Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Hours & Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Menu with Price

dunkin donuts breakfast hours

Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Hours

Hello friends, are you trying hard to find a perfect guide for Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Hours? Before you visit Dunkin Donuts, you must know exactly “What Time Does Dunkin Donuts Open?” and also know about “What Time Does Dunkin Donuts Stop Serving Breakfast?”.

If you do not want to miss out on the delicious Dunkin Breakfast, then you must read this article and find out the Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Hours. In this article, you will find other details such as Dunkin Menu Food with the current price, Dunkin Breakfast Hours and other relevant details.

What is Dunkin Donuts?

what is dunkin donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is a company that is famous for serving doughnuts or donuts, coffee and other food and beverages. This is a multinational company that is very famous and beloved among people. The brand is American but is present in nearly 42 countries having above 12,900 total locations.

It was Bill Rosenberg who first founded this company in 1950. This restaurant chain was acquired later by Allied Lyons during the 1990s. This company is also famous with its initials “DD”. The donuts allowed the company’s growth and then the company started selling beverages as well.

If you are hungry or starved and luckily if you visit Dunkin’ Donuts then you have coffee, bagels, the famous Munchkins donuts. You can also enjoy some baked foods, soft drinks and hot and cold drinks, and sandwiches. The basic morning breakfast foods and drinks like coffee are the fuel of the morning that drives your whole day. You get well-balanced food at Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants filled with nutrients such as Vitamins and Minerals.

The marketing and dedication led to success for this company. Many campaigns such as “It’s worth the trip”, “time to make the donuts” and other engaging advertisements gave this company its unique identity. You may have seen or heard about the popular slogan “America Runs on Dunkin” which made quite a strong impression about Dunkin’ Donuts.

Although the company started its operations in Quincy, Massachusetts, the current headquarters of this company now is Canton, Massachusetts.

So, now if you are salivated to get some amazing food, then know about the time the restaurant chain starts is operations

What Time Does Dunkin Start Serving Breakfast?

what time does dunkin donuts start serving breakfast

There are nearly 13,000 Dunkin’ Donuts around the world that follow a particular schedule. Most of the restaurants provide breakfast around 05:00 AM during the weekdays starting from Monday till Saturday. However, on Sunday, the restaurant chain starts serving breakfast around 06:00 AM.

The above Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Hours are not fixed. They change according to the location. You may find some of the restaurants serving breakfast as early as 04:30 AM in the morning and other restaurants would even start at 05:00 AM or 05:15 AM as well. So the timing depends on multiple factors. So before you visit any store, you must find out the timing of the store by opening the official website.

Weekdays Dunkin Donuts Start Serving Breakfast at
Monday – Saturday 05: 00 A.M.
Sunday 06:00 A.M.

What Time Does Dunkin Donuts Stop Serving Breakfast?

what time does dunkin donuts stop serving breakfast

I have explained to you about the Dunkin Donuts Opening Time as it varies from place to place. But if you are wondering exactly What Time Does Dunkin Close At?  Then most of the stores close at the same time at all the places.

Weekdays  Dunkin Donuts Stop Serving Breakfast at
Monday – Sunday 10:00 PM

As you can see in the above table, the closing time for Dunkin’ Donuts stays the same during weekdays and weekends So if you go to the restaurant before 10:00 PM, then you would get some delicious food to eat. This is an ideal time for anyone to visit and grab some food and enjoy it.

Does Dunkin Serve Breakfast All Day to the Customers?

The opening restaurant time for the Dunkin’ Donuts is around 05:00 AM and you also know that the Sunday timing is around 06:00 AM. Now you are also aware about the “Does Dunkin Donuts Serve Breakfast All Day?”

does dunkin donuts serve breakfast all day

The common question people always get is whether the restaurant stays open for 24 hours? Then the straight answer would be “Yes.” Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants serve donuts for 24 hours but the restaurant does not stay open for 24 hours straight.

This is the reason why these restaurants are quite popular around the world. The customers can enjoy breakfast all day and there is a huge demand of the customers that the company needs to fulfill. The restaurant chain used to service breakfast during the morning for a few hours. When the people started demanding for serving breakfast items all day, the Dunkin’ Donuts decided to serve as per the request of the customers from 2006.

Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Items

The Dunkin Breakfast provides many mouth-watering items. These items will bring saliva in your mouth and force you to grab the food at the restaurants. The food at Dunkin’ Donuts is not only delicious but also tastier and healthier. The biggest advantage of the food is that you get food at a very reasonable price.

dunkin donuts breakfast menu

Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast menu items include the “Dunkin’ Classics and New Favorites” items. These items will provide you energy all day long and keep yourself busy.

So, in this section I am showing you all the Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Items that you can enjoy at the best price. One of the  Best Dunkin Breakfast things is, whatever item you select, you get a medium hot coffee included, if you want large size, just pay $0.35 extra and for Extra large $0.60.

Let us start with the beverages first, then we shall move to other breakfast items.

Iced Coffee Small $1.89
Medium $2.19
Large $2.39
Box of Joe $15.99
Expresso Turbo Shot $0.99
Added Almonds $0.50


Hot Coffee Small $1.69
Medium $1.99
Large $2.19


Latte Coffee Small $2.69
Medium $3.59
Large $3.99


Hot Chocolate Small $1.79
Medium $1.99
Large $2.19
Extra Large $2.49


Dunkaccino Small $1.79
Medium $1.99
Large $2.29
Extra Large $2.39


Cappuccino Small $2.69
Medium $3.59
Large $3.99


Hot Tea Small $1.69
Medium $1.99
Large $2.19
Extra Large $2.39


Vanilla Chai Small $1.99
Medium $2.19
Large $2.39

Bakery Items:

Munchkins Pieces 50 Pieces $8.29
25 Pieces $5.99


Donuts Single $0.99
Fancy $1.59
Half Dozen $5.99
Dozen $8.49


Artisan Bagels Single $1.29
Half Dozen $5.99
Dozen $10.90

Breakfast Combos that includes Hot Coffee – Medium (Extra – $0.35 for Large and $0.60 for Extra Large)

Dunkin Menu Food Prices 
Bacon and Chicken Croissant $5.29
Hashbrowns and Sausage Flatbread (Turkey) $5.99
Tailgate Breakfast Sandwich + Hash Browns +Medium Hot coffee $6.29
Cheese and Bacon egg $5.99
Bagel +cream $4.09
Hash Browns and chicken biscuits $4.99
Wake up wrap (Made with ham, sausage or bacon) $3.39
Pretzel Roll Sandwich + Hash browns + Medium Coffee $5.99
Veggie Egg with Flatbread (white) $4.99
Resse’s Peanut-butter square $3.39
Bacon and Chicken Croissant $5.29
Donuts – 2 pc $3.69

Combos Served at Dunkin Donuts

(This Combo Includes small Iced tea, Extra – $0.30 for medium and $0.50 for Large)

Sandwich (Chicken and Bacon) $6.29
Cheese + Ham Flatbread (comes with Honey and mustard) + Hash Browns $6.28
Salad (Tuna or Chicken) + Hash browns $5.49
Flatbread ( Turkey + Cheddar + Bacon) $5.99
Snack and Go wrap (Chicken) $3.29
Grilled Sandwich with Cheese – Deluxe $5.99

What Time Does Dunkin Donuts Open and Close?

what time does dunkin donuts open and close

We have seen what time the Dunkin restaurants open and is the time for closing they follow. So, now let us take a look at the time for opening and time for closing.

Weekdays Time for Opening Time for Closing
Monday 05:00 A.M. 10:00 P.M.
Tuesday 05:00 A.M. 10:00 P.M.
Wednesday 05:00 A.M. 10:00 P.M.
Thursday 05:00 A.M. 10:00 P.M.
Friday 05:00 A.M. 10:00 P.M.
Saturday 05:00 A.M. 10:00 P.M.
Sunday 05:00 A.M. 10:00 P.M.
Note: Please confirm the timing of opening before going to the restaurant, closing time mostly stays the same but opening time may be different according to the location.

What are the Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Hours on Holidays?

dunkin donuts breakfast hours on holidays

During holidays, most of the people expect the Dunkin’ Donuts to work like normal and provide the breakfast items on the routine time. Most of the people are busy during holidays with their family and friends but few are always planning to have some delicious time at one of the Dunkin’ Donut restaurants. I am sure the taste calls them back even during the holidays.

You need to be sure about the restaurants during holidays so you do not get disappointed at the restaurants.

Date  Weekday Holiday Name Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Hours
January-01 Saturday New Year Eve Opens at Regular Time
January-17 Monday Martin Luther King’s Day
February-21 Friday President’s Day
April-15 Sunday Good Friday
April-17 Sunday Easter
May-30 Monday Memorial Day
July-04 Monday Independence Day
September-05 Monday Labor Day
October-10 Monday Columbus Day
November-11 Friday Veterans Day
November-24 Thursday A Day before thanksgiving
November-24 Thursday The Thanksgiving Day Timing will change according to the location
November-25 Friday Black Friday Opens and Regular Time
December-24 Saturday Christmas Eve Timing will change according to the location
December-25 Sunday Christmas Day Timing will change according to the location
Note: The above are very common Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Hours. Mostly all the holidays follow the same timing except the Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

At Dunkin’ Donuts you can find the most delicious and freshest coffee and you can enjoy the tastiest and nutritious donuts during holidays. After order, you will get a quick delivery at your table with the same quality and taste that you have always loved. Even the most busiest holidays cannot stop Dunkin’ Donuts from serving you the best food and beverages.


Hope now you have got all the details about the Dunkin Breakfast and about the timing. By knowing about the Dunkin Donuts Opening Time as well as closing time, you will make sure that you do not miss any Dunkin Menu Food. You can always open the www.dunkindonuts.com website and find the nearest location before you eat any food at Dunkin’. Comment to me and ask for more details on this subject, then comment so I can add it. Thanks!

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How should I find the 24 Hour Dunkin Donuts Near Me?

If you need to locate a store for Dunkin Breakfast that stays open for 24 hours then you need to use the internet services. You can visit the official website www.dunkindonuts.com website and click on Locations or Store Locator from the menu. Then you can search the city or turn on the GPS to locate the nearest store around you and once you locate it, you can check the address and timing and confirm it on the given contact number.

Another way for you is to search “24 Hour Dunkin Donuts Near Me” in your google map or google search engine. Based on your default location or selected GPS location, you will get many store suggestions. Find one which is open “24 hours”. Some stores may be open for only some time like till 8 PM or may be till 10 PM. Those stores will close.

Yes, the food served by Dunkin Donuts is great and many people enjoy it.

Does Dunkin’ Donuts Serve Breakfast All Day 2022 to all the customers?

If you have never tasted Dunkin Breakfast, then you may not know the actual taste. The store serves the Best Dunkin Breakfast to you all day from the Dunkin Donuts Opening Time till the door of the store closes. The food served by the restaurants is great. You can eat Donuts, Bagels, Wake Up Wrap and many other Dunkin Donuts Combos. There is also a good list of Anytime Breakfast and various Bakery items that includes Muffins, Munchkins and Croissant and others. You can enjoy all of the above items and some amazing beverages such as Coffee, Almond Milk, Vanilla Chai, Macchiato, and Cappuccino.

I am an early waking person. I want to know exactly What Time Does Dunkin Donuts Open In The Morning?

Dunkin Breakfast Hours begin at 05:00 AM. But depending on different locations, the timing may vary to be 04:55 or 5:15 AM. Check the timing before you go. On Sunday, however, the timing will be at least one hour late around 06:00 AM.

What Time Does Dunkin Close on Sunday?

Sunday the closing time stays the same 10:00 PM to most of the restaurants but some may close early or late considering the locations.

Yes, the Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Menu is available all day and some stores also provide it for 24 hours.

What Time Does Dunkin Open on Christmas?

Christmas day is the busiest day and due to this, the time for opening and time for closing may solely depend on the location. Please confirm your timing a day before Christmas.

What Time Does Dunkin Donuts Close on Thanksgiving Day?

The closing and opening both times are different to different stores’ locations and you must confirm the timing before you visit the store.

What Time is Dunkin Donuts Open if there is Holiday on Sunday?

The Dunkin Donuts Breakfast are available at the regular Sunday times during most of the holidays.

What Time Does Dunkin provide the Best Breakfast?

Dunkin Breakfast Menu is always the best no matter when served.

When Does Dunkin Stop Serving Breakfast in California?

The California Dunkin’ Donuts timing of 775W State Highway restaurant is around 05:30 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. You can confirm the timing through – 707.275.9090 number.

How Long Does Dunkin Donuts Serve Breakfast during regular days?

On regular days, you are able to enjoy all kinds of breakfast items till the restaurant serves you. Some restaurants follow the “24 hours” schedule also. So, grab the delicious meal that you want and enjoy it.

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