because it attends all the employee related issues and concerns.

What are the Oursainsburys or MySainsBurys?

OurSainsburys is also popularly known as Our Sainsburys. It is an online portal that allows all the Sainsbury’s Employees, or the Colleagues in getting all the work related information that they want. The work related information includes previous payslips, and other information such as Roster Information.

This portal allows the employees to easily communicate and keep them updated about the company related news and updates.

Before being renamed, this portal was MySainsBurys or known as My Sainsburys.

How to Create/Sign up a New Account at OurSainsburys?

The online platform Our Sainsburys has a different sign up or account setting up process. The reason for this is, the company does not provide the online registration facility like online form. The company does this due to security purposes. The employee portal is only for the Sainsbury’s employees or colleagues. The Our Sainsburys accounts are not for the public but only for the employees or the colleagues working with the company.

You do not have to go to any website for manual account creation or sign up process. All the employees will instead need to visit their HR Department or their current manager. Once you start working at Sainsbury’s this is going to happen mostly during the induction. So at that time you must be briefly aware about this online portal.

But as usual, there are always some employees who face trouble when accessing the portal and face the problem. But be sure to register for the portal and service first. If you are not aware about the login credentials, then you must reach the HR Manager or your department or team manager.

To get registered, every employee or user must have a genuine National Insurance Number or NI Number.

Oursainsburys.co.uk / MySainsburys.co.uk

The URL of the My Sainsburys has been confused with the new Our Sainsburys website many times by the users. The confusion is not with the new employees but the former employees who have returned to Sainsburys to continue work. If you have no habit of using the online employee website then after logging into it can be difficult.

Previous Sainsburys URL:


Current Sainsburys URL:


Note: If you are trying to access the previous URL to open the new website, it may redirect or may not. But you can avoid these issues by bookmarking the latest and genuine URL into your address bar. The previous version of this service used the login forms and which helped you login to the website easily. But now the Our Sainsburys website uses Microsoft Login page.

How to Login to Oursainsburys Account – Step by Step Guide

To login to the Oursainsburys or MySainsburys account, you need to follow the below steps,

  • The HR Department creates your Oursainsburys account and also your login credentials with the common format. Your username will be similar to your First Name, then your Last Name. It will also include your Employee ID of 4 digits. The password you get will be created with your National Insurance Number (it will have no spaces with first letter being CAPITAL).

Once you sign into the portal for the first time, you must alter/change your default-password and create your own password that you can remember.

  • Let me explain with illustration,

If your username is your [email protected] like [email protected]. But if it is difficult for you to know your credentials, then you must reach your HR department manager.

login to oursainsburys account

  • Once you have loaded the page successfully, there will be a Microsoft Outlook style login form on your screen. It will have the details such as “Email, Phone or Skype:. Now in the empty fields, you can provide your username and proceed to the Next button. Add password and tap on sign-in button.

Note: Few employees have faced the issues related to their accounts and they have complained about their accounts being locked. Without reasons, this cannot happen. So If you are also facing the same issue, then I would advise you to call the number 0345.603.2282 to DT Service Desk. After contacting this number, you will be welcome by an automatic answer system voice. Here you can select the right option by pressing 8 numbers. After putting this number, someone on the other end will come and help you out with your trouble.

OurSainsburys Login Problems

Employees sometimes face problems and it  becomes challenging for them to login into their account. In majority cases, the solutions are very simple to apply. If you don’t know what is causing the problem while logging, you may try the below mentioned solutions.

  • The most basic mistake is entering the url which is wrong, so double check your url in the address bar.
  • If you are still not able to use the portal, check the internet connection, try to open some other website to check that the internet is working fine.
  • Be careful with the browser you are using, it must be updated.
  • If you have installed any ad block software, go to its settings and check it is not blocking this site.
  • For those users who have opened the site, but are unable to login, might be because of wrong login credentials. Verify the username and password you are entering are correct.
  • The passwords on this portal are case sensitive so check for the CAPS and Num Lock key on your keyboard.
  • As it might happen that you forget the username and password, the portal has a facility to recover it for you. So go to the home page, and tap on Can’t access account? Link and keep following the instructions you see.
  • You may try entering the url in some other browser, like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet explorer, or safari, etc.
  • If you still can’t figure it out, you may dial the help desk at 0345.603.2282

Checking Payslips Data and Staff Roaster Information on Our Sainsbury Portal

You will find many functions  on this portal, but mainly employees use this portal to check their payslip and for roaster information. And luckily you can find both the options or functions on this website. You need to login into the portal to see the relevant tab, and by clicking them after you are logged in, you can access the details such as payment slips and roaster data.

Discounts at Oursainsbury

If you have worked at our Siansbury for consecutive 12 weeks, then you will be eligible for getting discounts of 10 percent at all Sainsbury’s supermarkets and argos stores.

On the other hand if you are working at Habitat Store, you can get comparatively higher discounts at 25(%) percent.

You do have an option to select a person, and that person can also get the discounts.

OurSainsbury HR Details

You might want to contact the Sainsburys Hr department for any kind of assistance or maybe to ask any query. You might also require to contact the technical team for any sort of technical help. In both the cases the below provided numbers will be very helpful to you. You may save them in your phone directory for easy access.

  • Myhr Sainsburys: 0800.707.6242
  • DT Service Desk: 0345.603.2282
  • Bank Related Service Desk: 0345.603.4401
  • Depot-Service Desk: 0345.603.5538

What is Sainsbury’s?

Sainsbury’s is a popular UK-based retail company. This company handles a chain of supermarkets from the UK. It has a total 15% market share. This makes it the 2nd-large company of the industry. You will find so many items that you can shop such as food items, clothing, electronic appliances, products for personal care and convenience items.

what is sainsbury's

You will find that most of the supermarket stores of Sainsbury’s are connected with a petrol-station. It also will have a cafe. Besides, the company has complete ownership over Sainsbury’s Bank. The company also owns popular Argos which is a catalog chain and there is also Habitat which is a furniture chain.

If you want to know more about oursainsburys.co.uk, then you can comment, I will guide you.

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What is the official Sainsbury’s Online Shopping Login website? Or show the link of Sainsburys Online Shopping Login.

For online shopping login, you need to click at the Sainsburys UK website link – Account Sainsburys

What are the steps for Sainsburys Online Shopping Register?

Details about oursainsbury and Mysainsburys

Oursainsbury is also commonly known as our Sainsbury. It is an online employee service portal for the employees of   Siansbury. All the people working at Sainsbury have access to this portal. This portal is helpful in maintaining the roaster information and payment slips. The employees can communicate within themselves from this portal and any news or update can be shared by the company to all the employees in just one click.

Formerly it was known as Mysiansbury/My Sainsbury, but now they have renamed it to OurSiansbury.

What is the Sainsburys Email Address Format?

The default Sainsbury’s Email Address Format given by Sainsbury’s Hr [email protected]

Suppose your name is Megan Jackson and your last 4 employee number is 7787 then your email would be as below,

[email protected].

I didn’t receive any Sainsburys Employee Login from my HR.

All the Sainsbury’s Employees received their employee login from their HR. If you did not receive it then you must contact your HR and get your login credentials for Sainsburys Human Resources. If you are genuine Sainsbury’s Employee, then only you can share your concerns with HR department

On what portal does Our Sainsburys.co.uk work?

When you open the sign in page, you will be taken to Microsoft’s login page.

Steps of Linking Nectar Card To Argos?

Follow the below steps:

  • Open your Argos account, Sign-in
  • Choose your account.
  • Then select the payment methods
  • Select the Nectar card and fill the details of that card and tap on save.

What is the Help Center link of Sainsbury’s?

The official Help Sainsburys co uk link is https://help.sainsburys.co.uk/help.

I’m a former Sainsbury’s employee and I cannot login to the Www Mysainsburys Co Uk.

Now the My Sainsbury’s website is no longer available to access. Now the company has made the change with the website and renamed it to Our Sainsbury’s. For Our Sainsburys co uk Login, please access this link – http://oursainsburys.co.uk/.

It is the official Our Sainsbury website where you can login and you can access all the features.

What benefits do I get by Sainsburys Staff Login?

Being a Sainsbury’s Staff, you can get many benefits such as Pension plans, Healthcare benefits, Car loan or cash for car option, family -friend policies, Holidays, Annual Bonus Schemes, Awards and recognition, employment assistance program, season Ticket loans, Sainsbury’s social association and many more.

What is the official web url of Sainsbury’s Car Insurance Login?

https://www.sainsburysbank.co.uk/insuring/support/support_insurances_car, it is an official link of Sainsbury car insurance login.

Where to find the Help Sainsburys Co Uk Colleague Discount?

Go to this link of Sainsbury’s Help Center – https://help.sainsburys.co.uk/help. Here you are going to get all the help that you require.

What is the Sainsburys Hr Number?

To contact your HR, please dial this number – 0900.707.6242.

How to get my My Sainsburys Payslip in a paper?

Till 2017, you could get your Sainsburys Pay Slip in paper format. But now the company has moved towards online payslips. The reason for this is to save paper and move with the technology. And also the Sainsburys Payslips are easier to access online than in paper format. The employees can easily get their payslips through the online portal at any time they want without waiting for a period. The same is with the associated brands with Sainsbury. The Habitat employees, Sainsbury’s Bank employees, Argos employees and others like Nectar and Tu employees; all get their payslips online.

How to get my MySainsburys Payslip online?

  • Firstly, you must login to the Sainsburys intranet network from your office / work PC. Once you login then you can easily check your payslips there.
  • Another way to check your payslips is from the official login portal Oursainsburys.co.uk. Once you login to payslips portal, you can check the link for Sainsburys Myhr. After clicking that option, you need to click on the option Payslips.
  • The system now will open a different new portal where you can easily check and view your payslips. So the My Sainsburys Hr Payslips option will help you access your payslips.

What will I need to check my Payslips of Sainsbury’s?

To check your payslips, you need to login to the official portal. For a succesful login, you must have your Employee Number or your Colleague Number. You will only require the last 4 digits to access the portal.

I cannot find my employee number at Sainsbury’s.

Check your older paper payslips, you will find your employee number printed on them. If you are a new employee then you can check your online payslips in order to find your employee number or your Sainsburys Colleague number. If you cannot find the number, please take help using the Help Sainsburys page

What are the basic requirements for Our Sainsburys.Co.Uk Login?

  • You need the valid login address. My Sainsburys is now Our Sainsburys so don’t be mistaken about the actual URL for the website.
  • Then you will require a good internet speed. If you have poor internet connection, your login website will not open and you will face a lot of login issues. To avoid such problems, please have a high internet connection with speed.
  • Then you need a good internet browser like CHrome browser from Google or Safari or Mozilla Firefox. All of these internet browsers are good to open the website. But make sure you use the new or updated version only.
  • Then you require a Personal computer or mobile devices such as your phone, laptop or you can also use Tablet.
  • Last but not the least, you will need your valid login credentials. These credentials are not created but will be provided by the HR Department. So, you must have received your login details from your HR Manager.

Is Mysainsburys Home delivery available?

Yes you can get groceries and fresh vegetables delivered to your home with My Sainsbury delivery partner.

How does Sainsburys Food Login work?

It’s very simple, you have to select the date, select your nearest store, select the food you want to order, finish the payment, collect the food.

Can I sign in on Mysainsburyslearning portal with a security key?

Yes, you may do that.

Link of Help.Sainsburys.Co.Uk Colleague Discount?

Open the link and you will get all necessary information: https://help.sainsburys.co.uk/help/my-account

Can I order flowers from Sainsbury’s Delivery Login?

Yes, check the option, you might find the option of buying flowers at the end of the page. You can buy flowers and plants from mysainsburys.

Can I learn any recipe on Sainsbury’s Food Login?

You can learn to make recipes on Sainsburys food login based on various criteria such as course, cooking time, serves how many people, cuisine, preparation time, and ultimately based on your skills, so you may choose the various combinations of such factors and make your family time memorable.

Sainsbury’s Online Shopping My Account is not working?

Try checking your internet connection or Wi-Fi, or you might need to change your username or password.

Is Sainsburys Delivery Login working fine?

Yes, the company faced the technical issue earlier and at that time it was down, but now its working just fine.

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