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Labcorp Patient Portal is one of the best portals that help patients to manage their healthcare with the best possible experience. The portal allows the patients to communicate with the doctors and get all the necessary healthcare details whenever they want. They will only need to use their Labcorp Patient Portal Login credentials.

Labcorp Patient Portal is a private portal that is secure to access. If you are a patient, you will have no trouble accessing your medical history, communicating with the doctor, making appointments, and maintaining your records online.

labcorp patient portal

In this article, you will get complete guidance on creating your new account, logging in to your existing account, and resetting your credentials to retrieve your patient account.

With your login credentials, you can gain access to the patient portal by Lapcorp at any time. It is available for 24/7 access.

What is the Labcorp Patient Portal?

With the help of the Labcorp Patient Portal, every patient can access details by visiting the official website After accessing the portal, the patients can see their account-related details and perform all the tasks efficiently. Whether checking the medical history, having secure communication with the healthcare provider, making necessary appointments, or doing any other work, Labcorp is the best solution that provides the ultimate patient experience in maintaining the data.

what is labcorp patient portal

There are several functions that the patient needs to access regularly, such as looking up the details about doctors, filling prescriptions, accessing EHR (electronic health records), etc. The patients need to accept now and then. The patients can handle the situation if they have a secure portal where I can get all the information that they need. In this case, they can access the website.

So, by now, you may be clear about the Labcorp Patient Portal and what functions you can access using it. After successfully logging into the portal with your credentials at, you’ll get several features I have listed in the next point.

Labcorp Patient Portal Login Benefits

Everyone who logs into Labcorp Patient Portal finds the portal useful for their needs. It offers features that are personalized, easy to use and help them access all of them securely.

  • There is support for 24/7 billing and information updates about appointments.
  • As a patient, you can request a refill of the medications effortlessly.
  • The patient portal by Labcorp allows users to access details about vaccines, medications, energies, and any health condition they have.
  • Accessing laptop results with the Labcorp portal becomes relatively more straightforward.
  • The patient can also upload their medical documents/records on the portal.
  • Patients can send online messages to doctors.
  • You will get all the appointment reminders to take advantage of them.

After reading the above features or benefits, you may be clear about how important the portal is for any patient. To access these benefits, you must have your account. Please follow the below steps if you still need to get your account.

How to Create a Labcorp Patient Portal Login Account

You must have an account on Labcorp Patient Portal to easily view, print, and download all your medical lab results. The portal provides all the tools needed to schedule appointments and pay your bills online.

It’s so simple to create your account. You have to follow the below steps.

Step 1: Visit the page

click on create account on labcorp patient portal login page

  • You’ll have to go to the “Create an Account” option on this page.

Step 2: Provide your personal details

  • Now please provide the requested details.
  • Enter your first legal name, Middle name ( this is optional), and finally last name.
  • Then choose your gender from the available options.
  • Please provide your date of birth and confirm it.

Step 3: Provide your address details

labcorp patient portal registration page

  • Add your address details and phone number.
  • Right after that, please provide your email address and confirm it.
  • Create your secure new password. After that please confirm it.
  • Tick on the Authorization option and resolve a captcha.
  • Click on the “Create an Account” option.

Requirements to access Labcorp Patient Portal

So, now you have created your account on Labcorp Patient Portal. Kindly proceed to fulfill the requirements below,

  • Official page for login:
  • Labcorp Patient Portal Login credentials
  • Good internet connection

How to Login to the Labcorp Patient Portal Account?

After you have fulfilled all the above requirements for accessing the Labcorp Patient website account, you must follow the steps below to log in successfully.

Step 1: Open the website

  • Please visit the above link and open the main page of the website

Step 2: Provide your Labcorp Patient Portal Login credentials

  • You will have to enter the email and password in the login credentials to access your account.
  • Please make sure you enter the same email you used for registration.

Step 3: Sign in and perform any action.

labcorp patient portal login page

  • Please verify your details as correct before signing in.
  • Now you can use different options or features that are available on the website.

How to reset the Labcorp Patient Portal Login Password?

After visiting the Labcorp Sign In Page, if you cannot access your account with your password, please use the given steps to retrieve your password.

Step 1: Open the My Labcorp Login page

  • Please open the official patient portal by Labcorp.

Step 2: Click to open the password reset link

forgot labcorp patient portal account password

  • Please click the “Forgot the password?

Step 3: Reset your password

reset labcorp patient portal login password

  • Provide your email address in the blank.
  • Then, resolve the captcha image.
  • After that, please click on the “Submit” button.
  • Wait for further instructions.

Labcorp Patient Portal Helpdesk Contact Details

For any trouble, you face while accessing your Labcorp patient account, you can use the following contact details that will help you fix them with the help of team members of Labcorp.

  • Labcorp Portal Login: Patient.Labcorp.Com
  • Official Company Website:
  • Toll-Free Contact: 888-851-9738
  • Correspondence Address

Laboratory Corporation of America
531, South Spring Street,
Burlington, North Carolina – 27215,

  • The Contact Number of the Customer Service 



Labcorp Patient Portal works on almost all smartphones that have internet and browser. It makes the patients struggle little when they need details on an urgent basis. The best thing about the Labcorp Patient Portal is that it can access 24/7. Every patient can manage their profile, pay due bills, set and schedule appointments, send messages to the doctor and get responses, request medication refills, find details about prescriptions, and set reminders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does Labcorp usually take when it comes to return the results?

The turnaround of Labcorp Patient Results takes up to two weeks.

What is the real purpose of Labcorp Log In?

The Labcorp Patient Portal login credentials are helpful for patients to pay attention to their health and find all the details whenever they want. The solutions by Labcorp are great as they provide the online portal to access, provide the best medication services to the patients, and manage overall healthcare and delivery services.

How to pay the bill without using Labcorp Com Login?

To pay your medical bills, you must contact the 800-845-6167 number. By calling this number, you will get a complete step by step guidance about how to pay your bills.

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