Old Navy Credit Card Login at Oldnavy.syf.com/login

old navy credit card login

Old Navy Credit Card Login

Are you looking for the best and easy method for logging into your Old Navy Credit Card account? Well, you have just found the right article for Old Navy Credit Card Login at oldnavy.syf.com/login. Today, you will learn the key steps of login, register, Old Navy Credit Card Payment and customer service.

I have also included the Old Navy Payment methods that would make it easier for you for Old Navy Bill Pay. Further, I will also explain to you about the Old Navy Synchrony Bank details and many other interesting information that will help you use your credit card more efficiently.

This article will help you with any troubles or issues that you are facing with Old Navy Credit Card Login on its official website oldnavy.syf.com/login.

So, without wasting any more minutes, let us jump right into the article.

What is Old Navy Credit Card?

The Synchrony Bank has issued a store credit card that helps the users to earn points to later use for buying various items of Gap Family of Brands. Synchrony Bank Old Navy Credit Card helps the credit card holders to buy from the brands such as Old Navy, Gap Factory, Banana Republic, Banana Republic Factory, Hill City.

what is old navy credit card

The Old Navy Credit Card provides good rewards programs that allow the cardholders to earn up to 5 points per dollar they spent. They can redeem these points at Gap Inc. brands. Once you have reached the 5,000 points range, the card you have will be upgraded to the Navyist Credit Card. With this upgraded new card will be freely shipped at the Old Navy Brands which are eligible. Further you will get a point bonus and get free basic alterations when you visit Banana Republic.

The Old Navy Credit Card has two variants that you get. One is an in-store credit card and another one is a Visa Card. The Visa card you get is usable anywhere where it is accepted. The in-store credit card only works at Gap Inc. stores.

Many people like to compare this card with the new cards and find if they can get better benefits but this card is decent if you want to get a good discount and pay no annual fees and increase your credit score. The annual APR of this card is 25.99% and that is variable.

Advantages of Old Navy Credit Card

On a purchase from Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta and Piperlime you get 5 rewards point for every 1 dollar.

  • If you reach 500 points you will be given a $5 reward card that you can redeem
  • Get the best and exclusive offers for the whole year.
  • First chance to avail the benefits of sale
  • With the old Navy reward program you can get $250 per billing cycle.
  • APR rate at only 25.24%
  • No chance of fraud
  • Get 30% off on your first transaction
  • Cash advance rate is upto 27.24%
  • Chip and signature technology used
  • Service for inquiring about cardholder
  • Easy reporting for lost and stolen card
  • No annual fees.
  • Card replacement facility

Old Navy Credit Card Login Requirements

If you want to login into the official portal of Old Navy Credit card you will need the following things.

  • The official URL of Old Navy Credit Card Login
  • Old Navy Credit Card Login username and password
  • Good internet speed
  • A device for login such as laptop, a PC, smartphone etc.

How to Login into Old Navy Credit Card Account at Oldnavy.syf.com/login

Kindly follow the steps mentioned below in order to successfully login into Old navy credit card login:

login to old navy credit card account

  • The above page will open once you click that link.
  • Now below the Access Your Account title, please add your “User ID”.
  • After that please provide your password. Click the “Show” button to see if the password is correct.
  • Now go over to the “Secure Login” button below and click on it.
  • It will help you access Old Navy Account.

Note: While adding the User ID, please be careful as it will be case-sensitive. This will be quite different from the UserID you have about Oldnavy.com. While entering the password also, you have to enter the details.

How to Register for Old Navy Credit Cards Online?

In order to register yourself for getting online access to your Old Navy card, follow the below steps.

register for old navy credit card account

  • Now the Register for Online Access page will open. You can also open this page with the “Register” button on the login page.

click on register in old navy credit card login

  • On this page, you have to first put your Account Number.
  • In the next blank add your Zip Code
  • Press continue and  keep following the instructions you see until you see a completion message.

How to Reset Old Navy Credit Card Login Password?

Many users cannot login when they have lost their unique password. Many times they forget a couple of numbers, letters or symbols but that also does not let them access their account online. The reason for this is clear – Old Navy Login passwords for credit cards are case-sensitive and therefore you must enter them as they are.

In case you have forgotten your current password for an Old Navy Card, please use the following steps to reset it.

  • First you must open Manage Old Navy Credit Card Login link at Oldnavy.syf.com/login
  • On this Old Navy Synchrony website, you will have to go below the “Secure Login” option.

click on password in old navy credit card login page

  • Now please look for the “Password” button in the “I forgot …” section.

reset old navy credit card login password

  • On this “Reset Your Password” page, you will have to provide the primary account holder details.
  • Please type in your “User ID” in the first blank.
  • Now please provide the “Zip Code”.
  • Go to the “Continue” button then click it.
  • Now on the next page, you have to create your new password.
  • Once you have got your new password, proceed to login with it.

How to Recover Old Navy Credit Card Username?

Just like passwords, many people forget their username or just cannot login with the username that they have. The reason could be that the username is wrong due to wrong cases or others.

If you have lost your username or cannot login with the existing username details, please use the following steps to recover it in no time.

  • Open the official Synchrony Old Navy Card Login site at Oldnavy.syf.com/login
  • On this page, you must go below the “Secure Login” button.

click on user id in old navy credit card sign in page

  • Then click the “User ID” from the “I forgot…” option.

recover old navy credit card user id

  • Now you have the “Find User ID” page on your screen.
  • Please insert your Account Number.
  • Then please put your Zip Code,
  • Now go to the “Continue” button and click on it.

How to Do Old Navy Credit Card Payment online?

If you want to Pay Old Navy Credit Card bill online, then you must know the right steps. These steps are going to ensure that you have a smooth Old Navy Payment. Please read the steps below,

  • Open the Synchrony Bank Old Navy Card Login site at Oldnavy.syf.com/login
  • Please provide your username along with your secure password.
  • After that please click on “Secure Login”.
  • Once you will have access to the Old Navy Credit account.
  • For Old Navy Pay Bill, you must keep your bank account details ready with you.
  • Please have your ABA Routing number with you as well.
  • Open the “Payments” menu from the account and access the “Make a Payment” option.
  • Now for Pay My Old Navy Bill, keep following the next steps.

Note: On the Manage Old Navy Credit Card account, you can also check your account’s balance, sign up for paperless statements, add additional users with your account, etc. There are many functions that you can do besides using the Old Navy Make A Payment.

What are the other methods of Old Navy Credit Card Payment?

You now know how to Pay Old Navy Credit Card bill online. Now there are

Old Navy Payment for credit card without logging into the Account

  • Open the official Old Navy Login Credit Card page: Oldnavy.syf.com/login
  • Now access your dashboard using Old Navy Sign In details and clicking on “Secure Login”

click on pay as guest in old navy credit card login page

  • Now to Pay Old Navy Bill Online, you must find the option “Pay as Guest”.

enter details for old navy credit card payment without login

  • Once you click this option, you will have to provide the complete credit card number.
  • Then you must provide the Social Security Number’s last 4 digits.
  • After that please put your billing Zip Code.
  • Please verify if you have added the correct details on the page.
  • Now proceed ahead and keep following the on-screen instructions.

Old Navy Credit Card Bill Payment via Mail

If you want to know if you can pay your bill offline with mail service, then yes it is possible. The Old Navy Pay My Bill is possible in the form of a money order or check which you have to send on the dedicated company’s address mentioning all the necessary details like payment amount, account number and your details. I have provided the address details below.

  • Old Navy Visa Card users can mail on,
    • Synchrony Bank,
    • PO Box – 960013
    • Orlando, FL-32896-0013
  • Old Navy Store Card users can mail on,
    • Synchrony Bank
    • PO Box – 960061
    • Orlando, FL-32896-0061

Both of the above addresses are quite different. Therefore you must not mix them with one another. Please check which card you currently have and choose the appropriate address according to it. Keep following the following instructions.

Old Navy Credit Card Payment Via Phone Number

To Pay Old Navy Bill, you can also use the Phone number. In case you are not willing to make the Old Navy Payment Online, you can take another quick method which uses the phone number for paying the bill. This is the second best method compared to the Old Navy Payment Online.

Please dial the Old Navy Credit Card Payment Phone Number – [866.450.5295]. By calling this number, you can take advantage of an automated system for making the payment. After you dial this number, a live representative will pick up the phone upon your telephonic request and he will guide you with the payment.

Note: There will be a fee that you have to pay once you have completed the payment by taking the help from the team. Phone payment is not free for Old Navy Card.

Old Navy Credit Card Login Help and Support

There are some users who might face issues related to the Old Navy Credit Login and accessing their My Old Navy Credit Card official account online. These issues are technical and you cannot resolve them on your own. Some of these can be fixed only by the support team and company team. I have explained all the details right below for the Old Navy Synchrony Login related problems and whom to contact from the company. Please read the below details and find help.

  • Old Navy Credit Card Phone Number for bill payment: 866.450.5295
  • For Online Application: 1.800.653.6268
  • For Old Navy Login Help: 1.800.653.6289
  • Old Navy Login Website for Credit Card: Oldnavy.syf.com/login
  • Old Navy Synchrony Bank registration: Oldnavy.syf.com/login/register
  • For Credit Card Customer Service: 1.866.386.8679
  • Credit Card Payment Address: Old Navy Credit card, PO Box 13337, Philadelphia, PA 19101-3337

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You know how to make Old Navy Credit Card Payment and access the official account of Old Navy Synchrony credit card. I have explained all the right steps about the Old Navy Credit Card Login at its official oldnavy.syf.com/login website. I have explained all the details about the methods of Old Navy Bill Pay online, via phone, without logging in and using mail. You can choose any method that you like for Old Navy Payment.

After following all the right steps, there are some of the users who will have unexpected errors and technical issues while operating their account or accessing it. Some of the users may face issues with the payment as well. In such situations they can use the contact details that I have listed above. All the above contact details are going to help you out.

In case you are still having some questions about the Old Navy Credit Card Login or its steps, payment or any other details about Synchrony Old Navy Credit Card, then please share with me your troubles or questions via comment option. I will try to answer all your questions.


Where can I find the Eservice Old Navy.Com Login?

There is no special dedicated website for E-Service however you can access this website – https://oldnavy.syf.com/login/ and find all the online services.

Which is the fastest Old Navy Pay My Bill method?

If you are concerned about paying the bill of your Oldnavy Credit Card, then you must choose the Old Navy Payment Online method. It will absolutely be the fastest method. You must open the official Old Navy Visa Credit Card Login website and then enter your details first to login.

If you are already logged in, it will be quicker. Now you must open the payment menu and then proceed ahead to Pay My Old Navy Credit Card online. For Old Navy Pay, please keep your Bank account and routing number ready with you. Within a few seconds you will have your Oldnavy Com Credit Card bill paid in full.

Besides Old Navy Online Payment, you can pay the bill using Old Navy Credit Card Number for bill payment. This will connect with the live representative that will assist you with the Old Navy Credit Card Bill Pay. This is also one quick method that takes less time.

I cannot find the Oldnavy Login username.

To recover the Oldnavy Credit Card Login username quickly, please click this link – [Recover UserID]. On this link, you will have to provide the bank account and your zip code. Then keep following the next instructions.

Which is the Old Navy Credit Card Phone Number for Customer Service?

For Old Navy Card Services for customer, please dial: 1.866.386.8679

How to keep my Old Navy Visa Login safe?

To keep your Old Navy Visa Card Login safe, you must ensure the following,

  • You must not show your Oldnavy Card Login password to anyone else.
  • Do not share your account number.
  • Please save the password for your Old Navy Visa Card somewhere safer especially when it is accessible by anyone.
  • If you are in office, then do not save any details about your Old Navy Credit Card Account.

Which bank offers the Oldnavy Credit?

The cards are offered by Old Navy Visa Synchrony Bank.

How long does it take me to pay the bill with the Old Navy Payment By Phone option?

For Old Navy Payments, the best option is still considered online. But for Old Navy Card Payment, it may take 5-10 minutes maximum. The reason is that for Old Navy Visa Pay, you will have to provide some details and those details will be verified by the live agent. Therefore, you can choose the Old Navy Credit Card Payment Online method if you are in a hurry.

Are there any other methods than all the 4 methods suggested in this article for Old Navy Visa Payments?

There are only Eservice Oldnavy Payment portal methods, Old Navy Payment By Phone and mail. There are no other methods.

How can I check my Old Navy Credit Card Balance?

Login to your account and you will have the option to check your balance. If you are unable to check, please dial Old Navy Credit Card Customer Service Number – 1.866.386.8679.

What is the official Old Navy Phone Number?

The official Old Navy number: 00.1.614.7444.3908

I cannot visit the Eservice.Oldnavy.Com Make A Payment website. It shows “site can’t be reached”

The Eservice Oldnavy Com Paybill website is now officially closed and you cannot pay any bills on Eservice Oldnavy com.

What is the process of the Old Navy Charge Card?

Please visit the Old Navy Credit Card Login website https://oldnavy.syf.com/login/ and then find the option to change your card. It will be mostly in your account profile page. It will not be that hard to find. Please enter your correct Old Navy Credit Card Sign In details.

Is the Eservices Oldnavy Com Log In and Old Navy Credit Card Log In the same?

Yes, Eservice was the older website which is not accessible as of now. Now you must go to the Old.Navy Credit Card Login official site.

What is the Barclaysus website?

By accessing the oldnavy.barclaysus.com website you can open the CardMember Sign in page of Old Navy. On this page you can set up your account and access it online. Please use this link to access it – https://oldnavy.barclaysus.com/servicing/home

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