MySlice Login – Complete Guide to Access Syracuse University Login Portal

MySlice Login – Syracuse University Portal

MySlice Syracuse – Myslice is the portal developed by Syracuse University. This  portal can help the students in many segments such as academic, administrative, financial, employment related and many more.

We will see in detail more about this portal in this article.

By accessing student intranet – MySlice portal, students can perform many tasks such as registering for their classes, checking on their grades, and reports, can pay the bill of their bursar, select the type of housing and meals. We will see how to login into MySlice, how to acces SUmails, blackboard, SUshare and other important things on students intranet.

How to Login into MySlice Account?

open myslice portal and click on student- faculty-staff button

  • Now, select Student- Faculty-Staff button available on this page

login to myslice account

  • You will be taken to Microsoft outlook sign-in web page.
  • Type in the mail provided by the Syracuse University
  • After that, tap on the next button.
  • You have to add your password here
  • And Finally tap on the sign in button to gain access to your account.
  • If 2FA is not enabled , you may be asked to do that.

Now, if you are new at Syracuse university, then you have to activate your account, only then you can follow the above steps of login at Syracuse myslice.

How to Activate Syracuse University MySlice Account

To access the Syracuse university’s my slice and blackboard features, you must have your NetID activated. While activating NetID you have to create a password, and also need to create a password. At this  stage you are also required to set up an account recovery method, this will be very helpful when you somehow lose your credentials.

Now, you might be wondering, what is NetID, so Net Id is a unique identification number for everyone at Syracuse University. It is for all students, staff members and faculty. This Unique Identification generally is a combination of your first name and last initials, may also include numbers.

Every user must change their password at least once in a year for securing the data in their account.

The password has an expiry date and you will be sent an email in your SU mails for changing the password, 30 days before it expires. You must take necessary action before its expiry, or else you may not have any access to the features where you need to enter the NetId and password.

So, if you have not yet activated your NetID, kindly do it fast, to access more features on the portal.

Open using the link at and go to the option – Activate your NetID,

open syracuse self serve portal and click on active your netid

You will be required to provide a SUID number for the activation process. Once you have done this process, please remember your password, as you will need to type this Net Id and its associated password to access various other features of Myslice portal.

activate syracuse university mySlice account

Now, there might be a question in your head from where to get this SUID number, this is available in your email or from the letter you got upon applying for the admission. If you applied for any financial aid, then also, this number will be written on your SUID card.

As soon as your application details are uploaded on the servers by the admission team, you will get a notification of the same and also you will get the SUID for accessing the portal. If somehow, you have not received the SUID and want the help in restoring it from the help desk, kindly send an email stating your concern to [email protected]. Make sure you write your full name and birth date, this will ease the retriever to mine your SUID from the huge database.

Note: This facility to retrieve the SUID numbers is available only for students.

What is the SUMail Service?

SUMail is another feature provided by the University, it is completely operational on Microsoft cloud service.

The email address of SUMail will be netId, the password for using the email service will be the same as your NetId password. Let us take an example, if your Net Id is XYZJohny, then your SUMail Id will be [email protected]

If you are a fresh student at the University then you will be assigned an official email address after 2 working days, but there are some conditions to it, you must have submitted the acceptance form of admission to the office, have paid the tuition fees or the deposit amount, and are confirmed enrolled student in their records.

The local students are given their username or email in a one day period just after they have submitted the registration.

All the students are required to check this email on a regular basis, as the university will communicate important notifications on this mail id. Students can get the details such as downtime, maintenance scheduled, if any or any notice regarding events, holidays, etc. Thus make a habit of checking it regularly.

Syracuse University Blackboard

Syracuse University offers the Blackboard Learning Management to all the students who want to study online.

syracuse university blackboard login

When the student completes his course registration steps for Blackboard, the account for that student is set up automatically. After this process, the student is successfully enrolled in the course they want. The students can easily login to the Blackboard using your My Slice NetID and the password. You can easily login with the same credentials.

Students can view all the courses after they login to the Blackboard. Instructors will make all the courses available to the students who are using the Blackboard so they can access them.

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So, it was everything about his My Slice Syracuse and Syracuse Blackboard. If you follow the steps precisely, all your procedure will be hurdle free and smooth. But if you are still facing issues related to the steps, please try commenting those problems or issues below or discuss them with others, you will find the solution.


How can I login to my Syracuse Email?

  • Please open this website at
  • Then please click the Student-Faculty-Staff option.
  • After that you will open a Sign In page of Microsoft Outlook
  • Now you must type the Syracuse Email address offered by University.
  • After the successful Syracuse Email Login, you can click Next.
  • Now you must type the Syracuse University Email password.
  • Now you can Sign In the official Syr Email account.

What is the official Syracuse University Email support?

For any help related to the Myslice Login, Syracuse University Blackboard or any other technical issues, please use this email – [email protected]

I am facing issues with Blackboard Syracuse Email.

If you cannot access the Su Email, you need to inform the IT services department of Myslice Syracuse University. For this you can contact this number – 315.443.2677

What is the mailbox size of Su Mail?

With Su Email Login, you can get up to 100 GBs of mailbox size.This Sumail Syr memory can be used for university study purposes and sharing and conversing with the instructors of the university. Access your mail using the Sumail.Syr.Edu official website address.

Is my My Slice Login secure if I use my mobile phone?

You have your Myslice Student Login which helps you securely login. The Blackboard and Syracuse Application Portal and everything else is accessible with your Syracuse Login credentials.

How to set up my Sumail Login?

To set up your Syracuse University Login Email, please click this link – and then sign up for SUMail using your NetID. Now you can open the “Additional services” option and after selecting that you will have an option – “Sign Up for SuMail”. Click it and proceed ahead.

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