FabGuys.com Login – FabGuys Gay Dating App and Login Guide in 2022

Fabguys Login – Fabguys Gay Dating App

If you are looking for the most popular dating website for Gays then Fabguys will be it. It is the same website like Grindr, Scruff, Chappy, Hornet, Blued, etc. You can use Fabguys website and create your Fab Guys account free and join without any cost of registration. Fabguys has gathered attention from larger users over the years since its first foundation in 2005. Not only gays but Fab Guys Login Portal also makes spaces for transgender people.

Fabguys.com is among the best platforms that helps the gay men meet the another person who share same thought and interests and even the hobbies. The Fab Guys is quite famous in many countries. If you have made traveling plans and you need this Fabguys Com Login to help you out in finding the right guy by selecting the country.

How Does the Fabguys Portal and Services Work?

Fabguys Login must be created by you first. For it, please create your free Fab Guys account. For this, you should start providing your basic details such as your email address. Then add the date of birth. Once you are finished with it, you can begin creating your Fabguys Log In username. This username will be visible everywhere so make a good one. And also look after the right age of Fabguys Gay Dating.  If you are at least 18 above it, then you qualify for the registration and then you can create your Fab Guys Log In. The registration and services are free on the website.

Here are the simple steps that would help you create your Fabguys.Com account for free.

create fabguys account

  • Now the above page will open as your Fab Guys Log In page, so start adding the details.
  • Create your Fabguys Com Login username (use any fictitious, imaginative, or unreal name. Do not use your original name in public)
  • Provide your email (it’ll remain protected and not public).
  • Then you must create your new account password.
  • Now three options will be available, you need to choose one from them – Male, Male Couple (MM) or TV/TS/CD.
  • Then please select the birth date from the day, month and year format given.
  • Now you need to resolve a Security Code on your screen. 
  • Now you need to verify your age. For this go over to the option – I am aged 18 and I agree to the site terms and conditions 
  • Do not forget to tick the option – Remember Login 
  • Then finally you need to select the last option to finalize the process – I am over 18. Create My Account.
  • Your Fabguys account will be created by the end of the process.

How to Login to the Fabguys Account?

We learned how to create a Fab Guys Login Portal account. Now let us learn about the login steps on the portal.

login to fabguys portal

  • Now the above page will open on your screen. 
  • You will now need to enter the correct information you are asked.
  • You are supposed to provide the information and code as it appears in the box.
  • Then please Fabguys username or you can go with the email.
  • Now you are requested to provide your Fabguys Login password 
  • Finally finish off the process by clicking on the – Login option.
  • So, after you follow the above steps on Fabguys.Com UK Login My Account Login Page, you will be logged in.
  • Now start exploring the www.fabguys. Com for gay dating.

Website Similar to Fabguys.Com

You might find some difference and somethings common on majority of the gay dating websites, but they are clear with their purpose. 


Like the website Fabguys.Com, if you are looking for the second best alternative for gay dating, then this website Outpersonal.com is it. This website is among the largest websites that people use all over the world for dating especially by gay men and if you are looking for one such partner for future. You can enjoy the faclitlies such as online with gay meant and find the suitable one for you. You can also consider proposing for marriage or you can keep it as a casual date only.

Then by accessing the Outpersonal.com website, you can happily find the gay men around your area / location and by using different filters like your city, age, occupation, fetish or other, gender preferences and write your interests.

Adult Friend Finder

AdultFriendFinder.com is yet another website that helps and supports the gay community to those men who want to meet other men for casual meet or just for the entertainment online. It has a great Swinger Community. But this is only limited to the UK only. But if you are willing to be a part of the biggest gay community today, just register your details and create account and profile and provide all the basic details. Right after you created the profile, you need to learn about the profile of other men and how to find them. You can find some near you and use filters to match with your interests.


If you search for the oldest gay dating website then, you may find GayFriendFinder.com from as one of them. This website has been around for 22 years as it was founded in 2000. It offered a platform for gay men who were looking for finding the matching male on the other side on the website. There are at least 50,000 members who are official members and use the services of the website daily. This website offers chat option and webcam features for exchanging messages and conducting meetings with your likable person. Majorly there are gay people who have joined the website and mostly from UK.


You need to Sign Up or create your account  on the Gays.com. This is the website that is as popular as Fabguys. You will not be asked by the website to commit or stay connected but this is a great facilities for the dating gay men in the UK. Flirting, chatting and booking a date is all possible with the website. There are above 30,000 users who are daily online finding the right partner and their age is around 25 to 40 years. If you have difficulty, you can use the filter option to search and find the right suitable partner. You can also exchange messages absolutely free of charge. There is an amazing mobile application available for this dating website and if you want a better and immersive experience for communication online, use the paid membership.


If you want to try the largest social networking website then you will find the name Grindr in the list. If you are gay, transgender, or even a queer, you can access this website via mobile version. The services are not completely free for all. 


If you are searching for the top-alternative to the website FabGuys then you must try this website or services called Manhunt. Creating your account is free here. You can find more than one man to partner up with you. This website first came around 2001 and there were not many such websites. If we look today, then this website has 6 million accounts / profiles created. Filters may help you find the right man you look for and also invite him for video chatting. There is an amazing VIP Subscription option available. You will find the one male partner you were looking for.

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Thank you for giving us your attention on Fabguys.Com UK Login Page. We appreciate you using your Fab Guys Login to find the perfect male partner and we wish you good luck with that.


What is the year the Fabguys website came around?

The year was 2005, when the Fab Guys website was founded.

What kind of people join the Fab guys portal?

If you are gay or transgender, this portal may just be for you.

Can I register and get my Fab Guys Log In as I am 17 years old?

No, only 18 years and above are able to use the services.

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