IPL 2021 Schedule, Team, Venue, Time Table

IPL 2021 – VIVO IPL 2021 has been scheduled between 19 September 2021 and 15 October 2021 in the United Arab Emirates. Here you will get the full IPL 2021 new schedule, IPL 2021 new date, IPL 2021 new fixture, IPL 2021 team updates, IPL 2021 new venue, IPL 2021 new timetable, IPL 2021 PDF download, IPL 2021 point table, IPL 2021 teams ranking, IPL 2021 winning prediction and all you need to know about the IPL 2021. This year’s IPL 2021 was suspended in may due to the ongoing rising cases of Covid 19! As per sources,during the span of September-October,United Arab Emirates is supposed to host the remainder of IPL 2021.According to the IPL 2021 New Schedule, IPL will commence from 19th September and the final match will be help on 10th October 2021.There are 31 matches remaining matches of IPL 2021 which will be split into seven single headers,ten double headers and four playoffs. All these matches will be hosted within the 21days span before the world begins with ICC T20 world cup. 

IPL 2021 new schedule

Latest Update>>>> The BCCI announced Dream 11 IPL 2021 Phase 2 New Schedule, Match Date and time, Stadium and Team-wise Match is now released. This IPL Season will resume from 19th September. This is the first time when IPL is rescheduling. So now check the Point table, Team Schedule, and players details all below.

Conducting BodyBCCI (The board of Control Cricket of India)
Topic onIPL (Indian Premier League)
IPL 2021 Reschedule Date19 September to 15th October 2021
Web linkIplt20.com
Host CountryUnited Arab Emirates (UAE)
IPL Live Streaming ChannelsDisney+ Hotstar 
Star Sports on TV (Star Sports 1, Star Sports 1 HD, Star Sports Select, and Star Sports Select HD)
Match TimingAfternoon Match start at 03:30 PM IST
Evening Match Start 07:30 PM IST
IPL 2021

IPL Winners

IPL SeasonYearWinner Team
132020Mumbai Indians
122019Mumbai Indians
112018Chennai Super Kings
102017Mumbai Indians
92016Sunrisers Hyderabad
82015Mumbai Indians
72014Kolkata Knight Riders
62013Mumbai Indians
52012Kolkata Knight Riders
42011Chennai Super Kings
32010Chennai Super Kings
22009Deccan Chargers
12008Rajasthan Royals
IPL 2021
IPL 2021
IPL 2021

IPL 2021 New Date

Originally the VIVO IPL 2021 was scheduled between 9 April 2021 and 30 May 2021. On 4 May 2021, due to the COVID situation in India, the tournament was postponed. Later on June 7, BCCI announces the resumption of IPL from 19 September in UAE.

Match 30SUN19-Sep-21CSK Vs MIDUBAI06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 31MON20-Sep-21KKR Vs RCBABU DHABI06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 32TUE21-Sep-21PBKS Vs RRDUBAI06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 33WED22-Sep-21DC Vs SRHDUBAI06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 34THU23-Sep-21MI Vs KKRABU DHABI06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 35FRI24-Sep-21RCB Vs CSKSHARJAH06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 36SAT25-Sep-21DC Vs RRABU DHABI02:00 PM03:30 PM
Match 37SAT25-Sep-21SRH Vs PBKSSHARJAH06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 38SUN26-Sep-21CSK Vs KKRABU DHABI02:00 PM03:30 PM
Match 39SUN26-Sep-21RCB Vs MIDUBAI06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 40MON27-Sep-21SRH Vs RRDUBAI06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 41TUE28-Sep-21KKR Vs DCSHARJAH02:00 PM03:30 PM
Match 42TUE28-Sep-21MI Vs PBKSABU DHABI06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 43WED29-Sep-21RR Vs RCBDUBAI06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 44THU30-Sep-21SRH Vs CSKSHARJAH06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 45FRI01-Oct-21KKR Vs PBKSDUBAI06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 46SAT02-Oct-21MI Vs DCSHARJAH02:00 PM03:30 PM
Match 47SAT02-Oct-21RR Vs CSKABU DHABI06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 48SUN03-Oct-21RCB Vs PBKSSHARJAH02:00 PM03:30 PM
Match 49SUN03-Oct-21KKR Vs SRHDUBAI06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 50MON04-Oct-21DC Vs CSKDUBAI06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 51TUE05-Oct-21RR Vs MISHARJAH06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 52WED06-Oct-21RCB Vs SRHABU DHABI06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 53THU07-Oct-21CSK Vs PBKSDUBAI02:00 PM03:30 PM
Match 54THU07-Oct-21KKR Vs RRSHARJAH06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 55FRI08-Oct-21SRH Vs MIABU DHABI02:00 PM03:30 PM
Match 56FRI08-Oct-21RCB Vs DCDUBAI06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 57SUN10-Oct-21QUALIFIER 1DUBAI06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 58MON11-Oct-21ELIMINATORSHARJAH06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 59WED13-Oct-21QUALIFIER 2SHARJAH06:00 PM07:30 PM
Match 60FRI15-Oct-21FINALDUBAI06:00 PM07:30 PM
IPL 2021
NoIPL 2021 new venue in UAE
1Dubai International Stadium
2Sharjah Cricket Stadium
3Sheikh Zayed Stadium
4ICC Academy Ground
IPL 2021
Match NoMatchDateTime
31MI vs CSK19/09/20217:30PM
32KKR vs RCB20/09/20217:30PM
33Punjab Kings vs RR21/09/20217:30PM
34DC vs Sunrisers Hyderabad22/09/20217:30PM
35MI vs KKR23/09/20217:30PM
36RCB vs CSK24/09/20217:30PM
37DC vs RR25/09/20213:30PM
38Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Punjab Kings25/09/20217:30PM
39CSK vs KKR26/09/20213:30PM
40RCB vs MI26/09/20217:30PM
41Sunrisers Hyderabad vs RR27/09/20217:30PM
42KKR vs DC28/09/20213:30PM
43MI vs Punjab Kings28/09/20217:30PM
44RR vs RCB29/09/20217:30PM
45Sunrisers Hyderabad vs CSK30/09/20217:30PM
46KKR vs Punjab Kings1/10/20217:30PM
47MI vs DC2/10/20213:30PM
48RR vs CSK2/10/20217:30PM
49RCB vs Punjab Kings3/10/20213:30PM
50KKR vs Sunrisers Hyderabad3/10/20217:30PM
51DC vs CSK4/10/20217:30PM
52RR vs MI5/10/20217:30PM
53RCB vs Sunrisers Hyderabad6/10/20217:30PM
54CSK vs Punjab Kings7/10/20213:30PM
55KKR vs RR7/10/20217:30PM
56Sunrisers Hyderabad vs MI8/10/20213:30PM
57RCB vs DC8/10/20217:30PM
58Qualifier 110/10/20217:30PM
60Qualifier 213/10/20217:30PM
IPL 2021
April 2021,91.    MI vs RCB
April 2021,102.    CSK vs DC
April 2021,113.    SRH vs KKR
April 2021,124.    RR vs PK
April 2021,135.    KKR vs MI
April 2021,146.    SRH vs RCB
April 2021,157.    RR vs DC
April 2021,168.    PK vs CSK
April 2021,179.    MI vs SRH
April 2021,1810. RCB vs KKR
April 2021,1811. DC vs PK
April 2021,1912. CSK vs RR
April 2021,2013. DC vs MI
April 2021,2114. PK vs SRH
April 2021,2115. KKR vs CSK
April 2021,2216. RCB vs RR
April 2021,2317. PK vs MI
April 2021,2418. RR vs KKR
April 2021,2519. CSK vs RCB
April 2021,2520. SRH vs DC
April 2021,2621. PK vs KKR
April 2021,2722. DC vs RCB
April 2021,2823. CSK vs SRH
April 2021,2924. MI vs RR
April 2021,2925. DC vs KKR
April 2021,3026. PK vs RCB
May 2021, 127. MI vs CSK
May 2021, 228. RR vs SRH
May 2021, 229. PK vs DC
May 2021, 330. KKR vs RCB
May 2021, 431. SRH vs MI
May 2021, 532. RR vs CSK
May 2021, 633. RCB vs PK
May 2021, 734. SRH vs CSK
May 2021, 835. KKR vs DC
May 2021, 836. RR vs MI
May 2021, 937. CSK vs PK
May 2021, 938. RCB vs SRH
May 2021, 1039. MI vs KKR
May 2021, 1140. DC vs RR
May 2021, 1241. CSK vs KKR
May 2021, 1342. MI vs PK
May 2021, 1343. SRH vs RR
May 2021, 1444. RCB vs DC
May 2021, 1545. KKR vs PK
May 2021, 1646. RR vs RCB
May 2021, 1647. CSK vs MI
May 2021, 1748. DC vs SRH
May 2021, 1849. KKR vs RR
May 2021, 1950. SRH vs PK
May 2021, 2051. RCB vs MI
May 2021, 2152. KKR vs SRH
May 2021, 2153. DC vs CSK
May 2021, 2254. PK vs RR
May 2021, 2355. MI vs DC
May 2021, 2356. RCB vs CSK
May 2021, 2557. Qualifier 1
May 2021, 2658. Eliminator
May 2021, 2859. Qualifier 2
May 2021, 3060. Final
IPL 2021

New dates of 2021 IPL and new venue

After the tournament was suspended due to the covid outbreak, Mr. Brijesh Patel,the government council chairman of IPL mentioned that the authorities are looking for ways to complete the tournament by conducting the remaining matches of the tournament before the t20 world cup takes place. 

Souray Gangly, the BCCI president has informed that the tournament will not take place in India, however we have received positive indication from the BCCI president about the remaining schedule.BCCI is in talks with ICC and other cricket boards to fix a schedule for the remaining matches. 

First slot:The available first slot to resume IPL tournament is September. During that span, most of the country’s players are packed up except for West Indies and Australia. 

Second slot: another slot that’s free to resume IPL is the month of November after t20 world cup 2021 According to the sources the t20 world cup is supposed to take place within 18th October to 15th November. 

Match NumberIPL 2021 Reschedule Venue
Match 1UAE (Dubai)
Match 2UAE (Dubai)
Match 3UAE (Dubai)
Match 4UAE (Dubai)
Match 5UAE (Dubai)
Match 6UAE (Dubai)
Match 7UAE (Dubai)
Match 8UAE (Dubai)
Match 9UAE (Dubai)
Match 10UAE (Dubai)
Match 11UAE (Dubai)
Match 12UAE (Dubai)
Match 13UAE (Dubai)
Match 14UAE (Dubai)
Match 15UAE (Dubai)
Match 16UAE (Dubai)
Match 17UAE (Dubai)
Match 18UAE (Dubai)
Match 19UAE (Dubai)
Match 20UAE (Dubai)
Match 21UAE (Dubai)
Match 22UAE (Dubai)
Match 23UAE (Dubai)
Match 24UAE (Dubai)
Match 25UAE (Dubai)
Match 26UAE (Dubai)
Match 27UAE (Dubai)
Match 28UAE (Dubai)
Match 29UAE (Dubai)
Match 30UAE (Dubai)
Match 31UAE (Dubai)
IPL 2021

IPL 2021 Points Table

DC862120.55W L W W W L W W
CSK752101.26L W W W W W L
Royal Challengers Bangalore75210-0.17W W W W L W L
MI74380.06L W W L L W W
RR7346-0.19L W L L W L W
Punjab Kings8356-0.37W L L L W L W L
KKR7254-0.49W L L L L W L
Sunrisers Hyderabad7162-0.62L L L W L L L
IPL 2021
IPL Reschedule date 2021Date and Time
Starting Date19 September 2021
2nd MatchAvailable Soon
3rd MatchAvailable Soon
4th MatchAvailable Soon
5th MatchAvailable Soon
6th MatchAvailable Soon
7th MatchAvailable Soon
8th MatchAvailable Soon
9th MatchAvailable Soon
10th MatchAvailable Soon
11th MatchAvailable Soon
12th MatchAvailable Soon
13th MatchAvailable Soon
14th MatchAvailable Soon
15th MatchAvailable Soon
16th MatchAvailable Soon
17th MatchAvailable Soon
18th MatchAvailable Soon
19th MatchAvailable Soon
20th MatchAvailable Soon
Final Match10 October 2021
IPL 2021
IPL 2021 new schedule in UAE19 September 2021 to 15 October 2021
Host Indian Premier League
Host Country UAE
Administrator Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)
Format T20 (20 Over Cricket League Match)
Opening Match 19 September 2021 | MI Vs CSK | UAE Dubai
Final 15 October 2021 | UAE Dubai
Participants Team8
Total Match60
IPL 2021 winnerTBD
Official URLhttps://www.iplt20.com/
Official LogoIPL 2021 Official Logo
NoteIf the number of teams will increase from 8 to 10 the total matches will be 76
CreditWikipedia | iplt20 
IPL 2021

IPL 2021 Time Table

BCCI is working on a ipl new schedule 2021 to resume the IPL 2021 tournament. Earlier the tournament was called off as players from KKR, CSK, DC and SRH were tested covid positive.The ipl 2021 new schedule is being formed and it will be released soon.Right now, the Indian Cricket team is focusing on the ICC world test championship which will take place from 18th June- 22nd June. 

After this, there will be ODI series and T20s against Sri Lanka which will take place in Sri Lanka and the second string Indian team will visit the country to participate. Meanwhile, a test series against England will take place from August 4th to September 14th.The BCCI will form the IPL 2021 New Schedule keeping in mind the future tour dates and tournaments. 

FAQ regarding IPL New Schedule 2021 Match Time Table, Stadiums Name, Point Table

What is the New Schedule of IPL 2021 Revised?

As per current updates, the IPL 2021 will resume on the date of 19th September, and the final will play on 15th October in UAE.Will it be still sponsored by Vivo?

Yes, it will be sponsored by Vivo.Will dhoni play for CSK only in UAE?

This year dhoni will play for CSK but not sure for next year.Many foreign players will be busy in other tournaments. How will they play in IPL?

BCCI is in talking terms with foreign boards. All updates will be released on this page as they will be made official.Where IPL Phase 2 will be broadcast?

It will be broadcast on the Start sports network and Hotstar App.

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