Optavia Connect Login at Optaviaconnect.com/login ❤️ [2022]

Optavia Connect Login helps Optavia Coaches login and manage their business hassle-free from anywhere in the world. Using the login details, you can access your business and boost sales by using the tools available on the Optavia Connect portal.

If you are an independent coach working for the Optavia company and cannot access the official portal, I will guide you on how to access the portal quickly. I will try to address and troubleshoot all the minor problems you face and how to resolve them.

I have included all the proper steps to help you use the portal and its tools to manage your sales. This article includes details such as Optavia Connect Login steps, password reset steps, using Optavia Connect App on your mobile device, and contacting the customer support team if you run into trouble.

What is Optavia Connect Login?

If you have joined or already working as an Independent Optavia Coach, then you should know about the Optavia Connect Login. You will require these login details to help you access your Optavia Account online. The login only includes your username and login password. It will authenticate your identity and help you access the functions and tools of the portal.

But to access the portal, you must have valid Optavia Login details. Once you access the portal online, you will have all the options available on your screen, which will help you track all the necessary activities of your account. It will help you manage your Optavia business from the Optavia Connect platform.

About Optavia Connect Portal

about optavia connect portal

Once you have used your login details to access the Optavia Connect portal, you can start your journey of changing your customers’ lives. This portal helps your clients to be healthy and longer using Optavia Diet.

Www.optaviaconnect.com is the official portal where all the coaches can log in and check their activities. This portal offers many tools and features that help independent coaches run their activities smoothly from anywhere.

To access all the portal benefits, you must first know the requirements for login into Optavia Connect.

Requirements for Optavia Connect Login

  • You must have a device to connect to the site, such as a Desktop, Laptop, or Mobile.
  • Should have a faster internet speed.
  • You can only log in if you have Optavia Connect Login username and password.
  • You will also need the exact Optavia Connect Login address i.e.www.optaviaconnect.com.
  • Update your existing browser to the latest version before opening the website.

Optavia Connect Login Steps

To access the Optaviaconnect Com  website using your login details, you must follow the below steps in the sequence,

login to optavia connect account

  • Please put in all necessary details as per the request,
  • Add your username.
  • Enter your password.
  • Move to Optavia Sign In button and click on it.
  • Wait till your identity is verified and you open the account.

How to Reset Optavia Connect Login Password

When you lose your password, you must immediately reset it because you cannot access the www.optaviaconnect.com portal without it. Please use the following password reset steps,

  • Open the optaviaconnect.com login website.

click on need help sign in

  • Click on Need Help Signing-In?

click on forgot password in optavia connect website

  • Click the Forgot Password?

reset optavia connect login password

  • Add your Email (the one used for registration) or your username.
  • Click on Reset via Email.
  • Now check your inbox for password reset steps.
  • Once you receive the email, click the link and follow the steps.

How to Unlock Optavia Connect Account

Is your account locked due to some reason? If you do not know to unlock your Optavia Connect account, then use the following instructions,

  • Open the https://optaviaconnect.com/login site.

click on need help sign in

  • Click on Need Help Signing-In?

click on unlock account in optavia connect login page

  • Now click on Unlock Account?

unlock optavia connect account

  • Add your Email (registered Email) or username.
  • Now click on Send Email.
  • Now you must follow the next email instructions.

Optavia Connect Login Help & Contact Details

At the time of Optavia Connect Login, if you face any trouble accessing the Optaviaconnect.Com website. Or if you cannot complete the login process, please use the following contact details. The below details would help you connect with the company’s expert team.

  • Contact Team: 1-888-678-2842
  • Optavia Connect Login Website: www.optaviaconnect.com/login
  • Email Support: [email protected]

FAQs – Optavia Connect Login

When I try to reach the Octavia coach login page, I see an error on my browser.

The error could be related to the server or your internet connection. Try to revisit the page after some time or reload it again. If the problem is resolved or fixed and you can load the page, then the problem will be gone. If the problem is continuously showing up on your screen, you must contact the support team and find a solution.

Is the Connect Optavia portal available in other countries?

Yes. Besides the USA, there are other countries where you can access the Optavia connect coach login portal. If you have any international clients from Singapore or Hong Kong, then you can use the following details: Singapore – 800.321.1188 and for Hong Kong – 852.800.913.717

What are TrueView and its advantages for the Coaches of Optavia?

TrueView focuses on the team and other areas which help you reach the mission and increase your profit. It allows the independent Coaches to learn about their strategic plans and others. It effectively helps them manage their payline and increase their income.

What is Optavia Connect Pay?

Optavia Connect Pay is a faster and more convenient way to have your business earnings. After clicking the Optavia Pay option, you can easily access all the benefits and check your earnings.


So, guys, I hope you understand how to log into the Optavia Connect portal and how easily you can reset your account password. I also showed you how you could unlock your Optavia Log In account. I have also detailed the contact details of Optavia if you have any trouble.

So while accessing the account, you can use the information well. You can read the FAQs, find the issues you are facing, and resolve them.

For further details, you can connect to me using the comment box option I provided.

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