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UEI Student Portal

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If you are facing any problem using the UEI student portal, this article will help you to resolve it. We have included complete points that cover what is UEI Student portal, what is My UEI Edu login, what are the login requirements and login steps to access

My UEI Edu is an online learning portal for students. Students can access the schedules, grades, online classroom learning, UEI resources, etc.

Please read our article carefully as we explain the hassle-free process to log in to the UEI portal for the student.

What is UEI?

UEI College is a college based in Arizona, California. Georgia in the USA. UEI career college provides vocational education and technical education for the short term. The college gives proper education to the students. UEI helps them prepare for the positions that are entry-level. With such entry-level positions, the students can join various skill trades, businesses, and healthcare industries.

what is uei


International Education Corporation owns UEI college. UEI is a for-profit college In 2009, the UEI name was adopted from its earlier name United Education Institute. The UEI was founded in 1982.

UEI provides various Associate degrees in different fields for students.

So now you know about UEI college, so let us talk about the benefits of using – student portal.

Benefits of Using UEI Student Portal Login

  • Access to grades
  • Check attendance
  • Check schedule
  • Access to online classroom learning
  • Access to UEI resources
  • Financial AID eligibility

So these are some basic benefits of the UEI Student portal Login Now let us see the login requirements

MyUEIEdu Student Portal Login Requirements

  • UEI portal official web address
  • MyUEIedu login ID and password
  • Updated internet browser (latest version)
  • Personal computer, laptop or smartphone, or tablet
  • Stable and uninterrupted internet connection with good

Now, you know what are the login requirements of MyUEIedu, so let us talk about the login steps.

How to Login to UEI Student Portal?  Step by Step Guide

Follow the steps given below strictly. Follow them in their correct order.

open my uei edu student portal and click on enter

enter student id and password to login to uei student portal

  • Add your Student ID
  • Add Password
  • Click LOG IN

After you click on the LOG IN button above, you will be logged in to your Myueiedu account.

If you do not remember your Myueiedu password, do not be worried, use the below password reset steps.

How to Reset UEI Student Portal Login Password

Follow the simple steps given below in their given order, and you will have no problem logging in.

open my uei edu student portal and click on forgot password

enter student id and email then click on sent to reset uei student portal login password

  • Add Student ID
  • Add Email
  • Click SEND

After clicking SEND, you will receive the instructions to reset your My UEI password. If you still face issues or difficulties resetting your UEI login password or on the portal, then click the use the below contact information.

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My UEI Login Contact Information

If you are not able to solve the problem or difficulties related to My UEI Edu Portal or My UEI login, you need to use the below contact information to get all your problems resolved as quickly as possible.

Official My UEI Website:  [ ]

Contact Number: 877-463-4472


Thank you for reading our article till the end. We hope your “My UEI login” problems have been addressed well in this article. If we missed any key point or key information to cover, please let us know with comments, we will consider adding it to our MyUEIedu login article.


What is the purpose of the UEI portal?

UEI is a career college that feels pride in helping students to prepare for their next career goals and wishes the students to have bright future careers ahead. For this, the UEI has offered one great portal UEI that helps the students in many ways to make their studies easier. 

Can I be eligible to receive Financial aid from the UEI college?

Yes, it is possible to receive Financial aid from UEI. There are two requirements for it. First, you need to be officially enrolled in UEI and second, you have to be signed up for the classes. You need to have fulfilled the below requirements,

  • Enrollment to leading program, degree, or a diploma
  • Should not owe any loan, refund, or be default on them.
  • The academic progress should be maintained well by the students

Is UEI a non-profit college?

No, UEi is a for-profit college that provides education to students.

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