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MyMorri Payslip – MyMorri Portal

Please visit the official MyMorri portal for employees to access the MyMorri Payslip. For this, you must login to the website with the help of your My Morrisons Employee Login details so that you can access and view the details of your payslip. Find more information through this article and you will also get help to recover your password.

Morrisons is a supermarket from the United Kingdom. It is ranked 4th largest supermarket. You can also find Morrisons stores and online supermarkets. The Morrisons portal gives many advantages to the employees and helps them check the online information like Payslip, vacation details, paystubs, personal details, and many other employee benefits.

With the help of My Morrisons portal, employees are able to attend to their task and mind many affairs related to work and the company. My Morri portal manages the employee logs which helps in maintaining employee schedules. This is also very useful in the information management relevant to the individual employees’ payroll.

Online, you will get all the information of the employees. So, if you are an employee of Morrisons then you can easily view the payslip and then the employee can generate it using the portal.

About Morrisons

Morrison also known as WM Morrison is a British Supermarket chain and 4th biggest in the UK. William Morrison was the founder who first started this chain in the year 1899. You will find the headquarter of the Morrisons situated in Bradford (West Yorkshire) UK. It was a stall when it first started in the Rawson Market. It used to sell eggs and butter. Today, it is not a stall anymore but an expanded business and operations having 498 stores in English, Scotland and Wales.

about morrison

WM Morrison is an established company and listed business in L.S.E (London Stock Exchange). This company is also a part of Index FTSE-100 company because Morrison is a Public Limited business and has larger operations. You will find the products such as Food items, Drinks, CDs, Books, DVDs and Clothes among other things.

There are above 400 superstores of Morrisons across the UK and it also has online presence and online retail business. The online business was first introduced in 2012 and the major product it sold was wines across the world. The Morrisons company is larger and so is the employee-base.

According to the data available till 2019, Morrisons had 1 lakh and 10 thousand employees overall. So, to manage the details of all of them, related to their pay stubs, leaves, perks, shift timings, vacations and many more, Morrison had launched the portal named MyMorri. Here in this portal, all the employees get the necessary information based on their requirements.

Mymorri Official Webpages

My Morri Account Registration Steps

First, all the employees are requested to register to the MyMorri Portal for employees. So, they need to acquire their login credentials first. Only if you are a registered employee, then only you can login. Therefore, you can access the details such as your pay or payslip.

If you have newly joined and are not registered with the company, then you must register to the MyMorri Login Portal. So, kindly follow all the instructions for registration and only provide the valid details.

These details include your personal contact details such as Name, your Email, your Contact and postal-code. Please take the below steps to see the entire process.

  • Every employee must have the link to official registration site for registration at
  • On the official employee website, you have to select – SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE.
  • Now you must go to the option Create New Account.
  • The next page will open where you must type information like Name and your Email ID. Now you must create your password and then proceed to click Next.

Notice: Create a new email ID if you do not own one already.

  • Now on the registration site, add only the necessary details you are asked and click the button – Register.
  • The portal will now verify the details you entered and will send you a verification link.  Now you need to open that link and follow the registration steps.

My Morrisons Login at

All the Morrison Employees online login is necessary. So, you must have the credentials and requisites to log in. Obviously, if you do not login, then you cannot see the details and salary statement.

But if you use the authentic credentials so that you can check the My Morri employee payslip in just minutes. Besides login, you must know the procedure for the employee login.

You need to carefully follow the instructions so that is the reason I have listed all the steps and procedures step by step. Please follow these steps,

  • To log in, every employee must know the address of the My Morrisons portal. The link for the Morrisons Login is

click on sign in with google in mymorrie login portal

  • Visiting the next page, the Morrisons portal link will show you an option SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE. Please proceed with the sign in option.
  • The next step is to provide the email that you used while Registration with MyMorri and then click on the Next button.
  • Click on My Pay, you can access your MyMorrisons Payslip,
  • Now on the following page, you would be able to access Payslip.

MyMorri Payslip Page: Check Now

Official My Morrisons Login Link:

Notice: Please dial the number for help – 0330 041 5587

How to Reset My Morri Login Password

If you are an employee and you forgot your password for login, you can use the online recovery steps and get a new one. Employees should not use wrong or incorrect passwords as they will be problematic for employees who try to login.

So, if you can’t remember or recall your correct original password, then you must go for a new one. All the employees should follow the below steps to reset MyMorri forgotten password. Please use the steps given below.

  • Please visit official page link
  • Now please click the option SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE.
  • You will see your email iD shown on the next page. So click Next.
  • Now the most important step is to click Forgot Password on the net page.
  • Now you must type your email and your mobile details.
  • Once you type the details as above, press the Reset Password
  • Google will send an email or a message to help you reset your password. Please click to start resetting your password.

At last, you must reset your old password with the new password and use it for the future login.

My Morrisons Employee – Forgot Email

Often, the employees may struggle to remember their email details which will be troublesome for the login. The employees may therefore not be able to check their payslip when they want. So, if you also have forgotten your email address then follow the below steps and recover the same.

  • Visit the My morri Portal using the official website
  • Select the option – “Sign in with google”
  • Now, tap – “Forgot email”
  • You now have to enter your contact number and tap next.
  • Add the details asked – like first name and last name.
  • Choose the button “Send” to receive the code.
  • You will get the OTP code on your contact number, use that OTP to recover your account.

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My Morri Help and support

If you are stuck at any point, you may contact the helpline number of mymorri morrisons co uk, that can be available from the www mymorri com, also we are providing you here, you may save that in your contacts in the mobile phone. The helpline team members will guide you in all your queries related to payslip or login credentials.

Helpline Dial: 0330-041-5587


Are Morrisons employees eligible to go through their personal documents on the website?

The view option works on very limited documents, so employees can view whose access is granted, and cannot view all the documents. For example, Payslip are easily printable and possess access to view and print. So, those who are granted the permission to print and save documents can be viewed by the Morrisons employees. 

Is my morrisons account login available to everyone?

It is not for everyone, instead it is only for the Morrisons employees those who have validated the access of the portal –

I am new to the portal, kindly help me with the payslip?

You can see all details, once you login into the portal, as you login, the dashboard will open, visit the pay section and there you will find the option of payslip, select the month of which payslip you want to see, existing month, previous months, etc. You will also see the option to download them in the PDF format and also the print option to get a hard copy of the same.

What benefits will I get with my morrisons account login?

With the help of mymorri app – Morrisons Mobile app login, you can get personalized offers  in the form of digital voucher, Instant activation facility, Scan the app and save more, be the first to know about the events and happenings and get instant help services wherever required with the help of my morrisons login

What can I do with my morri payslips login?

You can check your my morri pay, mymorri perks, can download the payslip in PDF form and also print it. 

Is there any change in morrisons more login of card?

Yes, they have updated the loyalty program and have done so on the request of the customers. You can still use the older card, no need to get a new Morrison card.

How to download mymorri app?

If you are an android user, you can download the Mymorri app from the playstore, and if you are an apple user, you can get the same from apple store.

What is mymorri schedule app?

Mymymorri schedule app allows you to schedule your work, manage leaves, helps you put in some requests, change shifts and many more.

Can I do Morrison more card login digitally?

Yes, open the morrison more login from the morrison mobile app, check the card icon, tap on that, and enjoy the virtual version of the card.

What is the official website for login to morrisons? is the official website for my Morris login.

What is the current rating of mymorri app store?

Well the rating might not be good or may be accurate, but the service it provides are very good. Currently the rating is 1.8 and keeps on improving.

What is so special on a colleagues page?

Check out morrisons colleague website – and read it yourself, why it is so special, you will be excited to read and know.

How can I manage mymorri rotas?

You can manage the Rotas with the help of mymorri my rota login on the official website mymorri com or in the mymorri App.

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