Mlgw Login at ❤️ MLGW Bill Payment [2022]

Mlgw Login helps you to login to the official Memphis Light, Gas and Water account. With the help of your Mlgw Account Login, you can easily pay your bill and check your account information on the portal.

You need to know complete information before you proceed to the Mlgw Bill Pay process or use any other function on the portal. If you are a first time visitor, or are not sure how to use MLGW login, then I have covered every necessary information.

Read all the sections in this article as you might get confused reading it in some parts. So, read and find all the details on MLGW login.

We shall have a brief introduction on what exactly is MLGW and then we shall move in understanding the complete login procedure and requirements, and many more details.

What is MlGW Login?

The Mlgw Login includes your secure login details that you use to access the Memphis Light, Gas and Water official portal. To access Mlgw My Account, you must have a password and username.

While accessing your Mlgw Login Account, you must remember to use the latest version of the internet browser. If you are using older browsers, then you will be phased out automatically before logging into the portal.

Requirements for MLGW Login

You will need the following things in order to login successfully.

  • Always keep your web browser updated.
  • MLGW Login Account address i.e.
  • MLGW My Account Login credentials.
  • Use your PC or Smartphone to connect the portal.

How to Access MLGW Login at

Upon fulfilling all requirements, you can proceed to login into the MLGW portal. The below steps are going to ensure that you access your Memphis Light, Gas and Water account.

click on my account in mlgw website

  • Click on “My Account” option.

click on proceed to my account in mlgw website

  • Now, locate the “Proceed to my account” button according to the image.

click on proceed to my account in mlgw website

  • On this page, add your MLGW Login Username and password in the respective asked fields.
  • And then lastly click on the “Login” button to get accessibility of account.

How to Reset MLGW Login Password

For resetting your MLGW Account Login password, you must follow the below steps. Then, you can access your account.

  • Access this website

click on my account in mlgw website

click on proceed to my account in mlgw website

  • After accessing the account, find “Proceed to my account” and click in it.

click on forgot your password

  • Find “Forgot your password?” link.

reset mlgw login password

  • Confirm your identity by providing your MLGW username, and details asked.
  • Once you have filled the data, click on the continue button.
  • You will have a question on the next page, that will be the hint for your new password, so you can recall with the help of a hint.
  • Choose the question, select the answer and on the third page create a new password, and confirm the same.

Various Payment Methods for MLGW Bill Pay

MLGW offers a wide option to pay your Mlgw bill, you can choose whichever is convenient to you. You may pay MLGW bill online on their website MLGW Bill pay online, or at a nearest and local Mlgw Payment Center by visiting there in person.

You also have an option of setting auto pay on MLGW Bill pay online website, the amount will be directly deducted from your linked account and get credit to Mlgw Bill Payment.

Let us go  through the different payment methods in detail one after one:

How to Make MLGW Bill Payment Online

Login to your account following the above steps and select the payment and you can make payment via debit card, credit card or banking options.

Pay your MlGW Bill via Mail

Write a check and send to the below address

220 S Main St.
Memphis, TN 38145

Note: It is advised to call the customer care number on 1-901-528-4465 before sending the check. Confirm the address to avoid any late charges or other issues.

How Make MLGW Bill Payment via Phone

you may use the automated system set to make the payments for that, you have to dial 901.528.4465.

Visit MLGW Payment Center In Person to Make Bill Payment

  • You can visit personally at Mlgw Payment Center and pay your bill amount in cash or via card.

About MLGW

The MLGW stands for Memphis Light Gas Water division. It is a Municipal public utility division that offers the services to Memphis and Shelby regions of Tennessee. This division offers its employees the MLGW login facility.

about mlgw

This is the largest municipal division offering three services and having 4,20,000 consumers in Memphis and Shelby county. This division has been providing the Light, Gas and Water services to all its consumers since 1939.

Now, you might have a brief idea about the Memphis light, gas and water commonly known as MLGW. Let us now move towards MLGW Account Login. But before that, you must have some login credentials with you.

MLGW Login Help and Contact Details

If you face any technical trouble with the login or bill pay, please use the following contact details. These details will connect you to the company’s own team that will support you with the errors that you face.

  • Mlgw Sign In portal:

MGLW Social Media Profiles

  • Facebook:
  • Blogger:
  • Instagram:
  • Twitter:
  • YouTube:

MLGW My Account Contact Details Email Id

Residential Support Email: [email protected]
Business Owner Email:[email protected]

Head Office’s address

220-S Main Street
Memphis, TN 38145

Mail Address:

P.O. Box – 388
Memphis, TN-38145


With your Mlgw Login, you can check out the information of your account and make payments using ‘pay your bills online.’ You can check other notifications on the website also that would keep you updated about your Mlgw My Account.

If there is any problem with accessing your account on website, please get immediate help from the company’s support team.

Please follow the steps mentioned in this article carefully and make sure that you do not skip any single point. If you have some advice or doubt for me, please reach me through the comment box given below. Fill in the form with your name, email and your comment, I will reply to your posted comment.


I am getting this notice on my screen: “NOTICE: My Account will be down for maintenance on Monday evening September 12 from 9pm to 11pm”.

My Account MLGW website had gone through some maintenance and during the above stated time, the website may be down. But this was during September 12, 2022 so you can login to the portal now.

Which is the best method of Mlgw Bill payment?

You can dial 901.528.4465 or access the My Account to pay the bill online. Both the Mlgw Pay methods are quick and easy-to-do.

I cannot login to my account for Mlgw Bill Pay Online, I need support.

Make sure your browser is updated to access the www mlgw com payment section. The website does not work on the older browser.

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