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In today’s article, we are going to share every detail on LaSRS login. So if you are unaware of LaSRS Login, please stay on this article and know what is LaSRS Dashboard Login.

If you are not aware of what LaSRS Login is, then read this complete paragraph. There is a private corporation named Statistical Resources Inc. in Louisiana. It has been involved in providing various statistical data of state offices for more than 30 years. All the tasks of this corporation are operated online via Currently, they serve four groups in the department of health. They are

  • The office for aging and adult services
  • Office of Citizens having Developmental Disabilities.
  • Office of behavioral health
  • The Medicaid Vendor Administration primarily

The main objective of is to provide data on such people so that the state office can improve individual lives and can receive any service needed from the state offices.

By finishing this article, you will be knowing all the details about sign-in procedure, requirements for, and much more.

So, without thinking further, let us move straight to the LaSRS.

Shall we?

We will start mentioning everything one by one, but let us be clear with the prerequisite things for login.

LaSRS Login Requirements

We are sharing below the Login Requirements. You will require the following things for LaSRS portal login, once you are equipped with them, then follow the stepwise procedure for login into the portal.

  • Official website of LaSRS Web address
  • LaSRS username and password.
  • Internet connectivity
  • A device such as Laptop, Smartphone, or tablet.

How to Login to LaSRS

We are sharing here the stepwise procedure of LaSRS Login at to successfully login into the portal. Kindly follow every step as mentioned below and do not skip any, otherwise, you would end up nowhere.

  • Visit the Login Page.

lasrs login

  • On the Login page, enter your username and password.
  • Next, click on the Login button to get access to your account.

How to Register at LaSRS Login

When you are login into LaSRS for the first time, you will need to sign up first, only then you can log in. we have already seen the login procedure. Now let us go through the Sign-in procedure.

  • open the website and search for ‘register’.
  • Answer few questions on this page.
  • The questions will include the following:
  • Name of the agency: if you are working with some of the agencies provide that name.
  • Email Id: Provide your email Id for further communication
  • Phone Number: Provide your phone number for instant reach.
  • Session: Choose the session from the drop-down option
  • Region: Enter your location, so they can better judge.
  • Number attending: Menton the number of people attending the training.
  • First attendee: Mention the name here of the first attendee.
  • At last: you will be asked for a mathematical captcha like the addition or subtraction of any two numbers to prove you are not a robot.

How to Reset LaSRS Login Password

Password is an important thing for you to enter into LaSRS Portal, you cannot just lose it or forget it, but, if you lost it somehow, we have provided you with a solution below, kindly follow the procedure to recover your lost password of LaSRS Login.

  • Visit the official website of LaSRS:
  • Find “Can’t access your account” on the screen and click it.
  • State the username of that account.
  • After that hit the submit button and do as suggested for the next steps,
  • Kindly read the instruction on the screen, and follow as stated.

You will soon be able to recover your lost password by following the above steps carefully. 

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We hope you find the details worth reading and investing your precious time, hope we have fulfilled the details necessary for login into this portal. If you want to connect to us then directly state us in the comment section. See you in the next article; you may also share any topic of login procedure with us in the comment section.

Lasrs Login Help

Although we have tried to cover all possible information, in case you need to know more or contact them, use their official website to reach them.

Official Website:


Can I, being an individual, sign up for LaSRS?

No, as this is very critical information on the people of the states, you cannot sign up as an individual, you must be working with some agency.

Can I login into LASRS from my Mobile?

Yes, you can download app for Android and install it on your android phone and get easy access to the portal.

How old is this corporation?

This is trusted by the states for more than 30 years.

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