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Managing work life is difficult, which is why Hobby Lobby has launched its Hobby Lobby Employee Portal. Using the portal, every worker can access their work-related information and perform effectively. But, before accessing the portal, all Hobby Lobby Employees must be aware of certain details. If you are someone who does not know a lot about this employee portal, then read this article as I explain the details that will help you manage your work-life in a better way.

By using the Hobby Lobby Employee Portal at https://employee.hobbylobby.com/, employees can gain several benefits that motivate them toward their work life. These Hobby Lobby Employee Benefits include online 24/7 access, checking payment-related details, getting employee discounts, finding important updates, sharing honest thoughts, managing their pension and insurance, and much more. If you are a new employee, you may not know all these benefits so I will explain them in this article.

What is Hobby Lobby Employee Portal & its benefits?

about hobby lobby

Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. is a popular retail chain that sells arts and crafts products. It started in 1972 and since then has expanded its business from one location to around 969 locations. It also has around 43,000 employees who keep the company running with hard work and dedication. Having these many employees is great for a company, but sometimes it may become difficult for the company to manage them.

Without a proper system, Hobby Lobby Employees may face issues accessing their payment details, editing personal details, and getting all the details related to the company work. So, the company started managing all the employees with Hobby Lobby Employee Portal. Now, all the company employees can give better performance and work satisfactorily.

The chain provides every employee their unique Hobby Lobby Employee Login, using which they can access the portal anytime they want and check their updates. The portal is easy-to-use, but it is also effective because it makes employees more productive and gets better work rewards.

So, you must think, “Does Hobby Lobby have benefits?” Well, let’s find out…

  • Employees can easily check their Hobby Lobby Account using their Hobby Lobby Sign In details.
  • The portal gives the employees instant access to payment-related details such as Hobby Lobby Employee Website Pay Stubs, payroll, and similar information.
  • Using the Hobby Lobby portal, employees can get amazing discount offers.
  • Employees get innovative ideas which leads to productivity and work culture.
  • The employees can get the details about the Hobby Lobby 401K retirement plan and other pension-related details.
  • Hobby Lobby Benefits Department to coordinate with the staff members and increase productivity.
  • The company allows employees to access their health, vision, dental, and other types of insurance online.
  • All the employees get daily work updates and other important company updates on the portal. So they never miss out on any key news.
  • With the Hobby Lobby Employee online portal, updating personal details such as name, birth date, email, correspondence address, etc., becomes quite easier.

These are some basic benefits you get after using the Hobby Lobby Portal for employers. You will find many other benefits by using it every day. So, now you must be clear about the benefits of the portal, so let’s understand the requirements for Hobby Lobby Log In.

Hobby Lobby Employee Login Requirements

  • You must need the official Hobby Lobby Employee Portal to address, i.e., https://employee.hobbylobby.com/
  • Use the latest version of the internet browser to access the latest website.
  • Please use equipment such as a PC, laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone that meets the minimum requirements.
  • You must have your official Hobby Lobby Portal Login credentials.

How to Login to Hobby Lobby Employee Portal

hobby lobby employee login

You must fulfill all the above requirements to access your Hobby Lobby Account. If you are not familiar with the process, please read the below steps,

  • Open the official Hobby Lobby Employee Portal Login page.
  • In the first blank, please enter your Employee ID.
  • Then, type your password in the following blank.
  • You must submit your login request by clicking on the “Log In” button.
  • Do not forget to verify the details you added before you proceed.

How to Reset Hobby Lobby Employee Login Password?

reset hobby lobby employee portal login password

Today, we have passwords for every account. We have to remember each of them. Many people save their passwords on their mobile phones or in a notebook, while others try to remember them. So, if you are someone who is not able to access your account due to losing your password, then please reset it as quickly as possible using the below steps,

  • Open the https://employee.hobbylobby.com/ website link.
  • The next step is to click on the “Forgot Password” option.
  • Once you click on it, it will open a new page on your screen.
  • First, choose your account type, such as Hobby Lobby Business Account or Hobby Lobby Employee Account.
  • Now enter your username in the blank.
  • Click on Next.
  • After clicking on the next button, you have to follow the on-screen instructions.

Hobby Lobby Employee Portal Help & Support

While following any of the steps above, if you run into a technical problem or cannot find a solution, you will get a quick solution from the Hobby Lobby help and support team. The team includes expert representatives who will understand the problem you are going through and give you complete guidance. To get help, please use the following details.

  • Official Employee Hobby Lobby Employee Portal: https://employee.hobbylobby.com/
  • Official Hobby Lobby Business Account: https://vendor.hobbylobby.com/
  • Email Support: [email protected]
  • Stores: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: +1-855-329-7060
  • Address: Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., Attn-Customer Service, 7707-SW 44th St., Oklahoma City, OK-73179
  • Hobby Lobby Social Media Support

You can call on the above number from Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM Central Time.


Thank you for reading the article till the end. I hope you have found meaningful details about Hobby Lobby Log In at employee.hobbylobby.com website. If you are a new employee, then the Hobby Lobby Employee Benefits that I explained in this article will help you understand the portal in a better way. Use the information given in this article well to your advantage. If you have any technical trouble, you will get complete help from the Employee Hobby Lobby Portal support team.

So, friends, for any additional support, please do reach out to me via comments. I will reply as soon as possible.


What are career Hobby Lobby benefits for employees?

Hobby Lobby Employee Benefits Package includes several benefits for its employees, such as discounts, medical, dental, and other similar health-related benefits, paid vacations, FSAs, personal or sick pay, and of course, the Hobby Lobby 401K plan. So, it provides all the basic benefits to its employees.

What percentage of Employee Discount At Hobby Lobby do I get?

You can get around 15% discount when you shop with your family from the store.

What is the Hobby Lobby Business Account for?

The business account for Hobby Lobby is for vendors who run a franchise business under the store chain.

Employee Hobby Lobby Code 11 meaning? Does the handbook include it?

The Hobby Lobby Company Handbook does not include Code 11 as it is not a part of it. You may hear this number on the intercom. But if this does not ring a bell, it is better to ask your manager to guide you.

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