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7MovieRulz – Although there are many websites available to download movies online, but today we are going to give you information about a website from where you can easily download any movie for free. You may have heard about the Movierulz website before. Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada movies are leaked online on this website. We are going to tell you the complete information about this website in detail. We will also talk about the risks involved in downloading movies from this website in the post. That’s why read this post till the last.

movierulz movie downloading website

In today’s time no one wants to go to the theater and watch a movie. After the arrival of Covid-19, people have got used to watching movies sitting at home. There are many ways to watch movies online on the internet. There are some OTT platforms which provide the facility to people to watch movies online through subscription. Apart from this, people download movies through pirated websites. Although it is illegal to download movies from pirated websites, people still prefer to download movies from such websites. In this post, we are going to provide you detailed information about Moviesrulz 2023. So you are requested to read this post till the last.

Movierulz 2023

Movierulz is a public torrent website where you will find Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Hollywood and different types of movies to download. You will find mostly South Indian movies on this website. You can also download Hindi dubbed movies from here. This is a very popular platform which has been running for a long time. On this website you will find a variety of different types of Indian movies. You can easily watch any movie from this website and also you can download any movie on Movierulz 2023 to watch offline.

Movierulz Bollywood Movies Download website is known globally for downloading movies. The popularity of this website is highest in India, but apart from this, traffic comes from many other countries as well. After going to the homepage of the website, a list of movies of different varieties will start showing in front of you. You can check the movies list by clicking on the category according to your interest.

Moviesrulz Bollywood Movies, Movierulz Telugu Movies Download, Movie rulz Tamil Movies, Movie rulz Malayalam Movies Download, Latest Bollywood 2023 Movies Download Movierulz. To download the movies of this website, you do not need to buy any subscription nor will you have to pay a single penny. You will be able to watch or download any movie absolutely free.

Movierulz Movie Download Details

Earlier only South movies were uploaded on Movierulz. Only Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada movies were found here, but the popularity of this website gradually increased in the whole country. Therefore, now you will also get to download Bollywood movies on this website. This is a very good place to download Latest Bollywood HD Movies. Other details about this website are given in the table below.

Website Name Movierulz
Website Type Torrent website
Movie Type Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc.
Cost to download Free of cost
Is it legal No, It is illegal.
Official website

About Movierulz Website

You can download any Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, and many other types of movies for free from the Movierulz website. You will also get the option of different quality here to download the movie. If you click on the download button according to the quality, then the torrent file will be downloaded. After this you will be able to easily download movies from torrent app or software. From Movierulz you can download movies in 1080p, 720p, 480p and many other quality.

You do not have a direct link to download movies on this website. This website hosts its movies on torrent servers. If you want to download movies from here then you must have torrent software. To download a movie on this website, you will need to download a torrent file from here whose size is in KBs. After that you can start downloading the movie by importing it into the software.

Movierulz is also a very good option for those who want to stream movies online. Because the link of many servers is available to watch movies on this website. You can watch the movie by clicking on any option. You also get the option of different quality to watch movies here. You can watch movies online by selecting the quality according to you.

Why Movierulz is not opening?

If you are opening the link of Movierulz website in the browser and it is not opening, then it means that the website has been blocked by DOT. Now you cannot access this domain from India. Since you all would know that piracy is not allowed in India. Therefore, taking action against the pirated website, the Government of India blocks their domain. So that no one from India can access this website. Such website domains are not suddenly banned by the government. After registering many copyright complaints, the government takes action on it and blocks the domain. These websites come back again even after the domain is blocked. We are going to talk about this further.

How Movierulz Movie Download Website works?

Many of you must be thinking that when a website like Movierulz is considered illegal in India, then how does such a website work? So let us tell you that these people are able to run their website through some loophole. When the government takes action against such websites and blocks its domain, then these people make the website live again with new domain extension. A very large team works to run such a website. Because they have to prepare content to serve on the website. Apart from this, they also require a strong server in which movies are uploaded. To provide better speed to the people, they need a better server.

After blocking the domain of Movierulz, they have to get the new domain ranked again in the search engine. A very large team is also required to get ranked in the search engine. To rank such a website, the owner has to hide his identity and work remotely on the website. Because if the government finds out about its owner, then government action can be taken against it. Running such a website requires a lot of effort.

How movierulz movie download earn money?

This question must also come in the mind of all of you that how does a website like Movierulz earn money? So let us tell you that the main income source of such a website is advertisement. A large number of popup ads are often engaged on such websites. They get a very good income from popup ads and by using some tricks, these people also put Adsense ads. These people earn income by using a lot of unethical tricks. The traffic on such a website is very high and once the website is popular, there is no dearth of traffic on the website.

Movierulz Latest Domain

As we mentioned above that a website like Movierulz Movie Download is banned by the Government of India so that no user can access such website. To prevent piracy, the Government of India blocks its domain. These people point the website to the new domain extension and make it live again. There is no fixed domain of such website, they have to change their domain name from time to time. We are telling you the list of some of its latest domains below.

How to find Movierulz Latest Domain?

If you want to download movies from Movierulz, then you should know about its latest working domain. If you do not know about its latest domain, then you will not be able to access its website. We are telling you some ways to know its latest domain, by which you can easily find its working domain. If you open any of its used domains using VPN, it will automatically redirect you to the new domain and you will be able to easily find its working domain.

Apart from this, you can join its official Telegram channel. There you will keep getting updates of its latest movies and you will also get to know about its new domain. When any new movie will be uploaded on the website, a notification will come about it on Telegram channel. Or even if you search on Google, its latest domain can be found. But many times its latest domain is not available on Google, in that case you can use the method mentioned above.

How to Download Movie from Movierulz?

You can download Bollywood Movies, Telugu Movies Download, Tamil movies, Download Malayalam Movies, South Hindi Dubbed movies, and many other types of movies on the Movierulz website. You should know about the latest working domain of this website only then you can download movies from this website. For this, we are telling you the step-wise process below.

  • For this, first of all you have to go to the official website of Movierulz.
  • After coming on the homepage, the list of latest uploaded movies will start showing in front of you. You can find and download any latest movie from here.
  • If you want to find a movie according to your interest, then you will see a list of different categories at the top. You can check the list of movies by clicking on the category according to you.
  • Apart from this, you can also search by typing the movie name in the search box.
  • After finding the movie of your choice, click on it.
  • Then in the next page you will see the screenshot and details of the movie scenes.
  • After scroll down download link will show according to different quality. You can download torrent file by clicking on it.
  • Or below you will also get the link to stream online.
  • After downloading the torrent file, you will be able to download the movie easily with torrent software.

Is Movierulz safe to use?

No, as we have told earlier in the post that piracy is illegal in India. It is illegal to download movies from such pirated websites. If you download a movie from such a website, then you will legally come under the category of a criminal. You may have to pay a fine for this and may also be jailed. Apart from this, this website is not even safe from security purpose. Because most of the popup ads are posted on such websites and as soon as you click somewhere on the website, automatically an advertisement is clicked. Many times hackers store some mallicous files in your system through these ads, which can hack your system and steal data. Therefore, if you visit such a website, then your system can also be hacked. We recommend you to download or watch movies legally.

How to Download/Watch Movies Online Legally?

Downloading movies from pirated websites is illegal and also has many security risks. That’s why we recommend you to download or watch movies online legally. We are telling you some ways for this. You can watch movies legally in the way mentioned below. However, to download or watch movies on most of these platforms, you will have to buy a subscription or pay to access the movie.


You all will know about Youtube that here you can consume video contents for free. This is the best platform to watch movies online for free. You will find many types of movies on youtube which you can watch for free. If you like watching South India Hindi dubbed movies, you can watch them officially for free on channels like Golmines on hot youtube. Here you can watch movies legally absolutely free. Apart from this, many movies are uploaded on youtube in today’s time, so you can watch online for free from there.

2. Netflix

Netflix is ​​a very popular OTT platform which is spread globally. You will find different types of movies on this website. If you like watching Hollywood movies and web series then this is a good option for you. It mostly consists of movies and web series made in its own production and these people provide the service of watching movies on subscription basis. However, its subscription plan is very cheap and affordable. You can easily watch or download movies by taking its subscription.

3. Amazon Prime

Amazon prime is also a very popular OTT platform and its business is quite spread in India. Although it is also spread globally, but it also produces many Indian movies and web series. If you want to watch Bollywood movies and web series then this can be a very good option for you. It also provides people the facility to watch movies on subscription basis. You can watch or download movies online by taking its monthly or annually plan.

4. Jio Cinema

If you are looking for a good platform to watch online legal movies for free, then Jio Cinema is a much better option for you. From here you can watch many Bollywood movies for free. Many Bollywood movies are available here, which you can watch for free. To watch movies from this website, you have to visit its website or you can start watching movies by installing its official app on your phone. You do not need to buy any subscription plan to watch movies on it. You simply have to log in to it and after that you will be able to watch any movie.


In this post, we have tried to provide you complete information about Movierulz in detail. Along with this, we have also explained in detail whether you should download the movie from this website or not. This post has been written for the purpose of providing information only. We do not advise you to download movies from such websites. We have also provided information about watching movies legally in the post and we recommend you to watch movies online legally.

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