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MAVMail helps the students of Minnesota State University, Mankato, to communicate with teachers and exchange information about their studies. It is an excellent communication method that allows students to get regular updates on their studies. If you do not know how to access your MAVmail Login account, you must read this article to get complete, step-by-step information.

MAVMail is accessible using your mobile device or computer. It is a part of Office 365 Suite. You can access other features such as Microsoft teams, MS Powerpoint, OneDrive, OneNote, Word, Excel, and others. All of these tools help the students to learn interactively. You can download the application and start using your Apple iOS devices or Android devices.

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If you are a new student who does not know anything about MAV Mail, I will explain how you can access your MAVmail Login account at

To know more about the email service and fix any trouble you are facing, I encourage you to read the article until the end.

MAVMail Benefits for Students

mavmail students benefits

All the students of MNSU get several benefits that help them study better. One such benefit is MAV MNSU Mail. Using this student email service, the users can have the following benefits,

  • Easy coordination between teachers and students of the university.
  • Students get all the updates about the study.
  • They can find out about the role in the university.
  • It is easy for teachers to inform the student about class information.

MAVMail allows better communication between students and teachers. It helps them exchange different study materials and updates easily and securely. It is a secure email service that helps students exchange information without worrying.

Now you are clear about the benefits of MNSU MAVmail. So now I will explain to you about MAVmail Login steps at But before the MAVmail Login process, you must know the requirements. Please read the next point.

MAVmail Login Requirements

  • You will require any standard device to access the website, like a PC/Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop.
  • MAVmail Login credentials, including username and password.
  • Always use the latest version of the internet browser.
  • MAVmail Login URL address.

How to Access MAVmail Login Account

You will already have the MNSU MAV mail account credentials. You need to open the right website and start the login process.

mavmail account login

  • It will open the Microsoft Sign-In page.
  • Here, you must enter your StarID. It will be like [email protected] (employee) or [email protected]. (student, emeriti, alum, etc.)
  • Please check if you entered the correct MAVMail Login ID.
  • Then proceed to click the Next button.
  • Follow the steps in the proper order.
  • Once you complete the login steps, you can log in to your official Office 365/MavMAIL Account.

How to Step up Your MavMail Account for iPhone or iPad

You must follow the steps to set up your official MavMail account on your iOS devices, such as iPad or iPhone.

  • First, you must go to the settings option on your iPhone / iPad.
  • Choose the Mail option.
  • Now, you have to add your Mav Mail account details.
  • Choose the Exchange option after that.
  • For employees accessing their email, please use the “[email protected]” login.
  • If you are a student, alumnus, emeritus, etc., you must choose your “[email protected]” credentials.
  • Choose the Sign In option.
  • Now you must choose your StarID official password and sign in.
  • After adding your StarID and clicking on Sign In, please provide your password.
  • Please click the Save button.
  • Now, please verify your new account.
  • Choose your Mail App or open your Outlook App.
  • Select the Mailboxes option.
  • Now, please select your MSU EMail or MinnState to check the emails.
  • If it does not load, please let it sync.

Note: You can access the previous email for one month. If you want older emails, you must change them to settings. Choose the “Mail Days to Sync” option from the Setting and then set “No Limit.”

How to Step up MavMail for Android Devices

Setting up MAV Mail on your Android device is easy. You will need to follow the steps that I have listed,

  • Open the setting menu on your android supported smartphone.
  • Now choose the Account option.
  • Click on Add Account.
  • Choose the Email option.
  • Then click on Office 365. If you cannot find this option, access your account using your Email application, and then you will find it
  • Choose your MAVMail email and StarID password to enter.
  • You’ll get a message on your screen about “permission requested.” You must accept it.
  • In the setting menu, change the option according to your requirement. And proceed to click on the next button.
  • You will successfully set up your email account.

MAVmail Sign In using D2L BrightSpace Homepage

MNSU D2L Brightspace how to check your Outlook calendar, OneDrive files, and even MavMail. Let me show you all the steps to access your MAV Mail using your MNSU D2L BrightSpace home page.

  • First, using your standard browser, you must access the BrightSpace D2L page at

click on sign on with starid option

  • Use your official StarID login credentials.

mavmail sign in using d2l brightspace

  • Access the Office 365 widget available on your PC or laptop.
  • Then access the “My Courses” option.
  • Please open the “My Basic Course” widget.
  • Please sign in to the student Office365 account.
  • There will be several options, such as MAVMail, OneDrive, Outlook, etc.
  • After clicking the option, you can enable calendar appointments, emails, etc.
  • Below the icon, you’ll find a great bar with a down arrow.
  • Click that arrow and the details you want to see.

Now you know how to set up your MAV Mail Mankato on your device. In case of any further help related to technical issues, you can use the following point.

MAVMail Login Help & Support

Students often cannot log in to their accounts due to some errors, and they cannot access their MAV Mail, which leads to delays in studies and frustration. Please contact the customer support team in such a situation.

  • Contact University’s Campus Hub: +1-800-722-0544 or Call +1-507-389-1866
  • Campus Hub Email Support: [email protected] 
  • MNSU, Mankato Address

Minnesota State University, Mankato,
MANKATO, MN – 56001 – 6062

Phone: +1-507-389-6654
Email Support: [email protected]
Mail Address: IT Solutions, Minnesota State University, Mankato, 3010-Memorial LIbrary, Mankato, MN – 56001


After reading this article on MAVMail Login at its official website, you must know how to use the portal. Use IT Solutions to contact us for details in case you run into trouble. For your personal doubts, you can reach out to me by posting comments below. I try to help whenever I can.


I cannot access my MAV Mail Mankato account. What must I do?

You have to check your internet speed and browser version and check if you are using the correct credentials to access your MAV Mail Mankato account. If nothing works, you can contact its support team at +1-507-389-6654.

Does D2L Brightspace allow access to all the office tools?

Yes, you can log in to the office 365 widget. After that, you can access your Outlook, OneDrive, Mav Mail, and Calendar.

Can I change my name for the email address used in MavMail?

Yes, you can change your name and your email address. Just log in to the E-services, then choose your Account Management option. After that, click on the “Name and Address info .”Proceed to change your details.

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