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Loves Wave Login

Are you an employee of Wave Financial trying to login to using your Loves Wave Login and not getting success? If you need a perfect guide to access the Loves The Wave official portal, then please read my article.

In this article, I have included all the right steps that you should know. You will always find my articles updated with new methods and top working links. The reason for this is, sometimes, users cannot access the old website links and cannot login with older login details.

So in this article, I have instructed an easy method for Loves Wave Login that would ensure that you do not face any issues while accessing the website.

About Loves Travel Stops

Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores first came out in 1964. This company provides a safe place for buying diesel fuel, gasoline, CNG, electronics items, travel items, restaurant offerings, snacks and many other required items that are necessary and for refreshment. There are other services that the Love’s Truck Care offers such as TirePass, heavy-duty tire care, road assistance and light mechanical services.

about loves travel stops

There are at least 590 locations of this store available in about 41 states. Love’s Hospitality also has a network of hotels and rental storage locations. The other subsidiary Love’s Financial provides services like freight bill factoring and provides all the support from back-office to the professional drivers.

There are above 36,000 employees that work in these travel shops and all are dedicated to help out the customers of Love’s to get the best services possible. Many professional drivers also get benefits of My Loves Rewards which is a great loyalty program started by the company. It provides the drivers a chance to earn additional points per gallon with the help of My Loves Rewards card. The headquarters of this company is in Oklahoma City.

Loves Wave Login Requirements

  • Official address for Loves Wave Login
  • Loves Wave Login valid username and password.
  • Computer or Smartphone or mobile devices
  • New version of the browser that you use.

How to Loves Wave Login at – Step by Step Guide

To successfully access the The Wave Loves portal, please read the below steps. These steps will ensure a smooth login to the portal.

the wave loves login

  • Now the above page will open. On this page, you must sign in with your [email protected]
  • After you have entered the details, please go to the “Next” button and click it.
  • Follow the next instructions of Loves Wave.

How to Reset Loves Wave Login Password

If you do not have your password with you or you have lost it, then you must recover it. Without your password, you cannot login and access the Loves Login account. Please use the following steps,

click on can't access your account

  • Now on the Loves Sign In page, please go to the “Can’t access your account?”.

select work or school account in loves wave login page

  • Now you must select the option – Work or School Account.

reset loves wave login password

  • To recover your account, you must enter the valid Mywave Loves Login username or associated email address.
  • After that please resolve the “text captcha” on the screen.
  • Once it is done, go and click the “Next” button.
  • Keep following the next instructions.

Wave Loves Login Help and Contact Info

If you are unable to access the official Thewave.Loves.Com Login Page with your device or you are unable to login with your credentials or any other technical or other issues, then you must know about the contact details that would help you fix any issues that you are facing.

  • Official Thewave Loves Employee Login website at or
  • Telephone number for help: 1.800.655.6837 or 1.800.OKLOVES
    • Kindly call from Monday to Friday – Timing 8 AM to 5 PM (CST).
  • The store and services stay closed on Sundays and during the Holidays.

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I am sure that now you know about Loves Wave Login and how and the best way you can login to the website. You might face some small issues that you can resolve yourself. But when you are struggling to open the website or use your login details, then you must take help from the support team. If you are willing to know more or ask me any specific question about Loves Wave Login, then please reach out to me using the comment section below.


Which The Wave Loves Login website is correct – or

Both of the above websites are correct for Mywave Login of Love’s. They both lead to the official login website.

What is My Love Reward Card?

The Reward card offered by Love’s allows the users to get different points for the dollar they spend. If you have the My Love Reward Card, then you can earn these shopping points by going to your favorite stores and you can use this card to shop or eat.

This is a Cashback card that provides the users best rewards for every single dollar that they spend.

What is the official Loves Employee Login website?

Many people mistake the The Wave Loves Employee Login website for login by clicking the wrong link. But you can click this link – Here you can use your login details like username and password and after that you can click on “Sign In”

If you work at Love’s and have official Love’s Network ID or IDM then you can visit this website and login as an employee.

What are the tips I must remember for Mywave Loves Com?

For Wave Login you must follow the below steps,

  • Internet Connectivity
  • Authentic credentials for Loves The Wave Login
  • Checking website if it is down or working or not via – website or other websites.
  • Using your genuine location and turning off the VPN if you are using it.

These are some of the basic tips that you should remember for Thewave Loves Employee Login.

When I try to use the The Wave Employee Login, it opens Is it the correct website?

The website you are trying to access is the official Wave Finance company employee login website. If you are trying to reach Love’s website then please use the Thewave.Loves.Com Login Page.

You can also reach out to the if you want to access the official Love’s Employee Login website. Please make sure that you open the correct employee login website.

I am not able to access the Thewave Loves Com Website using my tablet. It shows a blank page.

If you are using an older version of the operating system on your device, then you may not be able to open the website using your device. The issue may be related to the older version of the browser as well. So please try to use the latest version of both.

Is Mywave.Loves.Com Login a safe website?

For all the employees, accessing the Loves The Wave Login Portal is safe. The reason is it is not a third party website that you can access but it is a valid company website that allows you to login.

I am a new employee and do not know how to access the My Wave Loves Login site.

Open the Thewave.Loves.Com Website and use your Wave Loves Login. If you have joined recently then you must take help from a support team that would help you out with fixing the issues with Sign In Thewave.Loves.Com.

Whom to contact if I am having issues with www the wave loves com employee login?

For getting help for The Wave For Loves Employees, you must use the official company website. Please click this link – Link. It will open the contact us page for Loves Travel Stop The Wave.

On this page, you will have to fill up a form with your personal details accurately. In the Comments option in the form, you must write about the Wave Employee Login related issues. And select how the team can contact you for discussion.

How to Register My Love Rewards Card and get Wave Card Login?

First you must open this link – The Wave Love’s Website for Credit Card

The precondition is that you must have your My Love Rewards Card with you.

Now complete your verification process.

  • Add your My Love Rewards number in the first blank.
  • Then you must enter your Birth Month in the given format.
  • Now add Day, Year, and address.
  • Create your My Love Rewards Login password.
  • Select the Driver Type (leased, owner, company fleet, etc)
  • After selecting the company’s name, choose the number of trucks in your fleet.
  • Now agree to all the terms listed below.
  • Now you must click the Create New Account option for your new My Love Rewards Login account.

Within a short time you will have your account created.

Is the Loves The Wave Employee Login for employees or the customers can access with the same link?

The Love’s Travel Stop Employee Login website is for the employees only.

Can I sign in with my other employee’s The Wave Login Loves account  because I do not have any account yet?

Using other employee’s details to access The Wave Loves Com is not recommended. You can check the details and understand how the account works but cannot make any changes or check your personal details. Every account on the Loves.Com Wave website is unique and personal.

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