McDonalds WiFi Login – How to Sign in to McDonald’s Free WiFi Portal

Mcdonalds WiFi is a free service provided by many McDonald’s restaurants. The Mcdonalds Free WiFi service is for all the customers who come and eat at the restaurants. Using the free high-speed Wi-Fi service, you can enjoy internet surfing, checking your emails, your personal or business accounts, and much more.

If you are thinking about connecting to WiFi, this is the perfect article for you. For using this service, you will require Mcdonalds WiFi login details. If you are unsure how to get them, please find all the necessary details and points in this article.

If you cannot connect to WiFI, just like most people, let me take you through troubleshooting this little problem. I will also show you some exciting facts about Mcdonalds Wi-Fi and how to use it. So, let’s not wait and start!

What is Mcdonalds WiFi?

what is mcdonalds wifi

Many customers visit McDonald’s stores to enjoy some delicious food, but they do not know about the Free Wi-Fi services offered by the restaurant. Mcdonalds Free WiFi service is available in almost all restaurants. The company wants its customers to get the best service, whether it is food or Wi-FI services.

If you have your mobile with you or a laptop, then you can easily connect to Mcdonalds WiFi. This fantastic service is free for all the customers who visit the restaurant. They can eat and enjoy their work or have fun.

Mcdonalds WiFi login is handy for all the customers who cannot leave their work behind. Therefore, the company allows them to complete their task and enjoy the delicious menu.

You can enjoy Wi-Fi service if you are in network range. Just open your device and search for WI-Fi networks and once you have found the Mcdonald’s Free WiFi in range, you can connect your device with it.

Below are the simple steps to connect to the Wi-Fi services of McDonald’s.

Steps to Connect to Mcdonalds WiFi Login Page

Connect with the Mcdonald’s Free WiFi using the below steps,

  • Search for Mcdonald’s WiFi using your device.
  • Once you have found the Mcdonald’s Free WiFi signal, please select your device’s “Connect” button.
  • Now use any standard web browser to open any page. It will take you to the official Mcdonalds WiFi login page.
  • Tap on the “Get Connected” option. Now you must accept the Wi-Fi usage terms and conditions.
  • After doing that, your device will have an active Wi-Fi connection enabled.
  • Now enjoy the fast WiFi services from McDonald’s.

How to connect with Mcdonald’s WiFi with Laptop?

connect to mcdonald's wifi on laptop

If you have a laptop device, you must follow the steps below to connect your laptop with the Mcdonald’s Free WiFi. The connection steps are so simple to understand.

  • Turn on your laptop first.
  • Then go to the Wi-Fi network icon on the bottom of your laptop’s taskbar.
  • Once you click it, it will load all the nearby WiFi networks.
  • You have to look for “Mcdonalds Free WiFi.”
  • Click that option using your mousepad.
  • Once you have clicked it, it will redirect you to the WI-Fi usage terms and condition page.
  • Accept the Wi-Fi terms of service.
  • Now click “Get Connected” in your browser.
  • After a successful Mcdonalds WiFi connect, you will get a success message.
  • Success message – “You are connected to WiFi. Enjoy.”
  • Now browse the internet!.

How to Connect an iOS device to Mcdonald’s WiFi?

If you have any device that runs on Apple’s iOS, then you can connect it to the Wi-Fi of McDonald’s. The process is direct. It just takes a few steps,

  • Open your iOS device like your tablet or iPhone.
  • Now access the Setting and then the Wi-Fi setting.
  • Please search for the Mcdonald’s Free WiFi signal or Mcdonalds Wayport access signal. 
  • Click it, once you have found it.
  • There will be a Wi-Fi network on Unsecured Network Status.
  • Open your iOS-supported device’s browser, or it will automatically open.
  • This browser will load the Mcdonald’s Free WiFi connect page.
  • Tap on the “Get Connected” option.
  • Wait a while unless you’ve successfully connect to the McDonald’s network.
  • Enjoy browsing the internet!

How to Connect Mcdonald’s WiFi on Any Android Device?

If you have any device that runs on Android OS, then you can also enjoy Mcdonald’s WiFi on your Android. The below steps are going to ensure a smooth login,

  • Go to the Setting option on your android device.
  • Now select Wi-Fi.
  • In this section, there will be an option to search for nearby WiFi networks.
  • It will show “Mcdonalds wifi wayport_access” or “Mcdonald’s Free WiFi” on your device.
  • Connect to that network.
  • You can open your phone’s browser, or it will automatically load the Mcdonald’s WiFi connection page.
  • Tap on the option “Get Connected.”
  • Within a few moments, you will have Wi-Fi access on your android-supported device.
  • Enjoy the free internet!

What is Mcdonald’s WiFi Wayport_access?

While you try to load the connect to Mcdonald’s Wi-Fi page, you will either have the regular Mcdonalds wifi sign in page or Mcdonalds WiFi Wayport_Access page. If you are wondering what “Wayport access” is, let me explain it.

Wayport is an Austin, Texas-based internet provider. This company first started in 1996. Since then, it has been actively providing different kinds of networking solutions. Today, this service is popular with an “AT&T” name.

Wayport has provided Free Wireless Internet services to many McDonald’s sites since 2010. Wayport and McDonald’s are trying to give the best internet service possible to the restaurant’s customers.

Steps for Mcdonalds WiFi Wayport_Access

  • Find the Wayport Mcdonald’s Wi-Fi network.
  • Click to “Connect” it.
  • Now open the Mcdonald’s WiFi login page.
  • Then now, move ahead with the process.

I cannot access the Wi-FI Services of McDonald’s

To connect to the services of Wi-Fi at McDonald’s, you must have the following,

  • Your device must support Wi-Fi.
  • Your device’s Wi-FI option should be on.
  • You must be within the range of MCD’s WiFi.
  • Select the correct network.
  • See if you have an earlier version of the browser installed and try to update.
  • Change your browser if the current one is not working.

Is WiFi service at McDonald’s secure?

You must think that since it is public WIFi, you must not use it because it is not secure. But it is not so! McDonald’s provides the best and certain WIFi services to customers.

  • But while using the internet services at McDonald’s, you must not browse harmful websites.
  • If you open a website that is not secure, then a virus, malware, or adware will be installed on your device in the background and will damage your device.
  • You have to practice not opening such websites that are illegal or are not secure.
  • Also, do not try to use credit cards or debit cards related to predictable passwords.
  • You can avoid downloading media that is potentially harmful.
  • Do not use your email ID to log in to different websites.
  • Avoid downloading larger files. Do not upload huge files.
  • Check the WiFi speed first.
  • Avoid taking any scams and fraudulent emails.
  • Always use the newly launched website browser.
  • Try to use the services that prefer encrypted end-to-end conversations and exchanges.
  • Use a good VPN to get more security with the internet.

Is there any charge for using WiFi at McDonald’s

If you use WiFi for up to two hours, then there will be a charge of $2.95. This rate is the same in almost all locations. But you can enjoy free unlimited MdonaldsWiFI internet for a specific period.


Does Mcdonalds have Free WiFi or paid?

You can enjoy the services free for a certain period. But you may be charged if you use the WIFI services frequently at the restaurant. There is a fixed charge of $2.95 for internet usage of 2 hours and above.

Is any other system supported besides popular iOS and Android?

You can use the WIFI services on any device that supports WiFi.

I cannot access the Mcdonald’s wifi login page.

Usually, such problems arise because of older versions of browsers or due to “WiFi not enabled” on your device during Mcdonald’s wifi login. Kindly check both options. If there is any other problem, please check with the store.


Now you understand Mcdonalds WiFi and how to connect it to your devices. When visiting McDonald’s for food, please use this service. You also need to consider some of the guidelines mentioned in this article for your safety using public WiFi services. Although MCD WiFi is safer, you must take precautions first.

In case of any doubt, please comment. I will get back to you soon.

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