Kodachadri Trek : A Perfect Detailed Guide

chadri Trek Kodachadri Trek
chadri Trek Kodachadri Trek

Kodachadri Trek is one of the famous hills in the Western Ghats with a trek of approximately five hours. If you are searching for an adventure packed soul fulfilling trek, then Kodachadri is definitely one of those wholesome places.

The ancient temple of Kollur Mookambika is another reason that attracts the pilgrims from all over the place. Relish the tranquillity of the surrounding with a view of lush greenery of the forest.

Kodachadri Trek Kodachadri Trek chadri Trek Kodachadri Trek chadri Trek
Kodachadri Trek chadri Trek Kodachadri Trek chadri Trek Kodachadri Trek
Kodachadri Trek

Another highlight includes Hidlumane waterfalls that are on the way in this trek. It is as awe-inspiring as it is daunting to look at. Once you reach the top, you can enjoy the sunset and even get a view of Arabian sea if you are blessed with a clear sunny day.

Important Facts:

Trek Elevation: 4406 ft

Trek Distance: 20 km

Trek Time: 1 day/2 day (depends on whether you take jeep)

Best Season: September to February

Distance from Bangalore: 422 km

How to reach:

Mangalore is the nearest city with a distance of 130 km from Kollur town from where you start your hike. From Mangalore Airport there are several transport options like private busses that operate daily.

If you want to reach Kodachadri from Bangalore then you can choose any of the options.

How to reach by Bus: Several busses are available for Kollur from Bangalore throughout the day. The bus will drop you at Nagara, from where you can hire a local transport.

How to reach by Train: Mangalore railway station is 75 km away from Kollur, from there hire a cab or travel by bus.

How to reach by Car: There are multiple routes from Bangalore to Kodachadri, you can use google maps for the navigation.

Trek route:

Trail 1: Challenging

This route takes you through the steep ascent of the Hidlumane waterfall, at one point you even have to climb this fall on your way to the peak. Having said that, this trail is the most exciting one and provides you with the perfect thrill on your trek. However, you need to be physically strong for this option.

Trail 2: Comparatively easier

This route start its base from the small Santosh hotel in Valur, you can take your private car up till this hotel and then trek for about 4-5 hours to reach the Kodachadri peak.

Trail 3: Costly one

Take a bumpy adventurous ride up to Shankar Peetha in a jeep with an approximately charge of 3000 INR. This is the longest offbeat path to the peak. You will even make a stop at Hidlumane waterfall. To sum it up, it is a mix of comfortable and a little bit of adventurous ride.

What to carry:

·       Waterproof Backpack

·       Hiking shoes

·       Water bottle (at least 2 liters)

·       Toiletries, Towel

·       Spare clothes with polythene (to store wet clothes)

·       Identity card

·       Snacks, energy bar, ORS/glucose

·       Mosquito repellent

·       Tent (if you plan to stay overnight for camping)

·       Raincoat and plastic covers for your electronic device (only in monsoon)

·       Flashlight (for emergency)

·       Camera with backup batteries

·       First aid and medication (if any)

·       Accessories like sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm etc.

When to Visit:

According to the experienced trekker, the months of September to February are best to experience all that Kodachadri has to offer. The monsoon months bring out the best of flora and landscape view of the dense forest. You will come across many small streams on your trail.

The Hidlumane waterfall is at its peak with lush greenery surrounding it.

Safety measures:

Prevention is always better than cure. Keeping this in mind one should follow the simple Do’s and Don’ts on their trip to Kodachadri.


·       If you plan on staying a night for camping, do it through a trusted tour operator.

·       While visiting Kodachadri in monsoon season be aware of the slippery places with leeches and invest in good hiking shoes with a grip.

·       Wear something that won’t tie you down and are comfortable, also pack an extra pair of clothes.

·       Always keep your own first-aid instead of depending on others.

·       If you are new to trekking then it is advisable to take jeep safari.


·       Do not litter. While visiting this rare beauty a responsible citizen should help protect mother nature.

·       Don’t push your body too much, if you feel breathlessness or any other discomfort inform your guide. 

·       Don’t wander off alone, always follow your guide.

·       Don’t forget to drink water, keep your body hydrated during the trek.

·       Don’t carry unnecessary items that will make your backpack heavy and your trek tiresome.

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