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Footlocker homeview Login – Hello Friends, today in this article, I will share the details of footlocker Homeview Login.

I will cover major characteristics and features of Footlocker Homeview Login and shall also discuss how to perform the troubleshooting on homeview footlocker com.

Thus, kindly go through the whole article, and you will receive all the information on Footlocker homeview login and how to access account portal.

Let us first understand what a footlocker is, then we shall move towards another process.

Footlocker Homeview  is an American Brand dealing in footwear segment. It deals in regular wear and sportswear footwear. The headquarters of Footlocker is located in New York City (Midtown Manhattan). The footlocker brand has retail outlets in 28 countries today. It was on September 12 1974 when the store was founded by two people F.W.Woolworth and by Santiago Lopez.

what is footlocker

The Footlocker name came eponymously. It is a chain of athletic footwear. It also operated under other different names like Lady foot Locker and other names like Kids foot Locker.

The athletic footwear chains are running under names such as House of hoops, champs sports, Footaction USA and Eastbay but all the rights are reserved with

So, we have seen the basic details of the footlocker chain, now let us check what benefits employees of footlocker get.

Footlocker employee login provides the below mentioned benefits to the regular and part-time employees. Check them out:

  • Foot locker employee login gets various insurance including, health, medical, dental and vision.
  • Based on eligibility, you may also get paid vacation leaves.
  • Being a footlocker employee you may also get huge coupons and discount vouchers for shopping.
  • Employees may choose to have an FSA -( Flexible spending account).
  • Retirement plan – 401 K
  • If you have achieved the sales target, you may also get the performance bonus.
  • The children’s of Qualifying employees get scholarships for further studies

As you will be now clear with what are the benefits of Homelocker to employees, we shall now see how to login into Footlocker homeview login on its portal –

Before I take you to the login procedure, I must tell you that there are some credentials that you will require, let’s check them out first.

You will need the below mentioned things in order to login successfully into footlocker homeview

  • Footlocker homeview login’s official web url:
  • You should have Footlocker homeview Login valid and accurate email Id and associated password.
  • Good Internet connectivity
  • An updated web browser
  • Any device: PC, Smartphone, Tablet, anything that can be connected with internet.

Kindly follow the below-written steps for smoothly login into web portal of footlocker Homeview Login:

login to footlocker homeview account

  • You will see the footlocker sign-in page as above.
  • Insert your email ID and then type your password in the boxes.
  • Finally, tap on the Sign-in button and you will have access to your account.

click on forgot password in footlocker homeview portal

  • Tap on Forgot password link as shown in the above image.

reset footlocker homeview login password

  • Type in your Email address in space asked.
  • Tap on “Send Resend Link” button. You will receive the link in the mail you provided for resetting your Footlocker homeview Login password. Kindly follow each step available in the email.

  • This portal is very much useful for the employees who are working in more than one store. They can check the schedule, work hours, shifts and can keep a track record of their payments and salaries.
  • The footlocker company allows flexible schedules to employees, and those who want to work part time can have a great advantage of this facility.
  • Employees can check and review, the new customers added, how much target achieved on that day.
  • New employees can get inspired by looking at the sales of the other employees and that can ultimately help the management in many ways.
  • Management can view how their employees are performing, it is a sort of open community portal.

As every coin side has two sides, the portal has some advantages and disadvantages.

  • Footlocker homeview is a good portal, but sometimes it’s quite difficult for the employees as they might face issue login.
  • A huge sales record is complex for some people to operate and understand.
  • It becomes difficult to manage and modify work schedule on weekends and holidays
  • It is compulsory for the employees to report their work/ target in the portal before leaving, and that might impact their performance.
  • Regular employees of footlocker homeview have to adjust with the part time working people, and many times part time workers have to quit the job as there are enough full time employees.
  • Footlocker Homeview can be proved best for those who don’t appreciate being watched all the time.

Please find below the fields in which you can get a job at footlocker homeview depending upon your qualifications and eligibility.

  • Facilities and maintenance
  • Retail sale
  • Procurement / purchase/ sourcing
  • Accounts and finance
  • H R Department
  • IT system
  • Legal
  • Admin and clerical
  • Loss prevention department
  • Planning Department
  • Customer care and support
  • Ecommerce
  • Supply chain department
  • Marketing and merchandising
  • Research and development
  • Manufacturing
  • Other

I am providing below with the contact details of Footlocker Homeview that can help you solve any queries you might have. Hope it will help you in resolving any trouble.


  • For Domestic people: 1.800.991.6815
  • Days available: 7 days (all week days)

For Chatting:

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So, in this article, we have tried to cover how to login into footlocker login, on its official website at, and also share how to reset the password of foot locker login. We have also seen what are foot locker employee login benefits, further we have seen advantages and disadvantages of homeview footlocker login, hope you appreciate our efforts of writing on footlocker homeview. Share with me your concerns about Footlocker Login and comment on any suggestions.


Check the connection speed of your internet and then only type your password.

Where can I find the details related to returns and exchange of any product I bought from footlocker Homeview?

Check the link below, here you will find answer to all of your queries related to returns and exchange –

How can I change or modify my account details?

Please visit the link – here you can get all information on your footlocker homeview rp account.

Kindly open the foot locker homeview store view tap on create a new account, fill the necessary details, and remember the password you enter for next time login.

You can use footlocker homeview store view to check the nearest store and start shopping.

Redprairie foot locker login is used by the company for inventory management.

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