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Xbox is one of the popular gaming consoles from Microsoft. It first came into existence in 2001 and it has been a gem for many gamers from the world. Today gamers love Xbox along with other famous consoles like PlayStation and Nintendo. If you are a gamer or want to play a game, then you will have to sign in to your Xbox Account by using https // URL. If you don’t know how to login, then this article is for you.

Here you will know about how to use the Microsoft Link Code and how to sign in to Xbox in case you do not remember the password of your account with the help of https // code on your Xbox. Read the information of this article and you will get the right login information. Code for Xbox Account

Most of the people may not know it but when you sign in to your Xbox Account, you will require your email and password or a passkey with you. You will need to keep the login credentials with you so that you can use them to add access to your account later. But it’s possible for you to use your pass key. Your pass key is a different way to login if you do not want to use your username and your password.

You will get a unique alphanumeric combination of a code that you need to enter on https // Use this method to sign in to your Xbox as well as other Microsoft-Support devices or applications like Microsoft Surface device and Minecraft.

Please read the below benefits of having a pass key as well,

  • With Pass Key you can avoid charges of Microsoft Account that you may not know about. Further enabling a pass key means whenever you require, you can easily enter it and with this secure way to access your account, you can make sure that you are safer against any illegal and malicious activities done by hackers or third party.
  • With the pass key, you can guarantee your accounts’ safety by keeping the children away from it so that you can protect them. The reason is, if a kid opens a parent account, they can do multiple things without knowing the consequences. Therefore, having a pass key ensures your total control over the account and activities.
  • Because the pass key is directly linked to your account. You can sign into multiple accounts without signing into all accounts one after another.
  • In case you have forgotten your pass key right now then open the link https // code and add your login details. It may show the access to Microsoft Account has failed.

How to Login to Xbox Console using https // Code

Try to type the last password that you know about your Xbox Account. If you know your password, you will be logged in automatically without going through the process verification code.

enter microsoft com link code

So if you have your Microsoft Account login details, please follow the below guidelines,

  • First thing is to switch on Xbox then using the controller, press Home Button. It will launch a guide.
  • The next thing is to open the Setting Then go to Profile & System. Now you must go for the existing Xbox Account that you have.
  • Please select Use another device.
  • Okay, now there will be an alphanumeric code emerging on your screen. Remember this code, take a picture of it, write it down somewhere, or keep the display as it is.
  • Take another device and open the browser on it and open
  • On the above link, please enter the code from your previous device and click the
  • Now type your Microsoft account’s email and click the next yet again. If you want to enter Skype ID or your phone number, then also you can Sign in without trouble.
  • You will now get the option to stay signed in to your current Microsoft Account so you can click Yes in case you are accessing your account on a trusted secure device.
  • You will get the notification of your sign in success to Xbox. You can confirm this by opening your Xbox Console.

How to Reset Microsoft Account Login Password on PC

If you are attempting to sign in and enter the code and not getting success, then you must not waste your efforts. You must immediately recover the account password. Need to go through a simple process of recovery and after that you can open your account. You will just need to recover your password because you will see the option of email on your Xbox Account.

To recover your Microsoft Account password using your PC, you will have to follow the below guidelines,

reset microsoft account login password on pc

  • Now you use your Email, Skype or Phone details. Click
  • After the above step, you will get a security code. You will get this Microsoft security code to your mobile number or your email inbox linked to your Microsoft Account.
  • After entering the security code you have, you can immediately set up a New Microsoft Account password.
  • After you have successfully entered the security code, you can set up a new password for your Microsoft account then again you will need to type the password again.

Note: Make sure you have your alphanumeric password of 8 digits with uppercase, symbols, lowercase, symbols, etc.

Please read more about the password recovery steps of Xbox 360, Xbox via referring to the article – Link.

How to Add New Microsoft Account on Your Xbox Console

If you cannot recover your Microsoft Account from the above steps, then you need to add your new Microsoft Account on your current Xbox console. The below steps will be the best for the series X | S and the model Xbox One.

Please follow the simple steps in order to add your New Microsoft Account on your Xbox device.

  • Use your remote press Xbox Button on your open Xbox Console.
  • Now please open the Settings button then choose the option Profile & System.
  • Now prefer the add or switch Then after you must select the Add New option.
  • Please provide your email so that you can create a new Microsoft account and then please tap enter.
  • Read the terms and conditions of Microsoft service agreement, you may also copy them and make a word file for future reference, then click on the I accept box.
  • Now, complete the sign in and security options and by doing so, you will be fully signed in to your Microsoft account on Xbox.

How to Change your Existing Password Key?

Please follow the simple steps in order to change your password key.

  • Open the Xbox and click the button – Xbox.
  • Now open Profile and System menu and then Setting and Account options.
  • Click on SIgn In, then please press Pass Key.
  • You can create your new passkey by clicking the option.
  • Now you must enter a passkey.
  • At last please go to click Confirm.

Please use an older passkey if you want as well for making changes. With it you make many changes and you can overcome this issue that you are going through.

How to Create my Passkey in Xbox Console

You can create your passkey hassle-free by following the steps as below,

  • Open your Xbox and click on XBOX Button
  • Access your Account via Opening your setting and then account.
  • Click on Login and then security and then the passkey.
  • Now you are able to create your brand new passkey.
  • Create a 6 digit new passkey. Kindly be patient.
  • Now you have been successful in creating your passkey.

Redeem Your https // Code in Xbox One

It will take no additional efforts and time to redeem the Xbox Code if you follow the below mentioned steps,

  • Take the controller and click Xbox Button.

click on xbox button in controller

  • Select Store from the menu.
  • Open your Home screen then click the store tile.
  • Please choose to redeem.
  • Accurately enter the code of 25 characters.
  • Now please click on the Next option from following the instructions on your screen.

How to Directly Use the Xbox Console?

You can use the controller to sign into the Xbox and please follow these steps to know how,

  • If you did not sign in earlier, tap on “Add New” option and keep following the instructions,
  • If you have an account with you already, access the option Profile and System, then go to Add and Switch option. Please click on the Add.

Follow the instructions and in no time, you will be logged in to the console effortlessly.

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For optimum utilization of your Xbox console, you have to log in yourself  with your Microsoft account. When you login with your Microsoft account, all your app data will be synchronized with your device. You may add in games and app purchases for better utilization. Get the premium subscriptions to Xbox live gold and Xbox game pass and enjoy the experience never before.

I hope that this article helped you a lot in login to your Xbox account with the help of https // Please note, that you must possess the access of your Microsoft account only then this sign in method will be useful or work, otherwise it is of no use for


What is the meaning of Microsoft Code?

Microsoft Code is an online platform for all the users who are able to build games or code the devices. And further they can mod Minecraft.

Where is the location to enter the Microsoft Verification Code?

Open your PC and open a completely new window. Then begin to sign into the alternative email id. You will then get a Microsoft company’s message. The Account Team will help you enter the https www Microsoft com link code to the right blank. When you see that message with the code, then copy, remember or write verification code and then you must input the code, It will be done.

Where to find the 25 digit https // Xbox One Code?

Find the page option with the title – “Security Info up to Date?” Please keep searching for the option to make sure you are secure with your account. It’ll be an account recovery code. You are going to find a link xbox code of 25 digits.

Why can’t I access the code on

Try to use the https// code on your browser but first please check your internet and check the version of the browser. If the https www microsoft com link enter code login does not work, then try to use the passkey instead of https // enter code login. The website may be down for a while but you can open the Microsoft com link code website later on.

What is the best browser to access the www Microsoft com link code?

The is supported fully on all the browsers. Use any browser for searching and opening-https // code Xbox sign in to the Xbox account, easily.

Will the https // work on older windows?

Kindly use the new version of the browser for https// The Older version such as Windows XP or Vista might not work for link code but try.

Can I redeem the code on Xbox activation?

Yes, you may redeem the code, visit the link to check more details -https// code xbox

How can I see my accounts?

Visit the MS account overview page, sign in to your account, select permissions and click manage your account, here you will see all accounts.

How do I connect to the https www Microsoft com link code Xbox hassle free?

You may get everything under one roof visit – Xbox and enjoy your favorite games whenever you want.

Whom do I contact for any query on https //

Check the link below to get the necessary support you want –

Can I open this website – www link on Safari browser?

Yes, you may open, but make sure it is updated.

How and why is it important to

The linking of your Microsoft account helps you to connect your PC with your android Phone just like Google links with chrome.

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