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JPA Login – Joint Personnel Administration or JPA is the British Army Portal system for intranet-based personnel administration. This portal is limited to military personnel and MOD Civil Employees. To access the JPA Navy Portal, the personnel must have their JPA Portal Login details.

JPA login is a straightforward process through which you can access much relevant information such as your payslips, working hours, perks you are entitled to and much more, kindly go through the whole article to complete in-depth details of the portal.

To know more about accessing the JPA Portal and its features, please complete the article until the end. I will guide you with all the necessary details.

What is JPA Portal Login?

It is secure login credentials that are relevant to the employees of the government jobs to check work details. Because so many government employees work in different departments, such as the Ministry of Defense, Military, Navy and other departments, they all need an excellent personnel management system. JPA is the best system that helps employees get all the details instantly.

The login credentials are an easier way to access the portal and find details anytime from any preferred location.

Details About The Ministry of Defence

The Defence Ministry department is one of the government departments of the United Kingdom. This department is responsible for managing the resources and personnel in the UK military.

about the ministry of defence

The Defence Ministry does not control all the operations, budget, spending limits, building strategies etc. Instead, they are liable to report to the Secretary of state for deference.

The JPA – Joint Personnel Administration portal is an Intranet-based system, meaning you can only open that account on the authorized premises. With the help of this login, the user can modify his personal data and store it within a secure personnel service system known as PSS.

You can get information from the portal, such as listed below:

  • The structure of the organization
  • Personnel management information (PMI)
  • Details regarding your payslips and pension
  • Various forms, instructions manual and templates
  • Courses details
  • Valuable records of successful operations.

Advantages of Using the MOD JPA portal

A user can find several advantages by being a member and using the JPA Navy login. You will be happy to see all the advantages, well I am listing a few of them for your reference.

  • You can choose Flexible working hours and time off hours.
  • Check your income-related information such as payslips, pensions, training details and related information.
  • Send a request for deployment or temporary duty and can travel easily.
  • You can download the MOD forms like Seasprite Form 12 A.
  • The system will link you with many other services, such as MODLibrary, MyMPS etc.
  • You can also use the portal for any medical information and health-related issue.

As we have now seen, what is JPA British Portal login and what are a few of its advantages? Let us see how to login into the portal, but before that, you will require some credentials to log in successfully. We shall see the requirements first and then move to understand the stepwise login procedure.

JPA Online Login Requirements

You will need the following things on hand:

  • An official website URL of JPA Mod Login
  • JPA Navy login’s authentic username and associated password or staff number with its password.
  • A reliable internet connection is not required as you will only use the portal inside the premises.
  • A laptop, computer or tablet to access the URL
  • You must update the browser of the device to the latest version.

How to Access JPA Login Account

Kindly follow the steps mentioned in this section to use the JPA self service login portal successfully. Also, keep in mind the guidelines below.

  • Open the official website URL of the JPA Portal login using the link – www.defencegateway.mod.UK
  • Upon clicking on the above link, you will see the British Army JPA login interface.

jpa login

  • You are supposed to type in either your JPA username or service/ staff number on this page.
  • In the following field, type in your password.
  • Please verify both fields correctly, as the password would be case-sensitive.
  • Lastly, click on the “Sign in” button below to access your JPA account online.

Steps on How to Reset JPA Login Password

Passwords are essential in logging in to any website, and you must remember the password. If you forget the password, you won’t be able to access the portal, so if you have forgotten your login password, are unable to recall it, or maybe the portal is showing some error regarding your password, do not panic. I have provided the steps. Following them can reset your lost password and gain portal access again.

Please follow the simple steps below to reset your password and have access again.

  • Open the official JPA portal login website using the link –

click on can't login in jpa login page

  • You will see a link to  “can’t log in?” Tap on that.

click on can't login in jpa login page

  • Now you will see many options on the screen. You are supposed to select the first one – “I don’t know my password.”

reset jpa portal login password

  • Upon clicking it, you will see another window. It will ask for your username or staff number to verify your identity.
  • Provide the asked details and hit the submit button.
  • Now check your registered email, as you will receive the password reset link in your email.
  • The email must have the link for resetting your password and also will have some basic guidelines you need to follow.
  • So, read the guidelines and follow the steps.
  • Following them properly, you will be able to create a new JPA password for your JPA login.

JPA Login Help and Support

If you have any questions or queries, you can seek help from the customer support department. You can access the JPA online login support using the link below.

  • Customer Service Page:
  • Official JPA Portal:


So, it briefly introduced the JPA Portal login on its website: I have also stated some of the advantages of using the portal. Further, to help you out, I have also mentioned the steps to reset your lost password. If you still have any doubts regarding this article, you can surely drop a message in the comment box, and I will try to reach you back as soon as possible.


What is the JPA staff portal in brief?

JPA staff portal is an online intranet-based portal that helps users view their pay stubs, request leaves, manage their time, direct deposit, benefits, and much more. It also helps calculate the overtime served, tax-related details, and access to many templates, forms etc.

How can I check my last direct deposit?

Open the portal, go to “my account tab”, then select “view my account activity”. This tab will show you all the last activity performed on your account.

Is there any mobile application for JPA portal login?

Yes, an app for JPA login is available on smartphones. You can download the app and access the portal on your smartphone using the same login credentials.

I see an error message while logging into the JPA staff portal. What to do?

If you see an error message while accessing the portal, you could reach the helpdesk team using any of the below methods:

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