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MyUSF Login Portal – USD Canvas – USF Student Portal

The myUSF Login account is provided to the students by the University of South Florida Student Portal. It allows you to access the USF Student Portal using USF network, Canvas, USF Email and other services related to the students. You can use your account for enrollment deposit, applying for housing and registering for classes and you can do more.

myusf portal

This portal has made it easier for the students, staff members, and faculty members to easily access the CANVAS, FAST, GEMS, and OASIS on a single location. With the help of My USF Edu portal, the students can access the virtual workplaces for the departments and also for the individual groups. This helps them easily share information and collaborate on different projects. For all of the above to happen, you must have your NetID login credentials.

How to Login to myUSF Portal?

For USF Portal Login, please follow the steps,

login to myusf portal

  • Please provide your NetID. (For example. [email protected])
  • After that click Next.
  • Then please enter your password.
  • After that you must proceed to access your account’s dashboard.

Note: Now you will have your myUSF account open for accessing the USF Network and other services such as USF email. After that you can use your account to make an enrollment deposit. You can also register for the classes and also apply for housing among other things.

How Can You Activate Your NetID?

The NetID is your official USF email address which helps you to login to the USF systems. So below are the instructions that you will need to help you activate your NetID in order to access your NSF System.

click on activate your netid and email

  • Now please click the highlighted option – “Activate your NetID and Email”

activate your netid and usf email

  • Now please provide your U# i.e. your USF ID number. If you have your ID already then search to find it.
  • After that you must enter your Birthdate.
  • Resolve the Recaptcha
  • Finally please click on the Submit button
  • Then, follow the procedure.

Note: You will find the NetID confirmation and your U-number. They will be provided to you and you will take at least an hour to complete the activation process.

How to Reset MyUSF Portal Login Password

click on change your netid password

  • As per the above image, please click the option – Change your NetID Password.

enter required details to reset netid password

  • Now you must put your USF email ([email protected] not you U#)
  • Click Next.
  • After that you must enter your old password in the blank.
  • Then please type your new password in the new password blank.
  • After you have entered all the details, please click Submit.

How to Set up Password Recovery using Security Profile?

click on manage your security profile

  • Click – Manage your security profile  (as per the above image)

set up password recovery using security profile

  • Use your email (USF Email – [email protected]) and click next.
  • After that, please set up your password recovery or change to next.
  • At least one option is required for you to set up.
  • Then provided the details according to the option.
  • After everything is done, please click the Finish button.

Note: The MyUSF is the online university web portal that allows you to access the courses of the USF Canvas.

How to Access the USF Canvas using MyUSF?

The online MyUSF portal is the platform where USF students, faculty, and staff get all kinds of online services using the web. The services include OASIS, CANVAS, USF, etc. They can access these organizations or communities for multiple services such as accessing their emails, Campus’s booksgtore, checking libraries, and many other services related to students and other resources. Access the MyUSF portal using the below steps.

Step 1:  Apply for USF ID Card

You require your USFCard because it is your identification card that you need just like every other student enrolled at the university. The University of South Florida’s USFCard is the valid identification card that all the students must have who study at University of South Florida.

The USFCard is more than just an identity card. This card has multi-functions with digital photo and electronic identification. This card is also useful for departmental validation to verify the students status of the status of employee. The university designed USFCard to work as a platform that supports many functions and services.

If you are a new student, then you can request your early USFCard using the MyBussPath link – Or you can open the USFCard Request website by using link.

Please use the USFCard Request website for all the requests such as card replacements.

Step 2 : Activating your NetID

Your Net ID is your secure way to login. You need NEt ID to access the official MyUSF portal to finally access your Canvas courses. Getting your Net ID is very easy, please go to this link – . Now proceed to activate your USF Net ID

  • Please provide your First & Last name in the blanks.
  • After that you must choose the primary identification option from your USF ID card number or your U-number.
  • Then follow each and every instruction on your screen.
  • You will now have to follow the instructions available on your screen/
  • After the steps , you would get your NetID and step by step you will have to follow the password creation steps for your account.
  • Please keep your Net ID and your password safer.

Step 3: Sign In or Login to MyUSF Portal

To sign into the MyUSF portal, you need your Net ID and secure password.

What is the USF – University of San Francisco Portal?

The University of San Francisco (USF), California student portal (USFCA) is the official student portal where the students can access all the study related items and materials. This portal makes the study all more easy.

If you want to login to this portal, please click on Now you must click the Login link on the top. Then you must enter your username and your password successfully log in.

How can the USFCA Students set up MyUSF Account?

Below are the steps in order to set up the MyUSF account,

set up myusf account

  • Now in the above blanks, please enter your username. (You will find them written in your admission letter).
  • Do not put the USF ID number in the blank as it is not your password.
  • Click the option – Problem signing in?

select reset password in myusf portal

  • Now select the option in the middle – Reset Password.

enter username to reset myusf login password

  • Now in the blank, please type your User Name.
  • After you’ve clicked Continue button, you need to provide your code. You will need to check in your email inbox you will have a code from an email address like – [email protected]
  • If you cannot find it, please look into the spam folder.
  • Now in the blank, you must type the temporary code.
  • You will get complete guidance about the steps for creating your password.

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So that was everything about the MyUSF Portal and all the related information. I wish you would make good use of my article the next time you try to login to it or use any of the services. Comment below if you want to get help for something else.


Where to find the complete details about Canvas USF?

To get more details about the Canvas USF MyUSF, please click this link – Click Here.

I am facing trouble with USF Portal Login. Can you help me?

If you are facing problems with accessing the official My USF Portal, then you must contact your instructor. You may have forgotten your password of your MyUSFedu or you could be using an older system or OS to access the website. If that’s the situation, change your device and try to update it. If you are using an older browser for accessing the MyUSF Edu website then also there will be problems opening the site.

How to check the freshman application status using USF Portal Login?

To check the application status for freshman, please follow the steps,

  • Use your USF Canvas Login NetID and your password to login to the portal.
  • Find USF OASIS option. (It is Online Access Student Information System)
  • Find the Student tab on the portal.
  • Now please choose Admissions.
  • After that click on the option Check My Application Status.

What is the official MyUSF Email sign in website?

If you are a new student and do not know where to access your USF Portal email then please click the link –

It will open this link for My USF Canvas Login – Click Here

Please enter the My USF Canvas portal login details

I didn’t get my My USF Edu email. How to locate it?

Your email will look like [email protected] It is not your U# or USFca Edu Canvas username.

Example, [email protected]

How to check the application status on USF Application Portal?

To check the application status, please use the below steps,

  • Please use your USF Portal Login to access the website.
  • Enter your Net ID with your password.
  • Now open the OASIS option.
  • Then go to the student tab,
  • After that please click admissions.
  • Now you can go to Check my Application status option on USFca Canvas portal.

I need help with my USF Email Login.

Please contact the help support number – 813.974.4357. You can also ask for help via this email – [email protected].

I don’t know much about USF Oasis Login. Need to learn more about it.

Please access the Oasis USF details by clicking this link – Click Here

What is the official contact number for USF Email and USF Sign In related issues?

Call on this number – 813.974.2011.

Is there any Live online support for My USF?

Please click this link – and you will find the online live support.

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