MySNHU Login – Complete Guide to Access SNHU Login Portal [2022]

MySNHU Login

MySNHU Login – are you able to open MySNHU Login portal? Did you successfully access the portal with your SNHU Login?

I will help you in troubleshooting all the problems that you face with MySNHU portal and will also explain to you the complete details including steps, password reset procedure and other details about MySNHU portal.

Let me not waste much of your time and start talking about the details. So I should now start explaining about the steps of MySNHU login on the website

So, shall we begin?

What is SNHU?

This S.N.H.U. is a recognized university that is known as SNHU. This university is between three New Hampshire, Manchester, and Hooksett.

SNHU is an abbreviation of the – Southern New Hampshire University.

The university has been accredited by a great education institution. It also holds other accreditation for hospitality, health, education degrees and business by institutes like  New England Commission of Higher Education.

The SNHU or Southern New Hampshire University  is a well known university and is growing rapidly and across the country. It has nearly 3000 campuses and has students up to 135,000.

What Kind of Service Does MySNHU Login Portal Offer?

Southern New Hampshire University holds good accreditation that helps it provide education which is both affordable and also easily accessible to all the students. It is a non-profit and privately-owned University. All the facilities that the campus provides are all accessible with the MySNHU portal.

Students who have joined and registered themselves for the online programs and degrees are able to access their records once they login to the official MySNHU account.

Students can get all the advantages provided to them by the university using their login account. This is the simplest way the university can handle the students without facing any coordination issues or any other.

Benefits of MySNHU Portal

  • Students can easily chat and clear all their doubts with their faculty using the portal.
  • Easy access Dental plans and Medical Plans.
  • Students can check about the holiday timing and availability easily.
  • It is easier for the students to download and view their admit cards for the exam portal by using the SNHU services.
  • Benefit of Compensatory Time off and Non-exempt employee’s accrual.
  • It is easier for the students to pay their examination fees online digitally once they login their profile / account. The 403 B plan registration and its contribution matters.
  • Students can get the information and Days Off details and they can know about the details of Sick Leaves and Vacation Leaves.
  • By using the MySNHU Login portal, all the students are able to submit their work assignment and upload it online.
  • By using the official link My.Snhu.Edu, it becomes easier to access the important details such as alumni community details and their stories. They can also see the details of SNHU publications and engage in events.
  • This portal bridges the gap between the students and the previous students or ex-students and brings them together.
  • The portal MySNHU helps the students financial support or aid and help them study

Now you know about the concept of MySNHU, we shall now learn about the login steps of MySNHU at the official

Now let us know about the MySNHU Login process. Before that, I want to talk about the MySNHU Log In steps.

So shall we begin?

What are MySNHU Login Requirements?

Kindly keep the below things with you to log into MySNHU portal. 

  • Official MySNHU Login URL .
  • MySNHU Login Student ID or your email address. Also your password
  • Great internet connection.
  • Laptop, Mobile, PC or tablet.

How to Login to MySnhu Portal

Kindly follow the below steps in order to successful login into MySNHU portal:

click on online students in mysnhu portal

  • Tap on the Online students, as shown in the above image

login to mysnhu portal

  • You will be taken to the Microsoft outlook sign in page now.
  • Type in your SNHU email Id in the asked field.
  • Tap on Next button
  • Type in your SNHU account password
  • Lastly click on the Sign in button, to get the access of your SNHU account.

How to Reset MySNHU Login Password

  • Visit the official website of MySNHU at

click on reset password in mysnhu portal

  • Refer to the above image and click on “use this link to create or reset your password”

reset mysnhu login password

  • Kindly enter the email Id or username in the space given
  • Type in the characters you see in the box, you may also choose the audio to verify your account.
  • Click option Next and follow steps to reset your password.

My SNHU portal provides various tools to the students one of such amazing tools is my snhu brightspace. The brightspace tool gives you a virtual environment to study and access basic features such as bookshare, My.Snhu email, transcripts (official and unofficial), and various courses online.

How to Login into My SNHU Brightspace

Kindly follow the below steps in order to access bright space snhu

  • Visit the official website of MySNHU at
  • Type in your SNHU email address or login Id.
  • Now, enter the password.
  • Please click the Submit option to open SNHU Brightspace.

Note: Your username and email address both are the same so they will end at link in the end.

If you cannot login to MySNHU then you must reset your password. Use a self service reset tool for password reset.

In the above steps we have seen how to login into the SNHU Brightspace, now let us see how you can access the SNHU Brightspace.

How to Access SNHU Brightspace

The SNHU Brightspace is an online or digital learning system by the University. It can only be accessed by the currently studying students. Here are the steps,

  • Log in MySNHU account using the about steps
  • In the brightspace tab, select Mycourse
  • If you see a broken link, contact your professor asap.

What is SNHUConnect?

The SNHU online students can access the SNHUconnect which is an online, private and P2P (peer-to-peer) community.

This can be said as a digital campus for students where they can come together and grow. Many students will be studying the same subject or sharing the same location. This creates a sense of online community for common purpose. They can join clubs online, learn about the University and New Hampshire College in detail, pay honor to the society and much more.

It allows your fellow students from your hometown to connect and make some group projects and much more. It is a network that works for you when you are in the classroom and when you are outside.

How can I access to the SNHUConnect?

Use you mobile or PC and you can access the SNHUConnect using your My SNHU profile.

how to access snhuconnet

  • On your My SNHU page, find the option – “SNHUConnect Student”.
  • Now you need to find another option – “Student Organization and Events”.
  • From the menu of SNHU Connect, click open the option – “Tutorial & Manuals.”
  • You will have three different methods to access and you will have videos for helping you join and understand the community.

What is the SNHU 7 Digit ID number?

Your Student ID card will have the SNHU 7 Digit-ID. In case you do not have any ID card with you, you can know about this number via below steps,

  • First you have to login to MySNHU
  • Then find the option “My Profile”. It will be available on the left.
  • Then you need to select “View my Student Profile”
  • In your profile, you will find the SNHU ID Number.

SNHUConnect – MySNHU Login – Contact and Support

If you are going through some trouble related to the login or portal access, kindly use the MySNHU contact details I provided below. It will help you troubleshoot your problems or errors that you are facing on the portal. Now please refer to the below contact details,

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Thank you for reading my article about MySNHU Login at the official URL – I hope I was able to help you resolve all the problems or issues that you were facing related to the MySNHU Login. Now, I would feel happier to know what you think, so please comment now!


Are SNHUConnect and Brightspace both the same?

SNHU is a network portal where the students can gather and learn. It helps the students to work collaboratively together. On the other hand, Brightspace is an online system that can be accessed by the students studying right now.

I cannot access the official portal of Snhu Brightspace

Try to open this link – in your internet browser.

I lost my My Snhu Login credentials. Whom should I contact to receive them?

If you cannot remember the details of My Snhu Login, then please contact 1 855 877 9919 number of IT Help Desk.

Is there any app for Snhu Brightspace Login app?

You can access the official SNHU Pulse app with which you can open the access all the features by using Snhu Brightspace Login.

How can I save my Southern New Hampshire University Login details?

You can save the official Southern New Hampshire University Login credentials in your browser.

How to save Www Snhu Edu Login website for easy access?

To save the official Snhu Student Portal URL, please click on the bookmark of your browser. If you are using Chrome, click on CTRL+D.

How long does the Snhu Login Brightspace take?

It takes no more than a minute to successfully login, in fact it takes a few seconds.

What is the Snhu Address?

The Southern New Hampshire University or Snhu Address is as below

  • 2500N River RD, Manchester, NH-03106

What is the Snhu Email Login and how can I do it?

You can do Snhu Email Login on the android or apple smartphone. Follow the below steps.

  • First open your outlook app.
  • Add your Snhu Email in the app.
  • You will have to choose the right provider from the available list.
  • Choose
  • Then type your password
  • And then click on Sign In to access your Snhu Online Login account.

Which browser can I use for MySNHU.Edu?

There are many browsers available on the internet like Safari, Opera, Firefox but you should go for Chrome for a better experience.

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