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Nycha Self Service Portal Login


We welcome you to our article of Nycha Self Service Portal – login guide. So let us guide you about the important points of Nycha Self Service and what is Selfserve Nycha.  This Selfserve Nycha Info is going to be useful when you are going to login to the Nycha Self Service Portal at www.selfserve.nycha.

We understand that you might have already faced issues on the Https Selfserve Nycha Info portal or trying to use your Nycha Portal Login for the first time for opening your profile or account. Do not worry, we have perfect guidance for you that would help you out in easily accessing your My Nycha Portal account.

nycha self service portal

The Nycha residents are able to manage their account using the Nycha Self Service Portal Login and are able to access the necessary information of housing on the Self Service Nycha portal.

Nycha Self Service is a government Selfservice portal that lets the residents manage their profile or account and easily access the Self Service Portal Nycha to find out about the information they seek online about housing. NYCHA here means New York Housing Authority.

The Nycha Self Portal Login lets you view important details such as updating information and contact information, viewing the history of rents, making payment of rents, and even you can upload your important documents. So, the Nycha Portal also offers details about rights of residents and their information as tenants. The Nycha Tenant Self-service Portal also updates you about the local events.

What is NYCHA (New York Housing Authority)?

The Nycha Self Portal Login is usable on the official Nycha Self Service Portal. The NYCHA is an authority that looks after the housing services in New York. New York Housing Authority is self-funded and first came to be in 1934. The services offered by NYCHA include the housing facilities offered to low budget families, senior citizens and disable persons of the City.

New York City Housing Authority or NYCHA is a municipal housing corporation or agency of the United States of America. Above 500,000 residents of New York and all the 335 developments are widely spread in all five of the boroughs as Nycha is home to all.

About Nycha Self Service Portal

Nycha Self Portal lets the residents of New York to benefit from the services such as paying their bills, submitting their work-orders and account management. Once you access the portal with your Nycha Portal Login, you will see a complete online system for work order.

about nycha self service portal

Nycha Self Service Portal opens doors for you to choose from any development, any building or unit number. The kind of work you would want and also its date all can be completed by you using Nycha Tenant Self Service Portal options. The Self Service Nycha also offers the most important information about the tenets which is their rights and their responsibilities.

Benefits of Nycha Tenant Self Service Portal

The Selfserve Nycha offers some great benefits of the residents and tenants, please read them below,

  • The Nycha Tenant Self-service Portal lets you pay your rent regularly
  • You can easily upload your important documents on the portal.
  • You can change your My Nycha Portal contact information.
  • Save more time with Nycha Self Portal Login than waiting at the customer service line.
  • Self Service Nycha allows you to access necessary housing information 24×7
  • Open your My Nycha Self Portal and check your application status. 
  • Nycha Portal also helps you know the rent history easily.

Nycha Tenant Self Service Portal Login Requirements

  • Official portal address Nycha Service Portal
  • Selfserve Nycha Login authentic username and login password
  • Newly installed internet browser
  • Very good internet connection
  • Good devices to use such as PC or Mobile or Laptop.

How to Login to Nycha Self Service Portal

Kindly maintain the sequence of Selfserve Nycha steps for login so that you would not have any trouble accessing the My Nycha Portal. No major errors or problem may happen if you follow our steps of portal of Nycha Self Service.

login to nycha self service portal

  • Now you will open the above screen of Nycha Service Portal.
  • First you need to start inputting your Nycha Login – username 
  • Then you must begin to type your Nycha Log In password on Https Selfserve Nycha Info.
  • Once you are entering all the Nycha Self Service Portal Login details, complete the process by pressing Login.

How to Reset Nycha Self Service Portal Password

Not able to remember your Nycha Self Portal password? Please use the steps to recover your Nycha Portal Login password.

  • First thing you should do is open Nycha Self Service Portal at
  • Hit the button that says – “Forgot password?”
  • Type in your username and tap the continue button.
  • You must now hit a button for resetting your password.
  • You will be provided a new password. Open your email id which you registered, you will receive notification on it. 
  • Now, go again to the login page, use your username and new password. 
  • It’s done here, your new Nycha Self Service Portal password is set here.

How to Register on Nycha Self Service Portal

click on register in nycha login portal

  • Now, click the tab that says register?

register account in nycha employee self service portal

  • Hit the next button 
  • Enter what is asked in the appropriate fields.
  • Verify the details you entered, if they seem all correct, submit them. 
  • Now, you will get an email from Nycha Self Service Portal, containing your username and password. 
  • With the help of these newly received username and password, you can login into your Nycha Self Service Portal.

Nycha Portal Log In Help

The details we are providing here might help you to solve any query or problem you may be facing on Nycha government self service portal.

Bronx / Queens / Manhattan 

478-Fordham Road (1 Fordham-Plaza),
2nd-Floor, Bronx, NY-105458

Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm 

Brooklyn/Staten Island/ Queens 

787 Atlantic Avenue,
2nd floor Brooklyn, NY 11238

Monday to Friday: 8:00AM to 5:00PM 

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So, this was all about Nycha Self Service Portal on its official website We have tried to cover all the details like how you can register, login on this portal along with its contact details. 

Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.


In which category NYC resources are categorised?

Check this website to know the categories  of NYC resources-

Any help with My Nycha Self Portal Mobile application!

Yes, they have various different apps for various purposes, check this link for the same: 

Can I get a job with the help of this portal?

Check the job page of the official website of Nycha Self Service Login, you will find the job about which you are passionate about.

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