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Friends, in this article we are going to know how can see your geo-map? If you are a citizen of Odisha, then this post can be useful for you. After reading this post, you can see the map of the land online or you can download it. So definitely read this post till the end so that you can get complete information in it.

Odisha Map: To make Odisha digital, the Government of Odisha has now launched a new web portal, so that any citizen can view their land map online. Apart from this, the Odisha government had earlier created a website with the revenue department, in which people could get information related to land records online. Through that website, people could see their account, measles, land records, maps etc. sitting at home.

Now the Odisha government has created another new website, using which citizens can view their land map online or can also download it. In this article, we are going to tell you how you can see your map. So stay with us.

Bhu Naksha Odisha 2022, Bhulekh, RoR, Land record Online

The government has created another new website to make Odisha digital. With the help of this website, residents of Odisha can see a map of their home, farm, village, city, or any place online. Earlier, the government had created a portal for land-related work, so that people could see Odisha Bhulekh, Khatauni, Khasra etc. To make this even more advanced, now the government is also providing the facility of viewing the map online.

Previously, if you had to get a map of your land, then we had to go to the government office, in which time, effort, and money took all three. But right now in this era of the internet, you can get a map of any of your land for free from home. Using this portal is also very easy. Once understood, then you will not have any problem in using this portal.

Bhu naksha Odisha- District Wise List |Plot details

If you are from Odisha, you can see the map of the district mentioned below through the Odisha map portal. If you are not from any of these districts, then you will have to wait a bit. Because the map of entire Odisha has not been uploaded yet. Its work is going on fast. So let’s know about the districts whose map you will be able to see through this portal.

The name of almost all the districts has come up. This means that you will now be able to see the map of all districts of Odisha through this portal. So let’s know.

How to check Odisha Map / Bhunaksha Odisha?

If you are from Odisha, you can see your map or download it by following the process mentioned below. If you have trouble understanding anything, then you can ask us by commenting below.

Step 1: First of all, you have to go to the official website of Bhu naksha Odisha.

Step 2: After going to the website, Here you have to select your district. And then have to click on Submit.

Step 3: On clicking submit you will be redirected to a new website. Here, you have to select your Tehsil, Rl, and Village on the left side.

Step 4: Now the map of the village you have selected in your right side will be shown. Here the Khasra number will be written above the map. You have to find the measles number of your land. Then you have to click on your Khasra number.

Step 5: As soon as you click your Khasra number, a box will appear on the screen, which will give full details of your land. If you want to see your map then you have to click on Map Report.

Step 6: Now the map of your land will appear in the next page. Here you can see on the screen. If you want to download this map in pdf or want to print it out, then you have to click on “Show Report PDF” on the left.

If you want to print then click on the printer icon on the top right side. And if you want to download the map in pdf format then click on download icon.

In this way, you can easily see the map of your house, farm, village, city or any place online and get information about it. If you do not understand anywhere above, then let us know in the comment below. Let’s know the answers to some questions related to this.

Odisha Bhulekh, RoR, Khasra, Land Records Online Check

If you want to check Odisha Bhulekh, Khasra, Land Records online, then for this you will have to follow some simple steps given below.

  • For this, first, you have to go to the official website of Odisha Bhulekh.
  • Now on the “Select Location for RoR” section you have to select your district, tehsil, village, and RI Circle and select Khatian or Plot or Tenant.
Odisha Bhulekh Ror Check Online
Odisha Bhulekh Ror Check Online
  • After that, you can check your Bhulekh by clicking on “RoR Front Page” and “RoR Back Page“.
  • In this way, you can easily check your Bhulekh online.

FAQs Regarding Bhunaksha Odisha

How to view Odisha map online?

For this, you have to go to the official website of Odisha Map. You will have to select some information there and then you will be able to see your map. It is explained in detail above.

Can I check my map through mobile?

Yes, you will be able to open the website from your mobile and see your map.

Can I check my land map through a mobile phone?

Yes, If you don’t have computer then you can also follow the above steps in your mobile phone.

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