How To Create Admin And User Login In Android Studio


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1 year ago

First you have to define two TextView asking username and password of the user. … toString().equals(“admin”)){ //correcct password }else{ //wrong password } … 1, You will use Android studio to create an Android application under a package …

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1 year ago

How to create login page that redirects based on user role in android studio … Admin’s username and password is not store in the database so it is directly check …

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Hello First you have to create different layouts for user and admin. Default while login using admin credential the username should be “admin” , now you can easily fetch data … I’ve starting making an ecommerce app using Android Studio.

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11 months ago…

This solution can be applied to Web, Android, iOS and Flutter apps built with Firebase. … The Firebase Admin SDK supports defining custom attributes on user … The Cloud Function creates a new user in Firebase Authentication, using the …

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