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MathsWatch is a VLE or Virtual Learning Environment which allows the students to use the services of the portal 24/7 anywhere across the globe. This is a complete Maths online learning platform that was first launched in 2016.

mathswatch portal

This platform is highly responsive on any of your devices. It automatically adjusts to any of the screen sizes. Take anything, your mobile, PC or even your tablet, this website will work without any problem.

The portal or VLE provides all the interactive questions about the study, practice questions, and worksheets that have the details about the Maths KS3 and GCSE.

Using the Maths Watch platform, you are able to access many topics and video tutorials and you would feel like you are in your classroom learning new things. If you want, you can also practice several questions such as KS3, Primary, GCSE and know about your ability via instant results and feedback from the system.

Your teacher will set assignments and you can complete them and find out your score instantly on your screen. This score result or feedback is also sent to your teacher and you.

How to Login to MathsWatch VLE Platform?

You can login to the MathsWatch Virtual Learning Environment student portal by using the below steps,

login to mathswatch vle platform

  • Now please type your username.
  • Now you must type the accurate password.
  • Click the button Login for access.
  • After a successful login, you will have your My Work page open on your screen.
  • On this page, you can see how many tasks are assigned to you by your teacher till the date.

If you are a parent, then know that the password and username both are given to your kid by the class teacher only. But there is also an option to login using your Google account. 

How to Use MathsWatch VLE System?

After you have successfully logged into the VLE system, you must know what to do. So please follow the steps,

  • My Work: The section “My Work” shows the work given by the teacher to the student.
  • Video: Please access the “Video” section and find the short study videos to learn.
  • Extras: In this section “Extras|, you will find additional information about the usage of the website and functions.

Note: After you click on the “Videos” you have two options to select either KS3 or GCSE.

  • Search and find the most relevant topic and access any clip number if you have an idea about it. You will find these details on the school website by accessing the documents.) 
  • If you want you can also find the videos and topics using the filter option and select the appropriate questions available to do this. You will have this entire process recorded in the My Process section. It is also known as self-guided learning.

Note: Find the GCSE or Certain grade topics

  • First you must find and choose the clip you wish to watch. Then go ahead to play the video and find the relevant video that explains the topic in the best way. The video will also include all the examples and questions that you can refer and know about.
  • Some students may also want to use the MathsWatch platform for their homework. But mostly the portal or platform is useful for the revisions and extra support.
  • You can find other important topics as you progress during the study year using the official school website. You will find the video clips for every single study area. If you know the number of the video, just type that in the search bar and you will find that video on your screen.
  • While watching the video, you can also start making notes of the points you hear. And further you can answer the question after completing the video. If you want something more interesting then there are interactive questions also that would help you understand better. These are marked automatically. You can use the worksheets to work to learn about the practice questions. Complete at least 3 – 4 topics every week on this portal.
  • For GCSE, this stays the same. But there is one extra feature which is selection according to the grade. For revision purposes or general practice (not selecting any specific topic) you can search for the topics that are below one grade or two grades from your target grade.

What are the important tabs to use?

  • MathsWatch Worksheet: With the help of this tab, you can open your worksheet according to the topic you chose. You work out your answers here, write the details in it and even print the worksheet. You can also write answers in the student exercise book.
  • One Minute Maths: You can use this option of One Minutes Maths to benefit from short videos that will help you in revision.
  • Interactive Questions: You can access the interactive questions on this portal and find the way to give the feedback instantly.

MathsWatch Answers – Detail

If you are looking to find the MathsWatch answers, or Mathswatch Worksheet Answers, Mathswatch Hack or MathsWatch answers hack, then please review the below PDF Document link. It includes all the details which you would want to see.

Maths Watch Answers – Link of the PDF

Method to Write MathsWatch Answers

You can find the below MathsWatch questions in the sequence you want,

While typing the answers, you must know about the symbols used in mathematics so that you can type the power, fraction, root or mixed numbers correctly. In the answer box, you need to click the “+” button.

Watch the below YouTube video to plot the graph and also use coordinates,

After clicking the button “Submit Answer”, you will get your answers saved. So if you want to log out of the system, then you can continue from where you left earlier. Your work is saved and nothing is lost.

After submitting your correct answer, the Maths Watch platforms, you can know if the answer you submitted was correct or not. If you get the message that your answer was wrong, then you can try to attempt the questions once again till you get the correct answer. This you can repeat for more than once and if you are confused, take help of the video and begin the process again.

Then you must click the button “Returned to Assigned Task” after you have successfully completed all the answers. Now check the score.

MathsWatch Popular Topics and Questions

  • Calculating perimeter and rectangle area, triangle area, parallelogram and circle area.
  • Writing algebraic expressions and then learning about the equations and expressions.
  • Finding the accurate formulas and learn about identities 
  • Learning about the Expanding brackets like 2(x-3)
  • Understanding quadratic expressions like x2+ax+b by using two brackets (linear).
  • Drawing diagrams and learning about flow diagrams and learning about the equations about the vertical lines and horizontal lines.
  • Learning and identifying patterns and shapes using rotational symmetry and symmetry for 2D Shapes.
  • Knowing about the language of probability and use of the probability scale. Learning about the calculation of the probability of any event’s outcome.
  • Easily solving linear equations such as 3x-1=1. Here the variable shows up on one side.
  • Learning to recognize the problems and solve them using the rate of pay, pressure and density and compound measures.

What are the MathsWatch VLE Features?

When you are using the Virtual learning Environment or VLE, then you must be aware about the features of the platform. Please find the features below,

      • Add and link the videos you want to MathsWatch’s official vimeo account.
      • Advantage of subscription management 
      • Creating questions and giving practice answers and using it as a homework part. Teacher benefit of using this portal for assignments and tests.
      • Freeform questions creation. This helps the students to engage in typing the longer answers and learn about the assigned content marks.
      • Details of Administer school. This allows the users to access all the types of qualifications according to the subscription chosen.
      • Easy creation of the Alerts and using the messages to communicate with the MathsWatch users.
      • This tool allows us to upload the details of the students and helps in putting them in the right class.
      • Easily create assignments and select the previously created questions of MathsWatch from thousands of lists.
      • Setting deadlines and time limits of the Homework, Intervention Assignments and important Tests.
      • Marking the assignments automatically.
      • Reviewing the marks according to the students, based on the questions and according to the class.
      • Option to download spreadsheets in different colors. This sheet will highlight those students who are underperforming. 
      • Control of the Details of Administration of the class, student and overall school 
      • The students can login the portal easily by logging with the help of their username and password. 
      • Easy review of the marks and checking upon the past assignments 
      • Receiving MathsWatch alerts and messages.
      • Checking online videos and learning with practice questions.

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FAQs – MathsWatch

What is MathsWatch platform?

MathsWatch is a VLE or Virtual Learning Environment which means it uses various tools to help in learning the Math in great detail and unlocking the full potential. You can find out many great videos using Mathswatch.Vle to study and learn and there are many questions that you can attend and complete them all online. This Math Watch portal provides all the features that a student would want.

Is VLE Mathswatch free for all?

The services of Vlemathswatch Login portal are available based on the plan you select for subscription. The price that you have to pay only to the school or your college and not to private tuition centers. The price is low and reasonable for everyone. If calculated the average, it would cost no more than 50p per student.

Can I use worksheets using Mathswatch Student Login?

Mathswatch Login allows you to easily access the Mathswatch Worksheets. In the Mathswatch Worksheets you can easily write, work on equations and solve your assignments, with various options available.

What is the name/surname format of the maths watch?

The format of the Maths Watch username will be as follow: 

Surname (lastname)[email protected] 

Example – Your name is kelvin Troy then the username will be 

Troy [email protected] 

Note: there is a space between surname and firstname. 

How Maths Watch Vle is useful?

Maths Watch Vle is an online tool that helps a lot to  the students at their home, It has a video sessions to practice what the teacher has taught in the class and also they contain the worksheet, in which there are some activities for the students to perform, in this way, the students can remember the lessons and also parents will come to know how they are taught in the school and help their child in studies if needed.

How to write Mathswatch Co UK Answers or Mathswatch.Co.UK Answers online?

Login into your account, then in the answers section, you may add any symbol you are looking for by pressing + sign in the answer box, when you are done, hit the submit answer button.

Is Www.Mathswatch.Vle authentic link?

Please find the genuine url here –

Mathswatch Login Student can be done via which methods?

You can choose various methods of login such as first username/password, with Wonde account, with your Google account or Microsoft account.

I don’t know about Mathswatch Sign In and using methods?

You can choose the option View demo on the login page, it will help you.

Is Powermaths Login and Maths watch login procedure same?

They are nearly the same, but the username and password formats might be different.

How To Get Mathswatch For Free?

You cannot get Mathswatxh for free, as there are compulsory subscription charges on this portal –

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