How to Sign Up to Free Cat Points Reward Program [2022]

MyPawPoints Reward Program

MyPawPoints – Hi friends! You need to consider the reward program if you spent your disposable earning on the Fresh Step products.

First, you need to sign up to the official website and if you do not know please follow the procedure for signing up to the Free Cat Points Reward Program.

mypawpoints reward program

You can use your active email address, name and your phone number or use your Facebook account for signing up.

After creating your brand new MyPawPoints account on the website, you can make the Fresh Stop shopping and start earning the reward points.

Highlights of Fresh Steps My Paw Points Reward Program

  • At the time of Registration, you will get 25 MyPawPoints as a bonus for signing up.
  • You can redeem all the earned points for things like toys, sweepstakes entry, for cats as well.
  • You can donate your points to fund the cats living in shelters if you already are an internet millionaire.

You can make the most of your money by spending your available points as little as possible.

How to Sign up for Free Cat Points Reward Program

click on sign in mypawpoints portal

  • See the image above and click on the Sign In option.

click on join now in mypawpoints portal

  • Now click the option – Join Now

enter required details to sign up for free cat points reward program

  • Please add your First Name, your Last Name, then please add your email address, your password. Type password one more time to confirm it.
  • Tick on the news and special offers if you want to receive them.
  • At the end, please click the Join Now button placed at the bottom.

MyPawPoints Login at Website

Kindly follow the below-mentioned procedure for accessing the official MyPawPoints portal.

click on sign in mypawpoints portal

  • On the website’s home page kindly tap on the Sign In button.

login to mypawpoints portal

  • First please type your email address accurately in the blank.
  • After the email address, you need to type your password.
  • See the image above and then single-click on Sign In option. Then you can access your MyPawPoints account.

How to Earn Bonus Points?

To get instant 50 Bonus points, download the Paw Point Reward app.

Fresh Step Customer Support and Help Service

Please use the following information for getting help from customer service.

  • Official Mypawpoints Sign In Website:
  • Official First Step Website:
  • Mail Address: 1221 – Broadway Oakland, CA-94612

The First Step is under the management of Clorox. Clorox is the owner of Fresh Step, Chux, Pine-Sol, S.O.S.409, Glad, Hidden Valley, etc.

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Thank you for paying attention to my article about how to Sign Up for Free Cat-Points Reward Program on the website. I believe that you found this article helping and rewarding. In case you still have trouble related to the Sign Up for Free Cat Points Reward Program, please comment and let me help you.


How many Paw Points can I earn with my MyPawPoints Login?

If you follow the Terms & Conditions of the company, then you have a chance to 18,000 points and shelters have a chance to earn 50,000 reward points with your MyPawPoints Login.

These reward points are valid for a year. Your points will expire if you do not redeem them for a year or earn new ones during that time.

Which is the valid website link for Fresh Step Login?

First of all, you need to open the official website – Then you need to enter your Fresh Step Login details. It will redirect you to where you can sign in.

What is the objective of MyPawPoints Com?

The MyPawPoints Com website gives you Fresh Steps Rewards via its loyalty program for the Cat Food, Litter purchases and Treats.

You can earn 1X points for every Cat Food. And if you buy Fresh Step products, Ever Clean Products or Scoop Away products, you can get 5X reward points.

What are My Paw Points?

My Paw Points at www mypawpoints com is an innovative concept that benefits you for every day’s cat food purchase. With these MyPawPoints you can purchase food, litter and your favorite cat food.

To get these points, you need to first submit your purchase receipts on the or the website. Now you can claim amazing prizes or donate what you can for cat shelters. You can upload 3 receipts maximum in a day. Wait for the next 24 hours to submit other receipts.

Create your Mypawpoints Sign In today on the link and start earning rewards for Paw Points.Com.

Is MyPawPoints.Com Login for cat lovers only?

If you have a cat and you want the reward points, then this is the portal for you.

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