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econestoga portal login

eConestoga – Conestoga Student Portal Login

eConestoga is an LMS or Learning Management System of Conestoga College. With this system, students are able to access the course details, course related materials and they can also see the grades information and details about the assessment. The eConestoga portal is powered by the D2LBrightspace.

econestoga portal

With this portal, you can access all kinds of lecture details, course materials, and test details and results. Using this portal, you can easily interact and coordinate with your instructors/professors and your classes. Further they can also take quizzes online.

Students get the benefit of using a Student Email Account and the Learning Student portal.

How to Login to eConestoga Portal at Portal

Below I have listed all the key steps to access the eConestoga login portal. Please follow them in their right sequence.

login to econestoga portal

  • Carefully enter your username email or Condor ID.
  • Now you must click the Next button.
  • After that when you are asked, provide a password.
  • Now you can view all the courses by accessing the option My Courses Shell.
  • If you have logged in the portal for the first time, your student default username will be as the following,
    • First Initial of your name
    • Last Name (Full)
    • Your Student Number’s Last 4 digits
  • The default password that you get will be in the Student Numbers CC with your student number.

Let me introduce you to an example, the default password format will be like Cc123456789. Add your Student number in the place of the digits. The C will be capital or small, check well before entering.

Note: If you want to access the Conestoga College’s Digital services, you can use your Condor ID. These digital services will include benefits such as WiFi Access, Conestoga Email, eConestoga, Student portal, Lab Access and Open Access to Computers, downloading software, and your own locker that you can choose.

How to Reset eConestoga Login Password

If you have forgotten your eConestoga Portal (Learning Management System) then you can reset it by using the below steps,

reset econestoga portal login password

  • Login with your Username, Email or Condor ID.
  • Resolve the puzzle and then click Next.
  • Once you access the next page, click Change Password.
  • You can also type your Old Password.
  • Now in the following step, you must type your New Password.
  • Please try to meet the Secure Password Criteria / Requirements as below.
    • Keep your password 8 to 16 characters longer
    • One or more numbers
    • One lowercase
    • Perfect length
  • Now after that Confirm the New Password you created.
  • Then finally click the OK button.

What is Conestoga Email Account?  How to access it?

Every student needs to interact with the teacher for material, submit their work, assignments and tasks allotted. Therefore the university provides the students a secure way to connect to the college.

Every Student gets an Office365 email account. These accounts are Microsoft-hosted and include the following features or benefits,

  • 100GB of Email Storage
  • 1TB for OneDrive storage for documents
  • Document Sharing with students and instructors
  • Sharing Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other documents.

Your email will be based on your Condor-ID and based on the (This will be your suffix). Your email password will also be based on your Condor-ID.

How to Access the Conestoga Email Account?

access conestoga email account

  • Select the office 365 – student email
  • Now, provide your email Id and password
  • Tap on the login page.

Just follow the steps access your conestoga email.

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What is the official website of Conestoga Log In?

Open this link

eConestoga Log In Official Website?

Check this link for eConestga login at

What is the E Conestoga Secure Login?

eCoenstoga is a LMS that helps the students in accessing all the campus and college resources. You can open the Www eConestoga Ca website to access it.

Click this link

Is the Conestoga Desire2Learn a good portal?

D2L Brightspace is a good system that powers the Desire2Learn Conestoga website.

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