How to Access HuskyCT Uconn Student Login Portal [2022]

huskyct uconn login

HuskyCT – HuskyCT Login

HuskyCT is a similar version of Blackboard Uconn Learning Management System (LMS) that the University of Connecticut developed for its students and all the associated members.

This Learning Management System helps easy coordination between students, faculty, staff, administrators, fellows or peers, residents, and all the associated and affiliated community health professionals. They can access a variety of educational as well as electronic resources.

Do you know what HuskyCT and Uconn mean? – It means Husky Course Tools. Uconn is the name of the Uconn Student Portal LMS.

How to Login to HuskyCT LMS?

Please do the following to log in,

click on login in uconn blackboard

  • Now, you need to click on the – Uconn Blackboard Login

login to huskyct lms

  • Now on this Uconn Sign-On page, please type your official NetID Uconn.
  • Then please type your password.
  • Now please click on – Login button to login to Husky CT LMS.
  • Please access the menu and on the left, you will find the main tool for navigation. With this tool, you can easily access more information about additional courses and also the resources.

You can access many resources and computing services with your Uconn NetID Login and password at the University of Connecticut. At the Curriculum Material link, you will find all the links of ReALMs of HuskyCT. Kindly search the menu of the portal. These ReALMs are listed by the first module and they are listed by the Sessions whenever necessary. To understand this better, first you should know that the Modules and they are followed by the Sessions and other resources.

Your Husky CT LMS password is the same password you use with your Uconn NetID Login. If you do not want to keep it the same and reset it, please open the official website – Students get HuskyCT technical support 24×7. If you are a student, you can reach the technical support contact – 1 855 308 5616. If you are unsure about it, then you must get help online using the chat support option.

How to Access the HuskyCT LMS with a Smartphone?

You can access HuskyCT by using the latest Blackboard Uconn or BB Student app for Uconn HuskyCT login. The app is the best option for students to download and use it on the Smartphones. All the Uconn students can easily download and install Blackboard App without paying any additional fees. This app will be installed in your Smartphone in case you have myUconn already in your device.

The User-Interface of this app is Modern, Simple, Smart and User-friendly with all the new features such as,

  • Streaming Activities
  • Check, View, Complete, Submit your Assignments, Tests and Quizzes.
  • Advanced feature of accessibility
  • Interactive Discussion option
  • Accessing Grades in Real-Time
  • Blackboard Collaborate helps in seamless integration

How to Reset MyUconn HuskyCT Login Password?

If you want to change or reset your Uconn Portal password, then you will need to follow these steps,

click on login in uconn blackboard

  • Now please click on the Uconn Blackboard Login button.

click on forgot password in huskyct uconn portal

  • Please select the highlighted Forgot Password? option.

reset huskyct uconn login password

  • Now on this NetID Uconn Portal Password Reset page, enter your NetID Uconn first.
  • Then type your Date of Birth.
  • Verify if you entered correct details and proceed with the Continue button.
  • Follow the instructions of Uconn Portal.

Contact Details

Thank you for paying attention to my article about LMS Uconn. I hope you did not face any trouble after this article using your HuskyCT Uconn Student Login credentials. Please use the contact details below to resolve the problems.

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I hope you have a clear idea about Uconn HuskyCT Login now. In case you still face problems using your Uconn Login, please comment me, I will try to help you out.


When can I see my course on HuskyCT?

You can find the courses at the first class meeting date, The UConn HuskyCT LMS course availability depends upon many things. Keep looking for the course and if it shows “unavailable”,  contact your course director or your instructor. Contact the Home office if you are a medical student and contact Academic Affairs’s Office if you are a Dental student from School of Dental Medicine.

I cannot find the course listed on HuskyCT.

Courses are directed and controlled by the instructor at Husky CT. So the courses related to Uconn Health will not have any different site.Inquire to your instructor if you are not listed even after the semester has started.

Wait for 24 hours if you just joined the Husky CT to get updates. If still, you cannot access, then please contact your instructor or ITS Help Center.

How to access the Uconn Health Portal?

You will need to open this link – to access UConn Health Portal. Here you will have to use your Uconn Health Network password.

What if I cannot finish Husky CT exam due to technical error in the system?

Ask your instructor to reset your exam, quiz or test. If you attempted many times and cannot access it, contact your instructor to exceed your attempts.

How to find the exam, assignment and content listed in the HuskyCT course?

Take help from your instructor to find these content, exams or assignments. Instructor has total control over them like setting Start or End dates and requirements / prerequisites. You can ask your instructor about all the materials.

How can I re-upload my assignment and re-submit?

You need to contact your instructor if you are facing problems resubmitting or re-uploading your assignment. Immediately contact your instructor if you uploaded the wrong file or contact the UITS Help Center. Both of these options will help you reset your attempts to upload or submit.

What is the meaning of ReALMs?

The word ReALMs means, “Remote Active Learning Module”. ReALMs help give the content background for participating in the exercises of class applications. ReALMs is a fundamental option that helps in team-based instruction model and MDelta Flipped Classroom. It includes videos, book chapters, presentations, video chapters and much more.

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