Menard Big Card Login | Menard Credit Card Login and Bill payment

Menard Credit Card login page is designed in a very simplistic manner to help the user perform all activities related to their card with ease. Your Menard Big Card is owned and handled by Capital One so to ensure all your financial data is handled in a professional manner.

Menards is one of the leading stores in the U.S. for several decades providing home improvement solutions to its customers. For its frequent customers/loyalists, Menard issues credit cards that can be used in all the Menards outlets and its partner Outlet.

Here we guide you through each and every step involved in the Menard Credit Card login process so as to make your journey as smooth as possible.

Types Menard Credit Card

Menards offers 3 types of cards (store cards). Brief details are given below:

Menard Big Card – Basic card offered by Menard, for those who seek to earn rewards on their everyday purchases or want to finance home improvement products. Also, you can avail any one of the below 3 benefits.

  • 2% rebate on purchases in Menards stores – or –
  • On making purchases of above $299, you can avail 6-month financing option – or
  • On making purchases of above $1500, you can avail of a 48-months financing option.

Menard Contractor Card – this card is offered to professionals, and can be used to grow their business by maximizing savings. The benefits of using this card are:

  • 2% rebate on purchases in Menards stores.
  • Manufacturer rebates exclusively for this card user.
  • You can earn airfare through Buy ‘N Fly.
  • You can issue authorized user cards for your employees.

Menard Commercial Account – Offered to those companies who want to manage their account effectively This account provides them a good business solution. Some of the perks of this card are:

  • You can get a flexible billing option with Net 50 invoicing or pay-in-full monthly statements.
  • Issue authorized user cards to your employee. 
  • No annual fees for using the card. 

Login Safety Measures

Precaution is better than cure” right. Menard and Capital One ensure that the Website/portal designed to handle your Online activity is safe by laying multiple layers of security protocol, be it using an encrypted form of communication or using a strong firewall to stop any breaches. But even a small security loophole from your end can turn into a nightmare. So check that there are no loopholes on your end by ensuring the following points.

  • A good Internet Security software like McAfee Internet Security is installed on the system you are using.
  • Never open unrecognized emails as they may contain malicious code to steal your Data.
  • Never give any details to anyone calling you asking for your personal information on behalf of your Service Provider until you are very sure that you have received an authentic call. 
  • If you used to note down all your login credentials in a notebook or diary, keep it in a safe place.
  • In case you lost your card immediately contact your service provider to block it.

Menard Big Card Login

The most important part of managing your credit card online is to make sure that you land on the right portal. There are many counterfeit portals waiting there to take advantage of your ignorance. A misspelled portal name even by a word can result in problematic consequences, so it is wise to take this step very seriously. To safeguard your interest we are providing links that can directly take you to the original Menard Credit Card Login Portal. Use the steps and link given below to securely log in to your credit card account online

Step 1: Go to Menard’s own credit card management website by copying “” into a new tab of your web browser. 

Step 2: Click on the “Credit Center” placed on the top section of the page.

Step 3: When you click on Credit Center a drop-down menu appears, click on the option saying Pay/Access Big Card.

Menard Credit Card Login and Bill payment

 By following any option mentioned above, you will land on the page designed to access you Menard Big Cards.

Step 4: On the homepage of Menard Big Card login Portal fill in your username and password.

Step 5: Only check the box near “Remember Me” when using your own Desktop/Laptop. 

Step 6: After checking that you typed your username and password correctly click on “Sign In”.

Menard Credit card Bill Payment:

Once you Login you can either make payment using the online platform or you can dial 1‑800‑871‑2800 to make payment via call. 

Enroll For Menard Credit Card Account

Congratulations! You got your Menard Credit Card but to manage it, pay your due, check reward points, or perform other activities related to your card, first you have to set up an online account. To set up a new account follow the steps given below:

Step 1: On the homepage of the Menard Big Card’s login portal you will find a tab placed below the sign In space saying “Set Up My Account” click on it.

Step 2: Add all the asked information i.e. your Card Number (just like it appears on the card), date of birth, and Social Security Number. 

Step 3: Check carefully that you filled all the asked information correctly and then click on the tab saying “continue”.

Step 4: The rest of the process is simple just follow as instructed to set up your username and password.

How To Retrieve Username and Password

In case you manage to forget your login credentials, just follow the steps given below to retrieve it:

Step 1: On the homepage of Menard Big Card a link “Forget your username or password?” is placed below the Sign In option. Click on it.

Step 2: To verify your identity, give your card number, date of birth, and SSN, and click on “Find My Account”.

Step 3: Just follow as instructed by the page to recover your login credentials.

How To Apply For Menard Credit Card

You can apply for a Menards credit card by following the simple steps given below:

Step 1: Go to the Menards homepage.

Step 2: Hover the cursor on the Credit Center tab placed on the top section of the screen.

Step 3: From the drop-down menu that then appears,  click on the “Big Card Application”.

Step 4: Fill in your personal details and financial details as asked by the form which appears on the page.

Step 4: Check twice to confirm all the information is filled correctly then click on the continue tab.

Step 5: Page will guide you through the remaining process. Complete the application process.

Menards Credit Card Customer Service

Customer care Representative   1‑800‑871‑2800 

For Credit Card Payment 1‑800‑871‑2800

To change the payment due date 1‑800‑871‑2800

Report lost or stolen card at 1‑800‑871‑2800

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