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Milestone Credit Card Login is helpful for someone to manage his Milestone’ Credit Card account. If you have any future plans, then bad credit will affect your future financial goals. You must pay regular credit card bills to improve your credit score. Every transaction you do with the credit card gets reported to all the major credit bureaus in the country. It will be difficult for you to get a credit card if you have bad credit.

Milestone’s Credit Cards help cardholders to rebuild their credit score quickly. The card has low credit requirements. So if you are working hard to build your credit and achieve your financial goal, the challenging part will be to get rid of your bad credit history. You may think about taking different credit cards to improve your score but Milestone Card.

Taking this credit card will not receive any rejection letter even if you have a bad credit rating. The reason is that the company specifically designed these cards for those struggling to build their credit.

I have listed some benefits that will help you learn why this card is for you. Please read them below.

Milestone Credit Card Benefits

milestone credit card benefits

Milestone Mastercard offers you an excellent opportunity to build poor credit and improve your challenging credit history. If you are working hard to establish your credit score, then you can use this card because it gives the below benefits,

  • Easy pre-qualification that does not affect your credit score
  • Fraud protection in case your card gets stolen or lost.
  • The card is available at the maturity of stores and locations.
  • All the monthly payments and transactions get reported to the three major credit bureaus
  • You don’t have to pay any security deposit
  • 24/7 access to your account
  • Tracking and monitoring your account activity and transactions.
  • Making an online payment is easy.

Now you know the benefits, let’s see how you can apply for Milestone’s credit card.

How to Apply and Get Milestone Credit Card?

First, you must get approved for your Milestone credit card. After that, you can create your online account and log in. You can apply for the credit card using the following steps,

click on pre qualify today in milestone card login page

  • Choose the option “Pre-Qualify Today“.
  • On this page, please enter the necessary details.

apply for milestone credit card

  • Add your name.
  • Add your presidential address.
  • Please provide your working email.
  • Then telephone number.
  • Add your birth date.
  • At last, add your social security number.
  • Click on the “Pre-Qualify Now” button.
  • If more than one user attempts to qualify, your approval process takes time. It will take not more than a few minutes. It may happen that you will get an instant approval for your credit card, or you have to wait.
  • After getting approval, you can review your card’s annual fee and rate of interest details. Check out the other expenses, and purchase additional fees and expenses.
  • Depending upon the choice of your card and your individual application, these expenses will vary.
  • Complete your Milestone application and verify the information you added about your personal details and residential address. You will receive your Milestone MasterCard at your mailing address if the details are correct.

How to Access Milestone Credit Card Login Account?

After successfully applying for your Milestone credit card, if you get approval, you can visit the official login page of the company. First, you have to open the welcome page. For this, you need to check your physical card and login information. Please make sure that you have them both at the time of accessing your online Milestone account.

  • Open the official card Milestone Card Activate website link at
  • Before login into your account, you must activate your card and online account.
  • So first, you have to register your account using the highlighted option.
  • As you click that option, it will open the about page.

click on register your account in milestone credit card login page

  • You must add the requested details in the blanks on the “Register Your Account” page.

milestone credit card account registration

  • First, insert your credit card number.
  • Then add your date of birth.
  • Please provide your social security number.
  • At last, click on the “Continue to Next Step” option.
  • You must follow the instructions on your screen to create your login credentials.
  • Once you get your login credentials, please keep them safe.
  • After login into your account, you can go to the auto-pay option and enable the automatic credit card payments in case you forget to pay on time.

You can only unlock your Milestone MasterCard benefits after you activate the card and login into your account to check other benefits. Milestone Mastercard will work on most retail stores or any other transactions.

How to Improve Your Credit Score with the help of a Milestone Credit Card?

After you have activated your credit card and you are ready to use it, you have to know specific steps that help you learn how to use your card to improve your current credit score.

  • Purchase with your milestone card. If you purchase with your credit card, it will activate the transactions, and at the end of the month, you can see a great payoff. You can start with small purchases, and then if you feel confident, you can buy the things you like.
  • Monitor and keep track of every activity of your account. You can check your credit card spending using your Milestone Card Login online account.
  • With My Milestone Card Login, you can also check out your due payments and consider making payments as soon as possible.
  • Check out the terms of using your account and credit card. Remember the minimum payment that you can make on your credit card bill. By doing so, you can avoid paying more interest on your bill.

Note: All your transactions and credit history will get reported to all the major bureaus. So, avoid delay in the payment and schedule the payment before the due date. Practicing this will increase your score in a short time. You will also not include any higher interest rates or additional fees.

Milestone MasterCard Contact Details

If you have any questions related to your credit card or account access problems, you can immediately contact the support team to help you out. Use the following details and connect directly to the team.

  • Customer Service Contact: 1800 305 0330
  • Technical support team number (FAX): +1-503-268-4711
  • Milestone Correspondence: Genesis FS card services, PO Box number 4477, Beaverton, OR – 97076 – 4477


Milestone Credit Cards help you bill your credit, but you have to be consistent and use the credit card carefully. Late payments will be reported to the credit bureaus and will impact your score. So you must never miss out on any bill payment dates. Therefore you can use the autopay option to avoid such problems.

If you have any further questions related to this article, please share them with me using the comments below.


I was trying to prequalify, but the page shows a timeout error. Please help

The Timeout error is helpful in case you are inactive for some time. It will protect your account and the process. You can easily avoid this minor issue by refreshing your browser page.

What is the official link for milestone login?

After successfully activating your credit card and line account, you will be ready to log in. You can use this link link to access your account.

Which is the best method for Milestone Bill Pay?

The easiest way to pay your bills is the auto-pay option. You will have different options such as Milestone Login Pay Bill online, phone method, and even mail. But the best method will be to choose an online auto-pay option.

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