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The most popular and in-demand streaming platform is Amazon Prime Music, amazon.com/code which allows customers to listen to music at any time and from any location using www amazon com code. You can listen to music without ads if you have a Prime Music subscription through amazon.com/code. To get started with Amazon Prime Music subscriptions, create an Amazon account. Visit www amazon com code, and make a free Amazon prime music account for yourself. You can begin using Amazon Prime Music after entering your activation code.

Where to Enter Amazon Registration Code on Amazon.com/code

enter amazon registration code

Go to www amazon com code by typing amazon.com/code on the address bar of your PC – browser. Now you have to login to the Amazon account that you have. Now you must use your keyboard to type the amazon.com code. Submit the form. Your device has now been successfully registered with Amazon.

How to Register My Amazon Device

Amazon has surpassed Walmart as the world’s largest online retailer. The core mission and objective of www amazon com code was to make the company more customer-centric and provide its customer with a simple way to buy anything via amazon com us code. Amazon began by selling books, and have since expanded to include a wider range of digital media and consumer goods.

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www amazon com code has developed so many highly technical equipment such as kindle, Kindle e book, fire tablet, and TV and many more for the convenience of the book lovers. A streaming media adapter and other devices are also available. Users must also go to www.amazon.com/code to register their Amazon gadgets.

How to Register Your Amazon Device using www.amazon.com/code

In this section we have shown the simplest instructions for registering your Amazon devices and complete www.amazon.com code and www amazon com code verification. 

If you are not having an account on amazon already, then kindly follow the below steps for activating Amazon.com/code.

  • Open the web browser on your device.
  • Type amazon.com/code in the address bar or visit www.amazon.com code.
  • After that, you’ll be taken to Amazon’s official sign-up page. Type in the username you want in the corresponding field and also enter amazon code.
  • Continue by pressing the NEXT – button
  • Please fill in your password details.
  • Enter the password correctly, if you have given the wrong password, it will show a pop up stating the wrong password and will allow you to enter again, if you can’t remember your actual password, you may select forget password and create a new one for Amazon.
  • Now you must go for the option – Sign In 
  • Now, please go for the option – “Get an Amazon account” that is If you don’t already have an Amazon account. After that step please enter your unique “Amazon.com/code” in the available box.
  • Right after you opt for the above-mentioned option, the next window will open on your device. For linking the Amazon account you have along with your Amazon password, provide the details like email and name.
  • Go and click the option – Get an Amazon account. But first complete the process till now.
  • Your Amazon account will be created after you complete the last step.
  • Right after Amazon login, the window “Register your gadget” will appear on the screen.
  • So, here you need to consider entering your unique amazon account code in the box that says – “Enter your device code”. Then you must proceed ahead by pressing the following steps by putting your cursor on the – “slot” and then clicking on the – “Continue” option.
  • Now, please keep clicking and adding details as it pops up on your window and lastly hit complete to successfully register.  
  • Note: Users should keep in mind that the processes outlined above may vary depending on the device.

How to Activate Amazon Prime Music Via Echo Dot using Echo Dot using Mobile Phone

activate amazon prime music via echo dot

  • The echo dot may not be enabled if accessing Amazon Prime Music is difficult and you are unable to play the music. If you want to listen to Prime music, follow these steps:
  • Please connect AmazonEcho smart-phone and make sure it stays connected. You start using the reverberation dab app. So don’t go and do anything before that.
  • Sign in to Amazon’s official Echo Dot app after installing the app.
  • For accessing the Echo Dot App on your device, you must login to Amazon Account and go to its settings page. 
  • The “Link New Service” option with a “+” sign can be found here.
  • To do so, press the “+” sign.
  • After that, a range of possible options will appear.
  • You must find the option Amazon Prime Music from the available – removed listing option 
  • Then, to activate Amazon Prime Music, touch on it.
  • You will now be taken towards the next-screen, which will contain an activation code.
  • You can now go to amazon.com/code using any of your preferred web browsers.
  • Use the official sign-in window to access Amazon. Otherwise you may create a new one for yourself, simply by selecting “create a new account.”
  • Once you’ve accomplished the login method, the “Register device” menu will emerge upon your screen.
  • Now the left thing to do is click the button – Continue to have the Echo Dot Prime Music Activation Code 
  • On the Echo Dot, you will find the AmazonPrime Music available for you to enjoy.

You have the option of registering to your current Amazon gadget. It’s even possible for you to play music from your Amazon Prime Music to the Echo Dot. You can contact Amazon customer care if you are experiencing  any trouble.

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