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Myindigocard Login – Login

Myindigocard Login – Hello, dear friends! Do you know MyIndigoCard provided by the Celtic Bank which is an American bank located in Salt Lake City, Utah. So, if you are trying to find the best way of for Login, then please read this article. Here, I have explained step by step guide on how to login and the process of Indigocard.Com Activate.

I will help you out in getting all the right information about Indigo Credit Card Login process to My Indigo Card portal, process of card activation and all the other relevant steps on portal. These steps are so simple that you can perform on your mobile phone or computer. Please read the article and refer to the steps to successfully access your account.

Myindigocard helps the users to safely access all the services. This online portal is user-friendly and a secure portal that helps you access the Indigo Platinum MasterCard Home-Page. You can go to the login portal and register yourself to login into your account and also activate your card.

Indigo Card portal allows you to access all the advantages like managing your Indigo Card, accessing the portal and benefit from various services, checking e-statements, making bill-payments, monitoring your account 24/7 and other important tasks.

Country USA
Purpose Login
Services Financial

Indigo Platinum MasterCard Usage

indigo platinum mastercard

Indigo Platinum MasterCard is very useful to the people who do not have a good credit score and are rejected by many other brands. If the credit card holder has insufficient funds, then you cannot get a good credit score or get approved by considering his credit details.

Celtic Bank issues this card with active association with the Genesis FS Card Services for the credit-card holders. The Indigo Card is exclusively available with great offers for the customers on some of the specialized items. The customers with damaged credit scores can start fresh.

MyIndigoCard is a portal where you can access some unique benefits of your credit card. These benefits include a free version to some authorized persons, $300 of line of credit and many other benefits like easy international transactions and lower fees.

Indigo Platinum MasterCard is for those people who are not able to get other brands of cards. MyIndigoCard is the perfect solution for them to enjoy the credit card experience.

The annual cost of this card is around $75. This amount is only for the first year and from the following years you will have to pay $99.

Benefits of Indigo Card

  • If you have little credit or no credit at all, then the conventional process for an unsecured credit card is available to you.
  • So, normally these customers want to go for a secured card. When choosing a secured card, the customer has to pay for the credit card’s security deposit which operates as the credit rating limit.
  • But if you choose the Platinum MasterCard, you will not have to pay the deposit on the Indigo Login Portal.
  • However, the card holders must have access to the line of credit out of which the annual costs are deducted.
  • This is a protected card and all the actions of this card are directly reflected to all the leading credit companies on the official Indigo website.
  • You can use the official login portal for fair activities and your activities should be positive.
  • After using this credit card, you will get more and more comfortable by getting more items on credit and later you can also get some loans.

What are the Features of Myindigocard Login Portal?

If you are new to the Myindigocard Login portal and never fully explored the features of the portal and your account, then you should do it. After you have successfully logged in to your account, you are going to have open access to all the features of the account and your credit card.

You can check your transactions, view your account’s history and check offers and discounts. To find more details, please visit the portal.

All the Myindigocard account holders can now enroll in their E-statements (Electronic Statements). The users will get notifications and easily make safe payments. The Myindigocard.Com offers you some benefits and limitations. You will need basic gadgets such as your mobile phone or your laptop or a computer to access this portal.

Besides the above simple features, there are other advantages like convenient mobile shopping. The Indigo Mobile App offers many features like loyalty rewards, membership, and great detailed information about all the products. The app and online portal both offer great personalized customer support for all the customers. So this card helps you completely satisfy all the requirements of shopping and enjoy amazing discounts and offers on special items.

Customers are able to join the MyIndigoCard portal by using the Sign-Up option and get benefits of amazing rewards programs. The current members are able to use the Plus Rewards Account by their electronic card. The customers are able to access the rewards account they have using their credit card. This can be particularly useful when scanning the card when shopping. At that time the mobile application became very useful compared to Myindigocard.Com website.

The Employees have to safeguard the 6 million credit card members at Indigo and if they work exceptionally, then are given many awards by providing their help and services. With using the Indigo mobile application, the customers are able to login to the MyIndigocard login portal and find all the relevant benefits and suggestions by accessing their historical and current transactions. They can also make important notes.

After you open the portal and login to your account, you will have access to all kinds of features and functions. But for getting login, you must go through the Myindigocard registration process. Make sure you have the device that supports all the latest features of the website otherwise on other devices, some of the features may be disabled. The account holders can check and scan the barcodes of a particular item and if they find it useful, then they can immediately purchase it with the help of the application that is connected to your MyIndigoCard account. So overall the online purchase becomes easier.

Why Should You Use MyIndigoCard Portal?

You must be aware that acquiring approval for the credit card can be a big issue for certain people. But, if you are approaching in the correct way and to the authorized person, you may get success in applying and getting a credit card. MyIndigoCard helps you and makes you ready for applying for a credit card.

By using the MyIndigocard, you will get several benefits.

  • The Interest rate is quite lower than any other credit card at only 23.9%
  • Myindigocard Login is an option that provides flexibility to the users. The annual charges are very versatile, it ranges from $0 to $99, depending upon your credit score.
  • The process of application  and approval duration are very less and effective in comparison to other cards in the market.
  • You need to make some deposit while getting a portal, this will be very helpful when you do not have any money.

Note: You cannot get any incentives on MyIndigoCard.

What are The Charges for Indigo Credit Card?

The charges of this credit card depends entirely on the ratings. There are not many annual charges for the credit users but if you are a card holder who has had a bad credit, then it will be charged annually from $59 or $99. The actual Indigo Platinum charges range from $0 to $99.

If you are a new customer then, you will have to pay $75 for the first year and then the payment will rise up to $99 from the following year.

And you get a $300 limit on this card. There are many other cards that charge more from the people with a poor credit score.

There is only 1% of foreign transaction fee on this card.

Why Choose Indigo MasterCard?

why choose indigo mastercard

If you think you deserve a great credit card and you think yourself unique, then this card may just be your best choice. The Indigo MasterCard helps you live a better life, the one life that you desire. How? Because of your poor credit history, the things in your life can be problematic. By using the Indigo MasterCard, you are able to create your new credit score and make your portfolio stronger.

Now you have an idea about why people choose the Indigo Card and what are the basic benefits that they get. So let us talk about how to login to the official MyIndigoCard portal on the official

So, let us start learning about the online Myindigocard Login process but before we continue, I would like to discuss the requirements of Myindigocard portal log in process.

What are Myindigocard Login Requirements?

You will need the following in order to login into MyindigoCard portal.

  • MyIndigocard Portal login Official website url.
  • Myindigocard portal login valid username along with its associated password.
  • Good Internet connectivity
  • Any Device from a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • An updated web browser.

How to Register an Account on Portal ?

If you are interested to be a part of the IndigoCard community, then please follow the steps given below for Indigocard.Com Activate and use your Indigo Card.

click on my account in myindigocard portal

  • Please click on “My Account”

click on register your account in myindigocard login page

  • Now on the above page, please click on “Register Your Account”. register account

  • Please enter your relevant Card number in the first blank.
  • Then you must enter your Date of Birth in MM/DD/YYYY format.
  • Please input your SSN/Social Security Number.
  • Now click on “Continue to Next Step”.
  • On the following page, you may be asked to provide your personal information like name, your address, email and your valid contact details.
  • After adding your personal as well as financial details, please move forward with the process.
  • Then you must create your unique username and add your relevant password.,
  • Complete the process by following the instructions.
  • Now you will get your login details and your account created.

How to Login into MyIndigoCard Account at

Once you register on MyIndigoCard, you will now have to login into your Indigo Card account. This login will help you in checking your transaction history and all the other relevant details of your account. It is a very simple procedure to login into your account, but I am writing all the steps here to assist you in the login procedure.

The is a very simple to understand and user friendly web portal, especially designed for the ease of users.

Please check the steps below:

click on my account in myindigocard portal

  • On this website, you need to type in your username and password, the one you used during the registration process. Please verify that the details you type are correct, without any spelling error.

login into myindigocard account

  • When you are sure enough about the login details, tap on the “login button” and you can easily access your account.

Note: Entering wrong details three times will result in your account being locked.

How to Reset MyIndigoCard Login Password

click on my account in myindigocard portal

  • Click on the “My Account” option.

click on forgot your username or password in myindigocard login page

  • Now click the option Forgot your Username or Password?

reset myindigocard login password

  • Now as per the above page, fill in all the details like User Name, Credit Card Last 4 digits, Date of birth and the SSN.
  • After that you must click on the “Reset Password” option. Keep following the procedure.

How to Recover Myindigocard Username?

To reset your password, you can first open the link and then click on “My Account” option. After that please follow the below process.

click on my account in myindigocard portal

  • You will have the below page on your screen.

click on forgot your username or password in myindigocard login page

recover myindigocard username

  • On the password reset page, you must scroll down to find the “Forgot Username” option.
  • Now enter your 16-Digits Account Number.
  • Then type your Date of Birth in the given format.
  • Enter your SSN.
  • Then, complete the process by clicking “Request Username”.
  • Keep following the instructions.

How to Activate MyIndigoCard Online at

Follow the steps to activate your card online:

login into myindigocard account

  • Type in your username and password in the given fields.
  • Check the details, if they are valid and correct, then click Login.
  • You now have to choose or create a PIN code of your card.
  • When you have chosen a Pin Code that you can remember, press the “Activate” button and here your procedure gets complete.

Note: The above login link will redirect your page to this link

How to Activate MyIndigoCard Using Mobile

Let us assume, you are not aware about the activation process of MyindigoCard online on its official website, then you may also choose the mobile activation option.

If you lose your card then you need to dial – 1.800260.4532, if you find any transaction not done by you, immediately call on the above number and request them to block your card.

  • Now, to activate your card from Mobile Phone, Dial the number – 1.866.946.9545
  • Now from your keypad, press #. This will help you to connect to the Call center representative.
  • Ask him for the activation of your card and follow as he suggests.
  • Within a few moments, you will get your card activated.

MyIndigoCard Login Help and Support

In this section, I have shared with you the details of MyIndigoCard Login help and support. If you are facing any issue and need any assistance then the details below will help you solve all of them.

  • Customer service Dial: 1.866.946.9545
  • Timing: 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Pacific time
  • Dial Toll Free: 866.946.9545
  • Card lost or Stolen Dial: 882.260.4532
  • For Fax use: 503.268.4711
  • Official Address: Genesis FS Card services PO BOX 4477 Beaverton, OR 97076-44777

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So, friends! It was all there was to know about MyIndigoCard login on the official website (Or link. I hope the information about the basic information, benefits, requirements, register, login, password and username reset and the details about help and support have helped you get the complete information about the MyIndigoCard Login. I believe there is everything you want to know in this article, but if you are still not able to find the right details from this article, then allow me to help you out finding it. Please share your comments.


Where I might use the Indigo platinum mastercard?

You can use your Indigo Platinum Master in almost 33 million locations in more than 200 countries. You can use it for any kind of shopping, booking and for any kind of monetary transactions.

Can I get the copy of my account’s agreement? Will it be charged?

You may please call customer service to get a copy of your agreement. There is no charge for receiving your account agreement copy.

Can I increase my credit card limit from $300 to $500?

The credit limit is default and this is the standard limit that you get.

Why I cannot access the www.”myindigocard”.com to activate the website?

The activation website will redirect you to the page. Earlier you could access this page “Indigocard.Com/Activate”. But now this page has been removed and you cannot find it. If you are trying to visit to activate your card, then use the above Indigo My Finance Service Com page link.

What is the main site address of Indigo Credit Card Login?

You need Myindigocard Login website You are going to be redirected to a different page Here you have to click “My Account” and it will open this link – On the page, now you can login.

After the steps of Myindigocard Activate, when will I receive my card?

After the step by step procedure of activate, you can get your card typically within 14 working days once it is approved. Make sure you have done everything right and provided all the details on Myindigocard Login Official Site.

Can I open or create more than one Myindigocard Com Login Account?

You are only allowed to create your single Indigo MasterCard Account. You cannot create another account.

I have lost my Myindigocard Card, what should I do?

If someone has used the card or stole it from you, you can inform the right authorities about it and you will not be charged for these expenses. Please dial 1.800.304.3096.

What do I need for Indigo Card Activate?

For Indigocard.Com Activate, you will need your authentic Myindigocard Com Login Account Username and valid password. You will need them to login to the portal and begin the activation process

Is the Myindigocard Com website down?

If you are trying to access the Myindigocard Card website then you must open the link.

Must I visit the Myindigocard.Com To Activate my card?

For My Indigo Card Activate you can visit the Indigo MyFinanceService website.

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